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It's always fun to hear what comments/questions moms of multiples get when out in public with their twins/multiples. What are some of your favs, or not so favs?

"you've got your hands full" seems to be the most common. People also always ask me if they are twins. Or they'll ask me if they're natural. Natural? As opposed to what, fake? LOL

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You've already said mine. My girls are identical. Everyone, and I mean everyone, asks if they are twins. I just really want to say one time "No! They just look alike and are the same age." I also am told quite a bit after they find out I have twins that THEY want twins. Even one of my ob/gyn's. LOL
Someone once said to my husband and myself "OMG you have TWINS, how did you manage that?" to which my husband promptly replied... "Well, we did it twice in one night"

There have been so many comments and questions in the last four years.. I'll have to come back and post when I remember some more. :)
It is amazing how many silly comments that come up, isn't it? I usually get "I couldn't imagine" or "How do you do it?". I now tell people that I am able to "do it" because it is required by law that I take care of both of them...oh, and I LOVE them both too! :)

And a ton of people ask if they are twins, too. I want to say, "No, there was a buy one get one free sale at Walmart." But I just smile and say, "Yes, they are."
"you've got your hands full" is just classic. i especially love it when it is said by someone who is walking through a door, says it and then let's the door close. um, hello!! i can't even respond to it anymore, i just smile back and nod my head.

i have once {and only once} been told by a random mom, "twins, you are so lucky!". it was when the boys were newborns and i was leaving the dance studio with them and my daughter. oh and she held the door for me. i stopped and looked at her and just said thank you for saying that. she was so puzzled that anyone would say anything different. now when i see her at the dance studio i always make a point to say hello because that one little comment still makes me feel happy {and lucky!}
Ha! My all-time favorite (like Anne posted above) is "Sheez, how'd you get pregnant with twins?" Depending on my mood, I sometimes refuse to even qualify such nonsense with a response. Other times my warped sense of humor gets the best of me and I say something like, "Geez, I don't know...I guess I was so damned alluring that night, I got laid twice."

After that, they usually leave me alone and I can be on my merry way.
LOL, PlanetMom!

I have been asked, too, if I was "trying" for twins. Yep, I held my breath until 2 eggs popped out of my ovaries!
Ha! You're hilarious, Twinmama!

twinmama said:
LOL, PlanetMom!

I have been asked, too, if I was "trying" for twins. Yep, I held my breath until 2 eggs popped out of my ovaries!
I hear the same comments often too! And I've also heard "better you, than me" and I usually just say "I agree". When they say "you've got your hands full", I'll usually respond with "yes, and so is my heart" or "better than empty arms". I had a lady once ask me if I needed help to get pregnant and I'm assuming she meant "medical help" but I thought I'd have a little fun with her so I said "yes, my husband helped for a few minutes".

My personal favorite when people found out we were having our 2nd set of twins (and I'm still asked this even now) is "were you trying for twins?". I usually say "how do you TRY for twins? Sex twice in one night, maybe?"
LOL @ Helen on husband helping for few minutes. That's about all it takes.

Surprised by Michelle's rcvd comment. I've been told "you're so lucky to have twins" a few times, even once or twice during my pregnancy. (I was so huge, it was obvious I was carrying more than one). Or I hear "I always wanted twins."

We were at a restaurant having lunch one day and the hostess came over to "admire the twin babies" she was standing there for what seemed forever. She asked the usual FAQ, but then just kept standing there. I didn't want to be rude, but I mean come on.. here we are just trying to eat our lunch-withOUT an audience!! geeze! She finally got the hint after several moments of just plain silence. LOL
Jennifer - I had a similar situation happen when I had the girls in daycare (for a brief 5 weeks). Other parents with much older children would come into the infant room just to see "the twins". It was like my girls were an exhibit at the zoo! My girls are fraternal and don't look alike at all (although some people think so). So, when people figured out that twins are just two kids then the excitement went away. I get a little annoyed when people stare at them for too long because it makes all of us feel uncomfortable. I know kids get attention from strangers, but with twins it is kind of creepy. Crazy people! :)
When the boys were still in the infant carrier we went out to eat and as we were being seated, a lady actually grabbed the one of the carriers to stop by husband so she could see the baby. Literally stuff like that happened all the time. I have to say the comment that gets me the most and I cannot even respond to anymore is "Double Trouble". As soon as I hear that I just look away. It truly is annoying. The "are they twins" question can be annoying but I know I said that in the past. I think it's just what comes out naturally, but "were you trying for twins"...that's funny!
We have the very same experience when eating out. People stare at us and/or make comments, mostly "I can't believe you're brave enough to go out to eat with all 4", as if we should be banned to our home for the first 5 years of their childhood or something?

The staring is horrible...I'd almost they rather come up and say something than just stare and then whisper to whoever they're eating with.


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