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What to take on a trip with children, so that the suitcase is not overloaded?

To have a good rest during your family holidays, you are to get rid of extra load. It is about material or non-material issues, like business calls and overloaded baggage. It is possible! Since you’ve made up your…

This might sound like a silly question but please, don't laugh!
How does the timing with breastfeeding work exactly with twins or more? So you have one attached and then the others feeding from a bottle? What if their hungry at the same time? ahh I need help! I've tried to look it up on the net, but end up with nothing.

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I didn't have a chance to fully breastfeeding my triplets, because have not enough for them, only two months and it happens only once per day, 10 minutes each of the three. In this case the breastfeeding was just a complement, since I didn't produce milk enough for them. I gave them a special milk for prematures (recommended by the doctors) from babies' bottle.
When I didn't have anybody else to help me, I usually fed two at the same time holding two babie's bottle and let one waiting, usually the one who was not so hungry at that time.
I know it is possible to place two babies at the same time whem you are breastfeeding, maybe you should ask for some advice to a specialist.
Unfortunately, I could not breastfeeding them for a longer period.
Hope I helped.
Regards, Aline
Thank you for such a fast response! Good to know!
Hi, I breastfed them for 2 1/2 months. i had a schedule and chart; I breastfed each one once a day, the rest of the meals they either had a bottle or milk that i managed to (i forgot the word...) with a pump (I had a double sided electronic pump).
i had help around the clock, which is quite unique, so there was no meal I had to manage on my own (with triplets).
i suggest that you try and breast feed them alternately, providing them with the benefits of mother's milk as long as possible. Another suggestion, try and keep their schedules as close as possible, my children, till now, eat, bath and go to sleep at the same time. thats trainig that is worth a lot for your sanity.
Good Luck
p.s. toilet (potty) trainig is much more challanging:)
Hey, thanks for responding! I've heard of the feeding charts before, along with changing diapers charts and so on. Did you make your own charts on download them from the net? And if you don't mind my asking, what was the benefit you got from "keeping score"?
Hi, I can send you a chrt we made ourselves, I will just translate it from Hebrew!
the benifit was that we had different things we had to keep an eye on; how much each one ate (quantity), whos stomach worked and how many times a day if at all, did they all bath, did they get their daily vitamin A&D etc. Because we had help around the clock, virtually, the information had to be accurate so that the babies got what they needed and that we don't mistakenly forget whos nappy we have changed already.
Oh, that would be wonderful! I took some Hebrew classes in college but never got to use it beyong reading the Torah, but my Hubby can read & speak it fairly well. Whenever you get around to it, my email is exohmiamore@gmail.com.
Thanks again!
For the 5 short weeks that I breastfed my twins I did them at exactly the same time. I rolled pillows on either side of me and placed a baby on top of each pillow.

One of my girlfriends was able to breastfeed this way for AGES. We called her super boob.

Once I stopped breastfeeding (due to mastitis drying up my milk) I bottle fed them at exactly the same time. Either using a boppy on either side of me or by giving them a Podee http://www.podee.com/
Thanks for the response! I've seen those breastfeading pillows but I haven't seen them specifically shaped for one or more babies. Hahahaha super boob, that's rad! The Podee bottle is pretty sweet, and can totally see how that can be a help!
Well I can say that I exhaustingly breast fed my twins tandum until they were 10 months old. I stopped only because I needed sanity. I was absolutely losing my mind with feedings every hour as they got older, I was unable to pump in between feedings and then I was never able to get out of the house unless I supplemented with formula. So I stopped because I wanted to get out of the house and I was getting cabin fever. I actually got my tandum feeding pillow from a lactation and mothers specialty store here in AZ. But they are supplied by DoubleBlessings.com which is everything twins and more that you can think of. I found the tandum feeding pillow there and I loved loved loved mine!!! It is angled so your babies latch on just fine and you don't have to worry about them rolling off or anything. I wish I had a picture of the tandum feeding, but basically I sat on my bed and did it and watched TV or sat on the couch. You lay one down next to you while situate one on the feeding pillow and then grab the other and away they go. I mastered the art of carrying them both at the same time so placing them on the pillow was a breeze after the many months. Hope this helps and good luck!
I had pretty good luck tandem breastfeeding my twin boys for about 6 months. Then, I just didn't have enough milk to keep up with them. Breastfeeding is very convenient considering that the milk is ready and at the perfect temperature at all times...A real time saver with twins. But, everyone is different and will face various obstacles unique to their situation (i.e. preemie twins who sometimes have trouble latching on). Essentially, breastfeeding twins is very doable and rewarding. For any new mother wanting to attempt it, I would recommend following your instincts, but also asking for help and support when needed.

Oh yeah, here's my gallery of tandem breastfeeding moms. This will help you get an idea of how to position two nursing babies.
I breastfeed my twins at the same time when they are hungry at the same time, always have! Neither of them have ever had a bottle!! My babies are 10 months old and I have NO plans to stop breastfeeding them!!


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