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Multiples are multiple times the blessing. Once your little bundles of joys arrive, you will be taking part in one of life's wonderful and crazy roller coasters, including, taking care of more than one child simultaneously. Naturally, when having more than one child, your mind does think about costs and if you will have to buy double or triple the amount of baby items. There are items that you will have to buy more than one of but not everything needs to be multiplied.

The first step in preparing for multiples is creating a baby registry. The following is a basic list that could help you when preparing to buy items for the arrival of your new babies. (The list is based on having twins, but when you see that you need to buy 2 of an item, buy 3 or 4 if you have triplets, quads, etc.):

2 Cribs (Crib mattress can be firm for better back support.)

1 Bassinet (It is common that multiples are preemies or are small in birth weight. You can just buy one bassinet and then transfer them to cribs when bigger.)

1 Pack 'n Play (One can be bought first but eventually two will be needed due to weight limitations.)

1 Double Stroller

2 Car Seats (Buy another set if you have a second car.)

2 Sunshades for Car Windows (Buy another set if you have a second car.)

2 Bouncy Seats (Helpful to keep babies entertained while Mom is trying to accomplish other things.)

1 Baby Swing & 1 Portable or Travel Swing (There will come a time when you want both babies to be in a swing and it is helpful to have one that is portable.)

2 Rocking Chairs with footstools (Its helpful to have 2 since you will probably be rocking the babies to sleep in varying rooms.)

2 Front Baby Carriers (Great for Mom and Dad to be able to have their hands free.)

1 Diaper Bag (Buy a Diaper Bag that is roomy to fit bottles and jars of food.)

1 Music Player that can play lullaby music or 2 Musical Soothers for the cribs.

Diapers & Wipes (Buy the Mega/Jumbo pack. Multiples use a lot of diapers--do not buy a lot of the Newborn diapers size since babies gain weight rapidly.)

2 Diaper Rash Ointments

1 Diaper Genie (You may want to buy an extra Diaper Genie if your home has a second floor.)

1 Breastpump (Breastpumps can be rented from the hospital.)

12 Bottles

Microwave Bottle Sterilizer

1 Bottle brush

2 Boppy Pillows or 1 Large Nursing Pillow

Newborn tub or Convertible Tub that can be used for sitting infants

8 Washcloths

6 Hooded Towels

Baby Wash, Lotions, Shampoo

10 Burp Cloths

Plastic Bowls and Utensils

2 Pacifiers

4 Waterproof crib/mattress liner

4 Sheet savers

6 Fitted crib sheets

4 blankets

4 Halo Sleep Sacks (Great for swaddling.)

Baby Monitor

Carbon monoxide detector for baby's room

First Aid Kit

Mylicon drops (To help alleviate gas.)


4 Fleece outfits for Winter

2 Winter jackets for Winter

4 pairs of gloves or mittens

4 Sun Caps for Summer

4 Shorts and T-Shirts Sets for Summer

10 receiving blankets

8 One-piece outfits

8 One-piece pajamas

10 pairs of sock/booties

Two upcoming Consignment Sales by local multiples club are the following:

FCMOM Clothing & Equipment Consignment Sale: Feb. 27th:

NVPOM Semi-Annual Kid's Clothing, Toys & Equipment Consignment Sale: March 20:

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