In Lannigan Saskatchewan, parents of graduating high school students are throwing a "safe grad" party to celebrate the end of the school year. Students ages 15 and up will be permitted to reserve up to 10 alcoholic drinks each if they have their parents written permission. I'm blogging about this story and would love to have your opinion . The age of majority in Canada is nineteen, the average "grad" is 17 or 18.
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Wow, i am super surprised at the age they will let them drink. I have a 15 and 19 old and I don't want them drinking at all. What happens here is they have an after prom and then they all go up to the lake and rent cabins and what not. I wouldn't let my 19 go to the lake. And the thought of my daughter drinking makes me run to the restroom. We have parents here who buy booze and let their kids and their kids friends drink and when they do this, the law is usually called. I'm against it. No if and or butts because nobody can watch these kids 100% of the time, something will go wrong. It's just shocking. I did a discussion on about parents buying booze for everyone and everybody that answered was against their kids drinking or their kids friends drinking. I'm looking forward to how people will answer your discussion. It's a good one at that...
I like the idea, but the "boundaries" seem so loose as to be almost worthless. 10 drinks? Way too many. 15 years old? Way too young. What about 3 drinks and seniors only just for starters... It seems to me the most important things to teach teens about alcohol are moderation and responsibility. When my 16 year old son expressed an interest in drinking beer I made him research types of beer, how they're made and then tell me specifically why he wanted to try it. "Just to know what it tastes like," he answered. We decided on a local microbrewery ale and we split a bottle and talked about the taste and what types of food it might enhance, things like that. That was a couple of months ago and he hasn't had any since. He knows he just has to ask me if he wants a half glass of beer with dinner, but knowing that, it's no big deal to him. My kids can have a small glass of wine with dinner on special occasions or when they ask, but they rarely ever do. I want them to think of alcohol as something to drink because of taste rather than as a means to get drunk and so far that works.

I'm a big coffee drinker too but neither of them drink it because they don't like the taste so they get the concept, plus they and their friends think people who use drugs are stupid, so this all helps.

Lastly, I help my kids navigate their way through the issue of alcohol use, but I would never feel comfortable giving alcohol to other kids. "Written permission?" I recall being a pretty decent forger of adult signatures as a teenager myself.
My blog post on the issue is up atwww.
Thank you to every one who contributed an opinion, your wise words will change the world.
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