My sixteen year old son was reported by many of my friends and associates as having "made out" with his girlfriend at our local town fair. I know I am super old school about this but I don't think my son needs to be sucking face at an event where he was supposed to be chaperoning his little sisters. Just wondering what others where thinking.

Also, I just noticed how we, as mothers, take pictures of the big mess our toddlers make and blog about the cute mistakes they make. Why do I feel like I'm doing something bad if I talk about my "teen" issues?

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The reason we feel guilty/uncomfortable about disclosing the craziness with our teens is b/c they have been under our care and tutelage for all of those years, so we feel that their actions are a reflection of us and our parenting. Our teens are supposed to be trained by now! Right?!?

Then why do I feel like I am needed at home more now than when they were little. Teenagers and their parents need help and there is so little of it. Also, Teens are teens longer than they used to be. We parent longer than our parents and their parents did, into the 20s. (see my post "21 is the New 16",

Anyway, the good and the bad news about your make-out king is that at least he is not under cover yet. No, he's out there for the whole community to see. :-) Could be worse. He could be out of sight and doing more than sucking face. Since he is likely going down that road ...or wanting to, make sure you have "the Talk" if you haven't already. Then remind him about appropriate public behavior and accountability when it comes to his siblings. Male or not, he is one of their role models.
Karma coming back to bite us in the ass ?
Everyone thinks their toddler is sooooo cute even though they may be terrors on training wheels, maybe by the time our cuties have grown into tweenies the pregnancy fog has dissipated ?
"Sucking face" now that's funny, just think how bad it would be if you didn't have a sense of humour ?
I'm sure Miss Manners would concur that if you are on the job , ( day trading,congress representative,tv executive ,chaperone) it's unprofessional to suck face. Such activities should be reserved to after hours and preferably not in front of the community or the internet. Explain it as such and add that his Mom's friends were watching him and complained about it. That in itself should be a deterrent.

Best of luck ;)
My daughter (9th grade) and son (11th) attend the same high school and have lunch at the same time every other day. The other day I found out for the first time that she and her friends get to witness my son and his girl friend "sucking face" on those shared lunch days. It was a little surprising as my son is pretty quiet and isn't a big one on public shows of affection. But apparently this girl has made an impact on him. We are moving 700 miles away in a few weeks, so I won't have to worry about the 2 of them doing this much longer, but I still don't think he should be doing this and embarassing himself and his family. Tonight, I had a little talk with him and told him he was making people uncomfortable when they did this; he said he understood, so I hope that they can keep their physical contact a little more tactful for the rest of their time together. We shall see.


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