Hey ladies, I just started blogging in September and I love it. Some great resources i've gathered have been life and time savers for me. Check out these links (and of course, my blog Jenna In The Ditch.)

Free backgrounds at

Change your two column template to a three column template:

Make a button with one of those 'grab boxes':

Put your link inside a photo:

If you have any trouble or have questions...let me know!

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Oh thank you for the info, oh man would I have love this info on the 3 column... hours of research days to complete for me LOL...... new project grab button LOL.... thanks again this is awesome.
All the info I've been looking for! Thanks bunches!
Oh Grisell, it seems intimidating, but all you have to do is change your blog TEMPLATE under pick a new template back to MINIMA, then go to your 'edit HTML' tab and scroll down until you find the passages highlighted, and just change the numbers there to bigger ones. If you can't find where to start when you get there, press 'control' 'F' on your keyboard, a search will come up and just type the first word in there!
Is it possible to make a custom button without a program like Photoshop? I've been searching and so far am not finding anything... My template is from thecutestblogontheblock.

Right now the things I want to do are 1. make my own button, 2. maybe switch to the 3 column template

Hopefully those things are simple enough for me to do. Not sure if there is a program on my computer that will make it possible though...
Yes you can Michelle! I know, no one explained until I had bought mine! So, is a great site. Get an account, because you will need one if you're bloggin. You upload your graphics that you can score off the web (even from google) or use the stickers they have to jazz it up. Once your image is uploaded, you may edit, crop, rotate, title, recolor. Anything you want. When your finished, it'll give you the HTML code and a website URL that links directly to the photo. Then, go to my link of how to ad a link into a picture and link your website up! It's all free too. All the graphics on my website I did on photobucket. It'll do until I switch to a domain.
(When linking your site to your button your image source in the picture URL that photobucket will give you)
Clear as mud?
I don't know how I just now got this reply???

Thanks Jenna. I'll have to try this out later. Hopefully can make a few changes and personalize a bit.
Thank you. This is very helpful.
I'm going to say HELP! Here and a couple of other places to track people down.

I just redesigned my blog and added a button. I followed the directions exactly on adding the link, etc. from cute blogs on block. Look at my site and see the photobucket thing under my button... what's going on... any help?

Getting ready to attempt to go to three column!!! Didn't work last time, it just stretched my text out.
Thank you so much for the very useful information you have posted here! :) This is great and makes blogging a whole lot easier especially when putting up the widgets.
Thanks for posting these great tips. They really helped a newbie like me.
I added the prettiest backgrounds to my blogs using your link to
I can't believe all those beautiful backgrounds are available for free. The prettiest one I got I think is on my Gardening Shady Style blog: It has glittery butterflies. What do y'all think? I also got a bunch of other ideas from your blog. Thank you so much for helping me!
hi all! i want to have a button like most blogs have.. but i don't know what to do... help please? :(




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