Newbie Bloggers - Hi! I can help you learn about blogging and get more followers

Hey newbies! LOL. I'm actually kind of a newbie myself (4 1/2 months blogging) but I've had some early success. You can read about it or enter great giveaways at my blog.

And if you follow me, leave a comment and I'll follow back. :)

The Suburban Jungle

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Hey Suburban Jungle! Love your blog, and would love to follow you!

(Another sort-of Newbie) :)
Hi. Can use all the help you can offer. I would love to know more about these giveaways. How do you get them and how does it work?
Already following you!! :) <3
Really nice blog. I'm interested in checking it out some more. I'm now following! I can't believe you've only been doing this four months!

Hi Angela. I'm very new to blogging and you when I saw your blog I was thrilled. You are so informative. I have a question. I received a award for my blog which has made my day. She asked me to stop by to receive it. The rules are I have to accept my award, post it on my blog along with the name of the person who has granted the award and her blog link, then award it to 15 other blogs. I'm not quite sure how to do all this. Can you give me some pointers. I have been sort of flying by the seat of my pants figuring out all this blog lingo. And now I feel like someone just gave me directions in another langauge. lol. I'd appreciate your help.
Awesome Blog. Good info. I am following you.
I took a look at your blog, and I thought I'd never leave. Your posts are great. Some brought tears to my eyes. Needless to say, I'll be following. Thanks for being such a kind wildlife lover. Your children are learning a lot from you.
Hey, I came to visit but had to request to be a friend. Feel free to visit my blog at
I'm following you! I write about my daily experiences with my boys. I'm looking forward to learning from your posts!

Mom is the Only Girl
Im a newbie as well ( :

I am now following you,, my blog is hopefully you can stop by as well

I'm following your blog now!  I'd love for you to stop by and follow me as well! I'm pretty new at this and will be getting a blog makeover soon!  Stay tuned!



Hi! Very impressive blog!  I'm following you now.  My goal is to get to 100 followers by this weekend and would love your support.  I'm new to blogging and still building my followers.


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