Mommy Makeover: Is having children necessary to get one?

Becoming a mother entails many physical changes that can greatly affect your self-esteem. And while maintaining a healthy lifestyle does help you resolve the undesirable outcomes of pregnancy and childbirth, it can still fall short at times. However, thanks to advancements in the field of…

How to Easily Order Your Favorite British Brands from the United Kingdom

If you have visited the United Kingdom as much as we have you already know that there are products and brands that you love there that you simply cannot buy in the United States no matter how hard you look. What’s a mom to do when she wants British…



Looking for some new blogs to add to my reading list that have less than 200 followers AND have been active for at least 3 months.  Leave your links!


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I have a new blog (my first) -  You'll find good humour, cool finds and family life with 4 kids who happen to have inherited atopy.

I love following almost as much as I love being followed..

I am looking for more followers, my blog Being Cadadoodle is about being a parent and caregiver.

Feel free to drop by and give me a visit!


I have 2 blogs going right now, one focusing mainly on my baking and cooking

and also one that focuses on play and life learning (mainly play right now)

would LOVE feedback as well, so feel free to leave me a line

Check out !


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