Hey NY MomBloggers!

I have decided to geta couple co-op groups started for my now 21month old son.


So I would love to hear from you if you're interested in participating in a pre-school co-op group for 2 or 3yr olds (I will be facilitating two separate groups if I can get enough kids) beginning at the end of August or the beginning of September.  I would also love to hear from you if you're interested in a playgroup co-op for walking to 3yr olds beginning around the same time.


You can reply to this post, message me privately, or e-mail me directly at Dominique.Rambert@yahoo.com


P.S. For those of you not familiar with the co-op format.......I will have between 8 and 12 kids in a group with a 4:1 ration (more kids means another parent would be in the room).  All participating parents pay a fee to cover the cost of a teacher for the group (usually between $60 and $150).  The group will operate between 3 and 5 days per week depending on the needs of the parents.  Each parent would be required to spend a certain number of days assisting the teacher (betwee3n 1 and 4 days a month).  Working parents are welcome as well; if you cannot serve the required days with the group I will cover your day for an additional fee.


I'm looking forward to working with all of you and answering your questions. 

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Hello NYC moms!
I wanted to give you all an update concerning how things are going so far.

I already gotten about 30 responsesfrom parents interested in participating. Of that 30, 27 seemed more or less pretty interested (that's all of you receiving this message). That's about 13 children for the 2yr old co-op group, 5 for the 3yr old co-op group, 8 for the playgroup co-op, and 2 others who didn't specify (I know the math is off, one mother has 2 children that may be participating).

That means at the moment we have enough children to move forward with the playgroup co-op if everyone were to confirm, we'd need 3 more children to split to 2yr old group up or one person wouldn't be able to participate, and we would need 3 more children for the 3yr old co-op. Of course it's still early and these numbers WILL fluctuate. But I wanted you to all know the status.

I will keep adding people to the email list as they contact me and within a week or 2 I will schedule the first meeting to discuss all the particulars of the groups. It will most likely be on a weekday in the evening to accomodate working parents.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

**Tentative meeting date: Tuesday July 6th at 6pm (locations TBD)
If you’d like to receive a full write-up on the co-op please contact me.


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