I'm Adriel from Oregon... wife to a handsome Aussie named Ryan (my absolute bestie), momma to a gorgeous baby named Levi (our heart-stealer), and so much more: wanna-be photographer and rockstar, new blogger, bible teacher, lover of movies and writing and music and fashion and sunbathing... decorator extraordinaire (at least that's what my friends say *grin*), world-traveler, a {hopefully} "smart" activist and volunteer, and a pursuer of the ultimate bean burrito washed down with pink lemonade (neither of which I can ever find in Australia where I live - boo).

I blog about motherhood - sometimes the humorous side, sometimes the practical stuff, and sometimes the thought-provoking/inspiring stuff... I hope. {Check it out if you'd like: The Mommyhood Memos} I blog for a creative outlet, for some deliberate "me" time, to get me into the discipline of writing regularly, to grow as a mom, and to build community with other moms to share the journey with.

I love to read all sorts of blogs (decorating, fashion, photography)... but most of all I like baby blogs at the moment. It's just where I'm at!

And you?? Introduce yourself, your blog, and what kinds of blogs you're hoping to find "out there"!


p.s. You can also find me on twitter: @mommyhoodmemos 

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I'm Jackie from Bringing Up the Parks. I'm a Chinese-Malaysian-Filipina married to the sweetest Korean ever. We are the parents of two---the first one is 19 months old and the second one will be born about five weeks from now. My blog is SUPPOSED to be how I raise my children as a multicultural mom, but I'm struggling to bring my blog there. As of now my blog is so far becoming a venue where I share my experiences as a mom and things I'm learning along the way.

I love visitors :) See more of our life at http://bringinguptheparks.wordpress.com 

Or add me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bringinguptheparks

Thanks for reading!


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