Safety Tips to Prevent Your Dream Pool from Becoming a Nightmare

Whether it’s a cosy hot tub, a full-sized pool or something in between, having a private place to take a dip at home is one of life’s greatest luxuries. There is little that compares to shrugging off the day’s troubles with a few relaxing laps or a good book and the gentle massage of…

Why Every Family Needs Business-Level Internet Security

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Every day it becomes easier and easier to hack websites, blogs, home networks, and phones. Nothing seems to be immune from malicious digital attacks, but you can make it harder for them to get in. 

We've been testing the…



I'm Adriel from Oregon... wife to a handsome Aussie named Ryan (my absolute bestie), momma to a gorgeous baby named Levi (our heart-stealer), and so much more: wanna-be photographer and rockstar, new blogger, bible teacher, lover of movies and writing and music and fashion and sunbathing... decorator extraordinaire (at least that's what my friends say *grin*), world-traveler, a {hopefully} "smart" activist and volunteer, and a pursuer of the ultimate bean burrito washed down with pink lemonade (neither of which I can ever find in Australia where I live - boo).

I blog about motherhood - sometimes the humorous side, sometimes the practical stuff, and sometimes the thought-provoking/inspiring stuff... I hope. {Check it out if you'd like: The Mommyhood Memos} I blog for a creative outlet, for some deliberate "me" time, to get me into the discipline of writing regularly, to grow as a mom, and to build community with other moms to share the journey with.

I love to read all sorts of blogs (decorating, fashion, photography)... but most of all I like baby blogs at the moment. It's just where I'm at!

And you?? Introduce yourself, your blog, and what kinds of blogs you're hoping to find "out there"!


p.s. You can also find me on twitter: @mommyhoodmemos 

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I'm Jackie from Bringing Up the Parks. I'm a Chinese-Malaysian-Filipina married to the sweetest Korean ever. We are the parents of two---the first one is 19 months old and the second one will be born about five weeks from now. My blog is SUPPOSED to be how I raise my children as a multicultural mom, but I'm struggling to bring my blog there. As of now my blog is so far becoming a venue where I share my experiences as a mom and things I'm learning along the way.

I love visitors :) See more of our life at 

Or add me on facebook at

Thanks for reading!

Hey mamas! I've lived in Michigan my whole life, and will be relocating to California in a couple weeks for my husband's job. That's scary enough by itself, but by then, I'll also be six months pregnant with my second child. Yikes! Change in general is a totally terrifying thing for me, so this is sending me tumbling far, far away from my comfort zone. What else can I do but write about it? :) I would love to connect with anyone who's ever relocated (especially by force -- ha) and hear about your experiences getting through it.

I'm blogging anonymously for now -- I've been a high school English teacher for twelve years, and I'm still grappling with the idea that I'm finally free enough to post the truth. Please share your favorite posts with all your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers! :)





I'm Neisa from West Virginia! Born and raised. My heart lies with the beach though. I have two babies. The first is my angel baby Hutson. My second is my special rainbow baby, Benjamin. He will be two months old tomorrow, and he is my pride and joy! I am a stay at home wife. I also take care of my other boy, my husband Lance. We have been married for almost two years now. We both would love to adopt someday. Currently, we don't meet all the standards...age and married time. But we plan to adopt someday! As a new mother, I love to meet others that have much much much more experience! I would love for you to check out my blog. When I am not blogging about Ben and baby things, I am posting about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

I would love to hear from you wonderful mommas!

You can check out my story here.

I am also a Pinterest addict!!! I'm not even joking. I would love new people to follow for pins.

Hello! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! My blog is BirthSwell, a community of birth and breastfeeding volunteers, advocates, and pros using social media to spread evidence-based information about birth and breastfeeding. I'm the mom of two children, 12 and 6, both born with midwives. We happen to be a cloth diapering, attachment parenting family, but I believe that there's as many ways to parent as there are families. I trust that if families have access to accurate information and a supportive environment, they'll make the choices that are right for *their* family. 

Visit me here:

Hi I am Brianne and soon to be mom of 4!! I am currently 16 weeks pregnant which got me wanting to start blogging again. I love the community and connecting with other pregnant mamas and new mamas! My blog is not completely about baby but I do weekly pregnancy updates mixed with my adventure is becoming a crunchy mom. So all things from parenting to food!

my site

you tube channel

My name is Britt Burbank and I am a Mom of a two boys (Ben, 2 Jack, 1). I live with my boys, husband, and black lab on Cape Cod, Mass. I am a life coach at a boarding school for teenagers with complex cognitive disabilities. My new found passion is my blog. I started my blog in March 2015 as a way to deal with Postpartum depression. Writing was so therapeutic for me and the responses I got from other women was just plain amazing. I am looking to expand into the Mom blog world. It is something I truly enjoy. I would be flattered if you would take the time to check out my blog, You're Some Body's Mother

Hi all! I'm Sarika, mom of two toddlers - 1 and 3 years old. I am a marketing professional, but currently a 'stay at home mom' busy taking care of my kids and in the process of becoming a 'work at home mom'.

I love to write about motherhood, babies and pregnancy and I started writing my blog  since November last year. I love to other blogs and learn something new every day.

My blog:


Hi everyone!

I'm Brittany and new to blogging. I am currently expecting my first little one in June after 3 years of infertility treatments. I'm very excited to share my journey with others. I currently live in Chicago with my husband and goldendoodle puppy. The goal for my blog is to share recipes, travel tips, reviews, infertility advice, and other topics. I'm looking to connect with other bloggers and increase Twitter followers.





Hi! I am Adrienne from The Sunshine Maker. I just started blogging in October 2016 but have found plenty of content to write about as I make my way through the crazy, wonderful journey of motherhood. My blog is all about encouraging and supporting other moms who have littles running around as we go through this adventure together.. I have three kids ages 5, 3, 18 months and am due in a few short weeks with our 4th! If I have learned anything these passed 5 years, its pregnancy, labor, newborns, toddlers and all the sweet moments and frustrating tantrums that go with it. I love being a mom and look for ways to improve myself as well as my home so that I can give 100% to my family. Its not all Disney fairytales and rainbows at our house, of course. Motherhood is a tough 24/7 job. But is a privilege that I am honored to have.

I also love reading birth stories and have been posting several of family and friends, as well as my own, as I gear up for this next birth. 

Most of my posts are about what has worked for me (and what has not!) and how to pursue a calm loving home environment for my kids and husband while keeping things real and practical.

 Look forward to checking out your blog! 



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