1. Are you pregnant? Do you have questions for other expecting women? Share your questions and get insights from others here. 
  2. What has been the most memorable – or special – moment from your pregnancy so far?  The first kick? Seeing the sonogram for the first time?
  3. What has surprised you the most during your pregnancy? Was it the lack of morning sickness? The desire to eat ham and ice cream together? The increased shoe size?


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  1. I'm not pregnant but I just had a beautiful baby! :)
  2. Seeing the sonogram for the first time was pretty breathtaking.  Feeling her little {and not so little} kicks was fun!
  3. What has surprised you the most during pregnancy would have to be the extreme kindness of everyone around me.  Complete strangers would offer to do things for me and random people smiled at me in stores..that was nice. :)
I also liked, shared, and tweeted!

I liked the page, but couldn't share about the free bottle promotion.  :(

I am expecting baby #7 in May.  The older siblings are 4 sisters 10, 8, 7, and 3 and 2 brothers 5 and nearly 2 (January 1st).  Every pregnancy is different, but my biggest "giveaway" when I am early and unsure is my dislike for chocolate o.0  I generally LOVE chocolate, the darker the better.  This pregnancy I'd rather eat steak or a really good burger.  :D


You may be wondering why I am interested in winning this when I am expecting baby #7.  We love Avent bottles, it has been the only brand my little ones would consistently take when they needed one.  My small stash is soo very old (7 years or more!).  This little one needs something new.  :D

I'm not pregnant, but I am a mother to 3 kids (ages 7 5 & 3) The most amazing thing each and every time was hearing the heartbeat for the first time. It officially let me know I was sharing my body with another precious life!

I'm here for my sister, who is pregnant with #1! I'd love to win an infant starter set for her and help answer any questions women here might have :)

I liked and tweeted!

I liked the Philips Avent FB Page


and we're adopting a baby in the next few months, so this would be fantastic to win!

1. I liked the Avent FB page.

2. I am not pregnant but am a mom of 2 and i cried each time i heard the heartbeat for the first time. This was especially memorable to me after suffering 2 miscarriages before that.The first kick was also great. I wasn't sure it was a kick at first so I poked in my stomach a few times to make sure and sure enough, my son kicked again. lol.

3. What surprised me the most during my pregnancy was how big I got. I i gained over 40 pounds and the funny part was if you saw me from behind you would never know i was pregnant but when I turned around, WOWZA.

4. I have several friends who just had their first child, including my neighbor whose baby is almost a month old.

I am newly pregnant (6 weeks) with baby #5.  My girls are 10, 9 and almost 5 years old and my little guy is 3 years old.  We had only planned on having 4 children, but decided about a year ago that there was another child in the cards for us.


Since I am so newly pregnant, the most exciting part has been the positive test.  In past pregnancies, it was always the kicks and moving around that was exciting.


This pregnancy has already started out different from any other.  My craving has been dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), something I had never had before, but HAD to buy off the olive bar one day.  Ever since, I have been eating a few each day.  I have never had morning sickness, only minor nausea, but this time around, I am experiencing severe nausea and heaving, but no vomiting (yet).  This is also the first pregnancy where I have had no appetite at all and I have to force myself to eat.  My energy levels are also higher than they have been in the past.  I can't say which part surprises me the most.  I think I am just generally surprised at how different this one is.


I liked the Philips Avent page on facebook.


  1. No, have three boys 10, 2 and 8 months. Will try for a girl (one last time) next spring.
  2. I was obsessed with hearing the heart beat.  I bought a monitor and would listen to my babies every morning.  With two miscarriages inbetween my 3, this is the only way I got through my day.
  3. How easy my pregnancies are up until the last trimester.  Then I feel pregnant.

1  I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeing my first child the first of January.

2.  The most memorable moment so far is being able to see baby girl move on the ultrasound.  It makes it feel more real to see something that looks like a baby in there and be able to feel her moving while seeing her move.

3.  What has most surprised me is how good I've felt throughout the pregnancy.  I've not had any morning sickness and other than being a little tired have had no symptoms that i hear other pregnant women complaining about.


I liked and tweeted!



Yes I'm expecting our second child, due in Jan!  The most memorable thing with both my children has been feeling them kick for the first time!  It feels so amazing, and I love sharing that special moment with my fiance.  With my first pregnancy, the increased shoe size was definitely a surprise,  So far with this pregnancy, not really any surprises.  :)  I liked Philips Avent on Facebook

1.  I'm not pregnant, however, I'm a Mother of 3 children and 1 grandbaby.  My cravings has surprised me the most during my pregnancies along with feeling my babies moving around in my belly.  My advice to new moms/will be moms, take it easy during your pregnancy.  Don't overwork or stress yourself out about anything.  Remember what your feel, the baby feels also.


2. “Liked” the Philips AVENT Facebook page - Quanda.

3.  Tweeted - http://twitter.com/#!/Naddez/status/129734125132324865


1. Liked the Avent FB page but couldn't share the Free bottle- said campaign was full

3. Tweeted- http://twitter.com/#!/stealsdealslife/status/129675087828877312


All four of my pregnancies have been different. No morning sickness with the 2nd or 3rd but this 4th has been awful- oh and by the way for those not pregnant or who have never been it shouldn't be called morning sickness but rather ALL DAY sickness. It just comes and goes.


Memorable- I always love seeing the sonograms makes me want to cry- course I"m not usually like that probably all the extra hormones. I'm only 16 weeks right now and still waiting for that first kick but I'm sure I'll be the same way with it- I was with all my other pregnancies. :)


I'm completely obsessed with sweet pickles- I know it's a huge cliche about pregnant women and pickles but I love them- oh man now I gotta go eat some :)

I "Like" Avent on FB but couldn't share. The free bottles have all been given out.


The most memorable time in my pregnancies were the moments of feeling them move and kick. I could also tell when my babies had the hiccups. I also remember my son stretching his leg out as far as it would go and I could feel the shape of his tiny little foot and put it between my index finger and thumb. Amazing feeling!


Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/MyBellaMia/status/129940712463679488


What surprised me the most about my pregnancies is that I didn't get stretch marks on my belly like so many other women do. Oh, and my craving for Taco Bell and Burger King. Oh my! hahaa.


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