1. Are you pregnant? Do you have questions for other expecting women? Share your questions and get insights from others here. 
  2. What has been the most memorable – or special – moment from your pregnancy so far?  The first kick? Seeing the sonogram for the first time?
  3. What has surprised you the most during your pregnancy? Was it the lack of morning sickness? The desire to eat ham and ice cream together? The increased shoe size?


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I'm not pregnant (anymore) since having my first baby girl in February 2011.....she's awesome and I can't wait to give her another baby brother or sister someday!

I just had a baby 6 months ago :) i was so full of questions and was thankful that I could find so many answers online.


The most memorable moment was seeing him during my Level II - he looked like a little person! It was so real, I cried!!


Most surprising was that being pregnant wasn't much different than not being pregnant LOL Other than a little more tiredness and a fuller bladder, I felt the same and looked pretty much the same. No real odd cravings, I barely felt him kick, no morning sickness... life didn't really change.


I like the Philips Avent page. I also shared the giveaway (I think!) back when it first started.


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