1. Whether you’re a first-time mom, or the mother of five, the excitement about welcoming a new child into your life never changes. What are you or were you most excited, anxious, or nervous about with during pregnancy?
  2. The big day is almost here! What essentials are you packing in your hospital bag? Or, when you were pregnant what did you pack in your hospital bag?

  3. Remember, we’re giving away great prizes this week – 3 infant starter kits and 2 soft spout cups! To enter, join the discussion and tell us which of the following activities you engaged in:
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  4. You’ve been bracing yourself for labor pains for nine months now. Wondering what it’s really like? Moms who have been there – tell us what helped you during the days/hours leading up to childbirth.
  5. Sleeping can be uncomfortable when pregnant, especially during the later months. What is/was the most comfortable sleeping position for you?

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It's so cliche, but I don't even remember the pain of labor and childbirth. Don't get me wrong, I remember it hurt, but I barely think about that now even though I'll be doing it again.


I'm more concerned about what to do when baby actually gets here. How will I handle 3 KIDS?! Cat?! :)

Neither one of my kids were textbook. They say normally with the first child you are in labor about 12+ hours. I actually was a week late and started having mild contractions with my first child (my son) so they admitted me. They administered pitocin to try to regulate my contractions and I was on that all night but it didn't work. Finally at 2:30 the next day my doctor broke my water and by 5 PM I was ready to push. Fortunately they had time to give me an epidural around 4 so I really didn't feel pain for long after they broke my water and gave me my "mommy drug". I just felt a lot of pressure around 5 and I actually pushed my son for a little over an hour because he refused to come out. So I was more tired than in pain with him. However, I "tore" from front to back trying to push him out so I was in a fair amount of pain after that and also I had a lot of "nerve problems" in one of my legs for about 3 weeks after that I think from having my legs up and the nurse pushing back on them assisting with labor. With my daughter my water actually broke at home around 6:30 in the morning and I was at the hospital by 7:30 and basically the doctor was telling me it was too soon to give me an epidural even though I told her I was in pain. Around 8:00 I was in a great deal of pain and asked the nurse to get the doctor to check me again to see how far I had dilated. I think when I first got to the hospital at 7:30 I was about 3 cm and within 30 minutes I was at 6 cm so they gave me an epidural but it didn't have a chance to fully set in when I felt "pressure and pain" as my daughter was coming. I had my daughter around 9:30 and the nurse was joking that she didn't have a chance to finish my admission paperwork and she was already going to have to start on my dismissal paperwork. It happened so fast and it was painful but I didn't have to endure the pain too long as I only had to push 3 times and she was out.

With my first baby I was a wreck all 9 months with just the "not knowing" of what was going to happen when I was in labor and not knowing what to do. My husband still teases me that I wasn't pushing right. We probably should have taken a birthing class or something, but since I was definitely getting an epidural I didn't think it was necessary. I wish I would have taken a class now. Labor definitely wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I had contractions all week and then one morning I woke up to really strong contractions and I was pretty sure it was it. So I took a shower and got myself ready while I let my husband wake up. Once they were 5 minutes apart I knew it was time to wake up the hubby. We hopped in the car and the 45 minute drive turned into an hour drive because my husband was so excited that he took the longest way possible to get to the hospital because he wasn't thinking! I immediately got an epidural as soon as getting there and everything just went so smoothly after that and soon I was holding my precious baby.

So now with my 2nd baby due in April, I am actually looking forward to labor and the birth of my baby! It's definitely very different the second time around.

I liked Philips Avent on Facebook as Rachel Honsvick DeMille

With both pregnancies I was so nervous that my belly button would pop out lol...it didn't happen the first time, and hasn't happened so far with this one, so fingers crossed LOL :D  I packed everything me, my fiance and the baby needed with the first one, and I'll do the same with this one :)  I liked Philips AVENT on Facebook.  I honestly think what helped me (other than the pain meds lol) is that I made myself believe it was going to be alot worse than what it was, also thinking about holding my daughter in the end, and that it would eventually end helped alot too!  With my first pregnancy I loved sleeping on my side, for some reason with this one I want to sleep on my back lol.

1. Nervous about what life would be like, how things would change, how to take care of a little baby! So much unknown, I HATE the unknown and now my life was suddenly full of the unknown!

2. I packed comfy pjs!!! and slipper socks

3. I like the Facebook page and I think I shared the giveaway awhile ago!

4. PAIN MEDS! i was good to go after that, I was so scared of labor, but it wasn't too bad. The worse was the pain - I had back labor so it was rough. Recovery was so much worse than labor. i had heard that it could take 5 hours of pushing, and I knew there was no way that was going to happen! 5 sets of pushes and he was out, quicker than the dr. even though!

5. I slept on my side, angled toward my stomach. It was still not too comfy!

Wondering when I would go into labor was prob one of the things I just got soooo excited for, for both of my pregnancies. My second child was breech and ended up being a scheduled csection, and as sad as I was to not be able to experience labor a second time, I tried to convince myself that now I would be able to realte to many women since I had experienced birth both ways! To have the support of a momtribe through a pregnancy is a powerful tool, and I am happy to help any woman who needs some support! I am happy to tweet to others about this awesome team!


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