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  1. Your angel is finally home! What do you plan on doing with your baby the moment you bring him/her home? Experienced mommies – what was the first day, week, month like?
  2. Getting your baby to successfully latch on and breastfeed can be a challenge. What are some things that have worked for you?
  3. About 25% of newborns have colic. Does yours? What are some things that help soothe him/her? If you’re bottle feeding, try one that has anti-colic claims, such as the Philips AVENT natural feeding bottle. *
  4. Do you find that your home is filled with family/friends all the time now that your little one has arrived? Love it or hate it?

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*At two weeks of age, babies fed with the Philips AVENT Bottle showed a trend to less colic than babies fed with a conventional bottle.

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The moment I brought my little girl home I just wanted to be a family for the first time with  my hubby and her. I placed her in her crib for the first time, hopped in the shower to feel human again, and asked everyone to come over at a later time so that we can be together for a little while. 

The first week was a fog. I slept most of the time, recovering from a c-section, and kept my baby in bed with me all day as I recovered. The rest of the month got better as I learned how to nurse her and how to care for her.

Getting my baby to successfully latch took a lot of time and patience. I thought it would be natural for both of us, but it wasn't. It was not until she was about a week or two old that we both finally got the hang of it. Lanolin was a life saver and I would apply it before going in the shower. Pumping when I was engorged would also help a lot - as I had a very heavy let down so pumping a little before she nursed would prevent her from choking.

My baby had colic and things that would soother her was being swaddled, rocked, and sang to. I'm not sure if this next baby will be colicky as well, but if necessary, I would love to try Avent products to see if they help.

When my baby was first born, we would have waves of family members and friends in and out, and then we would have waves of loneliness. In retrospect, I loved having family around, and with my next baby I will make it a point to have visitors more often, as this helps cure that lonely feeling.

I am a fan of Philips AVENT on Facebook and I tweet once a week about being part of the awesome mom tribe! Here is this week's tweet:!/atimeout4mommy/status/133560706447589377

Bringing my first baby home was stressful. I was young, a full time nursing student and I worked full time at the hospital. I did not get to have a full maternity leave due to my schedule. I did not want anyone touching her, I was scared she might get dropped. She had jaundice so I had opted to get a biliblanket to use at my home. My ex husband was not very helpful, so I was basically doing everything on my own. I chose to breastfeed and those first few days were hard. I had to use a shield due to soreness and trying to get her to latch on. Once we got the whole breastfeeding thing down, I had to get back to work and school. I used a breast pump for the first three months, but with my schedule, I was not able to pump very often, then by the time I got home, I was so engorged I would get sick. So, I quit breastfeeding and put my daughter on the bottle. My daughter did have colic and it made things even harder, especially since it made sleep even harder to come by. I quickly learned that doing some extra burping with her and propping her up helped with the colic. I also put a little Karo syrup in her bottle, which seemed to help as well! When it came to family and friends, my ex husbands family and friends did help out and we were grateful for that, except there were times that they were a little too much and I would rather rest than entertain all of the time.

With my son I did not return to work, which did make things easier, even with him having medical issues. I was much more at ease with him. I breast fed him and it was very easy to get started and I continued until he was about 8 months old, due to him biting! Going from breast to bottle was not hard. He had colic and acid reflux after birth, but I was able to easily control it by propping him up and doing some extra burping. We did not have family around and we did have friends come by, but it was not as intense as it was with my ex husbands crew. Much more relaxed environment, which is just what we needed since we were dealing with doctors weekly for the first two years. 

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With my first child, I was spoiled.  She was such a good baby, only crying when she was hungry.  I didn't know why moms were so tired with new babies.  She slept through the night almost as soon as I brought her home from the hospital.

My other two children (both boys), weren't that simple.  In fact, both boys cried the first 12 months of their life.  It was a horrible time in my life, with the lack of sleep and all, but they are now happy little children who light up my world.

My son was such an easy baby, but somehow his existence felt entirely overwhelming and somehow my husband and I kept ourselves busy 24/7. When my daughter arrived two years later, it just wasn't possible to spend all.our.time with her. Even though she was a more difficult baby, it seemed like we had tons of free time and we wondered what the heck we did all the time when my son was a baby.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this baby is an "easy" one. I don't know how I would balance the two older kids and a super colicky baby!

I've like the FB page!  And, my #2 had terrible colic.  The only thing that really worked was wearing her and cutting the milk out of my diet!  I almost exclusively nursed at the time. 


And, probably the first thing will be to show her off to her sisters!


Latching took a lot of patience, and fortunately, two very good eaters.  I think having some lanolin on hand helped things feel a lot better!

I will never forget the day I brought my first child home from the hospital.  In fact, 9 years later, I wrote a post all about it.  Every single detail is crystal clear.  check it out.

1. My first, I think I must have pretty much figured out how things would be while in the hospital. They pretty much leave it up to you to take care of baby. Perhaps so you can get that "feel" of what to expect. What was a little stressful was thinking about the time I [should have] stayed in to allow myself to heal.


2. Watching my mom while growing up as a child. I kinda got the concept then, though not perfectly. Seeing it makes it look easy, but I guess there is a bit of a science to it. After embarrassingly having someone else grab my breast and stuffing it into my newborn's mouth, I quickly got the hang. 


3. If my children have had colic, it's been mild enough that I thought a small bout of gas was to blame. So far it hasn't been a biggie.


4. Well, between some issues that my family is faced with, we do have some family members staying here. They were here before baby, so I can't say he's the reason they're here now. We do get some visitors, but not overwhelming for me. It really does help to have someone hold baby so I can shower or prepare a meal or accomplish something else.


5. I like the Philips Avent Facebook page.

I liked Philips AVENT on Facebook.  I plan on snuggling and enjoying the time with my little one.

I hated when our daughter was born and everyone *everyone* wanted to hold her. I loved that people wanted to share in our joy, but people had little thought other than holding her adorable little body. It was September, so people were getting sick, and kids were touching her and few people washed their hands without a friendly reminder from us. 

I like them on FB and tweeted!!/DMBastian/status/134424893482729472

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The first day, month, week...very very hard. The days were ok but the nights were very very difficult. I had a bad case of the baby blues so it was really difficult. It goes by in a blur!!

Breastfeeding was difficult. It turned out I wasn't producing enough. My baby lost a lot of weight his first month and was cranky due to that. You have to fight through the pain and figure out what works best for you and your baby.

My son never had colic but he did have fussy time in the evenings. Colic calm, mlyicon and rocking him helped. He loved going outside too.

I hated having company. esp. because I had to go in the other room to breastfeed. But remember you are in charge, and if you say no then people should respect your wishes!

i liked the AVENT facebook page.

I remember with my first, we got home from the hospital, put her (still in her carseat) on the floor, and then stared at each other and said, "Now what?!"


With this baby, it will just depend on if the baby is awake or asleep when we get home. If s/he's asleep, we'll just leave them in the car seat like we did with our first and just chill out!


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