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  1. Your angel is finally home! What do you plan on doing with your baby the moment you bring him/her home? Experienced mommies – what was the first day, week, month like?
  2. Getting your baby to successfully latch on and breastfeed can be a challenge. What are some things that have worked for you?
  3. About 25% of newborns have colic. Does yours? What are some things that help soothe him/her? If you’re bottle feeding, try one that has anti-colic claims, such as the Philips AVENT natural feeding bottle. *
  4. Do you find that your home is filled with family/friends all the time now that your little one has arrived? Love it or hate it?

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*At two weeks of age, babies fed with the Philips AVENT Bottle showed a trend to less colic than babies fed with a conventional bottle.

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I really wanted to enjoy family bounding time when we first got home, but I was worried because I knew I had out of state in-laws coming in to town that evening. It was very surreal.  Our son arrived several weeks early, so we weren't completely prepared.  The first week really was a fog, but slowly we all found our rythem. 

Having a house full of in-laws the first two weekends was actually more stressful than helpful.  Yes, I didn't have to cook--but I felt very self-concious of breastfeeding.  I also felt like I needed to entertain when I just wanted to rest.



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When I brought my daughter home in April, I tried breastfeeding. Health complications is the reason the doctor advised me to stop. I was devastated. The first bottles we purchased were Avent bottles. She has never went through colic and  I am grateful. We already have two children and the baby was a huge adjustment. At 7 months we are still adjusting!


My time is taken all up with my children and we do spend less time out and about with friends. If they are true friends, and they are, then they understand:)

I am pregnant with my third.  My first two did not have colic ever.  I did not have friends or family visiting much at all.  And the story I'd like to share about the baby latching on... I breastfed my babies until I ran out of milk, which for some reason was within a few weeks.  Anyway, with my second baby, I was in the hospital after giving birth and this night nurse was really annoying me because she kept trying to tell me the "right" way to breast feed and was very handsy about showing me.  I just wanted her to go away and leave me alone!

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I honestly don't remember much about the first month lol it went by so fast, but nothing exciting happened, eat sleep and change diapers lol :D  I wasn't successful at breastfeeding the first time, but hope to be this time :)  my daughter didn't have colic, and i hope this baby doesn't either!  I'd rather be alone with my family after i have the baby, since i can be moody and don't want to hurt anyones feelings.  i like philips avent on facebook! :D

i recently brought my 6th home.  the first day home was crazy.   I was in a lot of pain (cramping from breastfeeding and alos I have very large babies so I am ususally quite sore and torn up after delivery)  and had asked my husband to get me my pain pills on the way home.  When we left the hospital he turned the opposite way of the pharmacy and said he had decided we won't be getting my pills then.  hmmm.....ok.  He said he would be going out with his friends in a few hours so he'd get them then.  We got home and he decided he was leaving right away, not in a few hours.  So he takes off.  I have a bunch of other little children hungry since its lunch time.  I am in so much pain and I have literally not slept more than an hour a day for the past 3 days.  I fed the troops and decided I coudl not be awake one more minute.  I had the youngest children join me in my room to watch TV so I could drift off to sleep while nursing the new baby.  I woke up really in pain.  Before I knew it the kids were hungry for dinner so I made somethign to eat.  At bedtime I heard my husband come home and was ready for some pain relief!  He said he forgot my pills!!!  Never got my prescription. 


For now on when i have a baby I will make sure that we have some pain medication at home for when I get home from the hospital! 

I think that the first thing we did with my son was go to my mom's house, I wasn't ready to go home and be alone yet. However with my Princess the first thing I will be doing is coming home and sitting in my chair and relaxing with her and my son. & probably taking tons of pictures for her daddy (who wont be able to meet her for another week or so)


I am extremely nervous about breastfeeding, I want to do it exclusively with her and maybe I am being naive but I have no worries about her latching on and such but I am beyond worried about my body not coming through. With my son, I just didn't produce enough even in the first few days but I am determined this time around.

I am praying that people respect the fact that, when I am ready to be social...I will come to them. I am not a huge fan of people coming over un nannounced and between a new baby and a 3 year old I am sure that tons of company isn't really going to be my number one concern.

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