1. Returning to work can be a wonderful and difficult transition. At what point do you plan to go back? Did/do you feel ready? How will you ease the transition -- especially if your baby is still breastfeeding?
  2. You’re leaving the house and your baby’s tears start welling up – it can be so hard to say goodbye in the mornings!  How have you made your workday “goodbyes” as painless as possible?
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  4. If you’re a working mom and breastfeeding, you know ALL about the challenges of pumping at work! How have you worked to make things as comfortable as possible? Any interesting stories to share?
  5. Many moms find that getting a little help at home can ease some stress? Do you have a nanny or babysitter? How did you find the right fit for your family?

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With my first son, I had to go back after 8 weeks.  With my second, I was lucky to have 12 weeks.  Facebook has been a godsend, as it allows me to see pictures of my boys wherever I am.  That also helps with pumping at work.  I also have a Kindle that my hubby got me for Christmas last year, which gives me something to do during pumping so I'm not just staring at a wall.  




I am pregnant with my third child and I work part time as a college instructor and also substitute teach occasionally.  When the baby is born, I plan to continue what I am doing and hopefully have the baby watched at the daycare center at the college I work at.  That way I can continue to breastfeed and pop in anytime!

With my daughter, I was a stay at home mom.  Then with my son, I was going to school full time when he was born, and took online classes until he was 6 months old.  I had him in a daycare for about 8 months.  He cried EVERY TIME I dropped him off.  It broke my heart!!!  Then my mother retired and started watching him for me.  Now he's almost 4 and my mom works part time, so on the rare occasions he has to go to a sitter, he throws such a fit and begs to stay home with me... it still breaks my heart!  My daughter is in kindergarten.

I know with my daughter, I did not get a full maternity leave. I was a full time nursing student and I worked at the hospital full time as well. I took one week off for recovery, then I was back to work and school. I wish I could have been able to stay home more, but with clinicals and work, I did not have that choice. I did breastfeed, but that only lasted 3 months, due to not having time to pump, then by the end of the day, I was so engorged that I would get sick. I think that if I could have been able to get time to pump it would have been easier. We had my ex-husbands family who watched our daughter while we were working, and it did help, also saved money! My daughter has never cried when we have left her at a sitter, I think that if I would have stayed home longer and if I was not so busy when she was a baby, it would have been different,

I did cherish being able to stay home with my son. It was so much easier, more relaxed and enjoyable. I breastfed him for 9 months, when he started biting me I was done! He still cries when I go to take care of my patients everyday. It is hard, but my rounds take about three hours in the mornings and two in the evenings to complete, so it is not too long, and he is either with a sitter or my husband during those times.

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I was incredibly blessed that with each of my children I was able to stay home and be their full time care provider.  

I liked the Phillips Avent Page on facebook :)

I really hope that I am and will be lucky enough that by the time I have the baby I can stay home.  Right now I'm making decent money, but the hours are not ideal and I won't be able to put my child into daycare because I can't handle the thought of leaving them with strangers.  I work with children with multiple disabilities and I see far too much bad outcome from daycares.  I do plan to do some after care when my husband is at home with the baby, but otherwise I want to be a semi-stay home mommy.

1. I haven't worked since i've been married, so I really don't have a say on this one. I can imagine it would be difficult if you're breastfeeding, because that's where i'm at right now with my 2 month old and it's hard getting away for a few minutes.


2.When I do have to leave, I try to leave baby satisfied and in good hands. These excursions without him are few and short. I would say to make the most of your time together and know that baby will grow more accepting as time goes on.


3. I've liked Philips AVENT on Facebook.


4. N/A


5. For now I do have my mom and one of my sisters. A HUGE help!

I was lucky that I did not have to go back to work. I quit my part time AA job that was draining the life out of me. Money is tight but staying with my baby makes it all worth it, Props to the moms who do go back to work, it must be so difficult to do!


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I was supposed to go back after 6 weeks, but put in my notice instead at week 5. I just couldn't put her in daycare all day. So, I sold my car, our budget is super tight and I stay at home with the little peanut. She seems to be really thriving and her personality is so apparent I think I made the right choice for now!

I LIKED Avent on FB too!

When my first was born, I KNEW that I wanted to go back to work....or at least I thought! After a year of giving it my best effort, even I was surprised to find myself quitting to stay at home.

But I also wasn't satisfied without some outside projects of my own. That's why i became a blogger, and now I'm also a small business owner and a part-time college faculty member online. Balance is VERY tricky, but even though I feel like I ALWAYS have more work to do, I'm much happier than I was when I was out of the house every day from 9-5. Works for me! 

oh...forgot to say that I have already liked AVENT on facebook. 


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