1. Incredible things come along with toddlerhood -- adorable warbly sentences, a vivacious baby personality, and more. Some not-so-joyous things start rearing their head as well: baby attitudes and talking-back, temper tantrums, and more. How are your baby’s toddler years going?
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  3. Is it time for your baby to wean off the bottle and start drinking independently? What are some things you’re doing to ease this transition? Philips AVENT’s interchangeable feeding system can help make this process easy – from bottles, pumps, and milk storage, to toddler cups!
  4. Have you started the potty training process? What are your tried and true methods?
  5. Introducing a new sibling to the family can be both beautiful and difficult. How is your older sibling faring with their new brother or sister? How do you get them to play harmoniously?


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my 2 didnt like the pacifier much in the beginning they took it but not long and then i couldnt get them to take it at all. Im hoping my third child will take to the pacifier more and be easier to break.

Crystal Reagan (Simply Being Mom said:

Oh my goodness, I had the same problem with my daughter.  She sucked her thumb until she was five.  After that, I swore with my other kids that I would offer a pacifier.  I couldn't cut off her thumb, but I could surely take away a pacifier ;)

stacie williams said:

i have my third child on the way but my first two were fairly easy to wean off the bottle but i still cant get them to stop sucking their thumbs. They never liked the pacifier but they love their thumbs.

Our little guy will throw a falling-on-the-floor tantrum when he's tired. Its impossible to calm him down once he's gotten started. The only thing that will soothe him is if I show him a short Nat Geo animal video - a little difficult to do when I'm driving a car alone. Terrible twos - here we come!

  1. My baby is not a toddler yet but the toddler years scare me!!!
  2. Like Avent on facebook - lori beth c...
  3. DS is 8 months so he is still on the bottle but he is also using sippy cups, just for practice. I think he will transition well.
  4. potty training scares me too!
  5. no more kids yet!!!


We have a 2 year old and just added a new baby....both girls! The big sister is going through her terrible twos and is having the worst time potty training! Adjusting has been kind of up and down, but the good thing is, big sister is very protective of baby sister. She can be bribed easily to be on best behavior if we make it about the baby. "Can we try to be quiet so your baby sister can nap?" Works like a charm!


1. My toddler is going through a time of wanting things his way. I often hear "I don't want to" and "Why?" and "I don't feel like it" when telling him to do the simplest of things. In my opinion, he should be potty trained by now, but i'm constantly having to remind him to go.


2. Liked the Avent Facebook page.


3. My toddler is an independent drinker.


4. Yes (refer to question 1. lol)


5. They all (including the toddler) ♥ our newbie. They get to hold him and he gets plenty of kisses and attention.


potty training well i always have mine usinf the potty all by themselves no reminders etc by the time they are 2! 

siblings..no issues adding another recently.  we hace a big family so another was just another really.  no big issue to my toddler

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