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Do you find Pinterest to be addictive?  It is so much fun!



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Just started following you today!


I just recently learned about Pinterest and even attended a webinar about it.  So much fun!

My blogs are:

http://www.windycityleanandgreen.com (green moms blog page) and http://www.greenofficemom.blogspot.com

My pinterest is:


I am working on following all of you for inspiration!!


Love Pinterest and it is ultra addictive yet fun

My blog is http://HollywoodMomBlog.com and my pinterest handle is http://pinterest.com/thehollywoodmom/

Pinterest is a a great way to spread the word about Hollywood Mom Blog (forum for parents of professional child actors) but also to infuse more of my own personality and specific tastes regarding things I may never have covered specifically on the blog (furniture, recipes, art, architecture, vacation spots). I absolutely believe pinterest gives us bloggers an expanded platform for reaching our audience. 

So happy to connect with you!

My Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/annmharrison/

Blog:  Ann Again... and again

Blog:  Ann Again... and again Reviews

I have a question.  While perusing Pinterest I saw the option to change my account to a Business Account.  When I looked around it seemed to be a good direction to go if you have a review blog.  Has anyone changed their Pinterest acct. to their category of "Business - Professional:  Photographer, Blogger, Designer" ?

I love Pinterest! I actually do something I've pinned at least once a week. I blogged about it today! http://www.mommacandy.com/2012/12/look-what-i-can-do-pinterest-craf...

Pinterest handle was wrong. It's actually Pinterest.com/candyformomma


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