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I'd love a review of my site. Is it easy to navigate, etc. I always obsess about what I can do better.

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I love your site - I'm a new follower! I think overall you're doing a great job. My suggestions would be: add a little more space in between posts - the footer of one post seems to flow right into the title of the next one making it look a little crowded and hard to tell what's what (and maybe even increase the post title font size a tiny bit?); perhaps the list of abbreviations could be a link to a page with all of the definitions rather than listing them all out in the sidebar - the sidebar feels a bit overwhelming...I'm not quite sure what else could be done to tone it down a bit, though, it all looks like pretty important info.

Hope that helps a bit!
Thanks so much Dawn for your feedback! I appreciate all your suggestions and have been thinking about what to do different on my sidebar. Thanks for following me!





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