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I just started my blog last month and already recieved my first "hate email." It was pretty mean, and more so targeted at me than my site. So, I want to see if I'm off base here. Please check me out and let me know your thoughts. I can take it, it can't possibly be worse than the nasty email I got....I hope :-)

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I don't think so. Were the jealous of your hot body?
Thanks Maria. I don't know what her problem was. She was very judgemental, obnoxious, and negative. I don't even think she read anything on my site. She basically judged a book by the cover and felt the need to vent without checking out the content.
Just curious what the email was regarding. Was it that you are a hot Mama or something you posted?

Your site is really nice, although your gorgeous boobs might be a bit distracting for some....
:-) Thanks.

It was a rude attack on me personally, although she hadn't even read anything on my site.

W/o getting into too much detail...what did the E-mail refer to? Was it the layout, content, initial impression, etc.? I can appreciate a hot mom body since I'm working toward the same, but I like what you said in your about section "Being a Hot Mama has nothing to do with physical appearance, but everything to do with the fact that we are putting all our love and effort into raising our children while being smart, stylish, and strong." It is somewhat confusing when I see your pictures on your header. You're hot, but I figure you're more than that. I rather prefer the pictures w/you and your children on the about page.

Congratulations on the hot body! Do you workout or is it natural; just happens? What I mean is, if you work out and are into nutrition, etc., then maybe you could either have section on your current blog w/your header pictures and tell your readers what you do to stay in shape or possibly start another blog (along w/Hot Mama) that is devoted to that interest.
Thanks Jennifer. I don't really work out because I just can't find the time. I chase my 2 boys around all day and that's pretty much the extent to my exercise. I eat pretty healthy I guess, but I think that's just the result of living in Los Angeles.

Thanks for the photo tips. I'm in the process of re-doing my header, since it's the initial impression giver to everyone that stops by.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my "about me" section.

I think my hate email lady didn't get past the home page, because she would have seen the exact same content as you. I appreciate it.

I am wondering what the hate mail was directed at? Your writing is great, the topics don't seem very controversial, perhaps it's just your header? I wonder if it's sending a different signal than what the rest of your content seems to be. For me it's a little off-putting, mainly because I wouldn't want my hubby/kids to come in while I was reading your blog and think "oooh mummy's looking at ladies in bikinis!" but apart from that, I can't see any reason why someone would be put off. I spose you have to think about who your target audience is... because it does seem quite raunchy at first glance, but as I said, the content is not at all. My advice would be to perhaps re-think your header? Otherwise I'm thinking the hate email was just from someone very insecure. And in the end, it's their choice to read your blog or not.
PS I'm at greatfun4kids
LOL about you kid/hubbies walking in. Point well taken.

I'm in the process of re-doing my header. I appreciate your feedback, and am still laughing picturing kids walking in while on my site. Hilarious.

thanks again,
I think your blog is fun and written froom the heart. I also think that maybe your "hot body" isn't the reason most of the Mommy world will be tuning in to see what you read. Are you trying to attract readers who are interested in looking at your body? your parenting experiences? your humor? If you are writing a blog about physical fitness or some kind of adult content than your header is right on. If not, I think you may be putting off a large segment of your intended audience. Is any of this worthy of hate mail? Absolutely not!!! I admit, by the way, I would love to look like that after 3 kids ... or hell even before them! :) I hope my criticism is taken in the way it was intended. Keep up the great work and follow what YOU think is right for your style of blogging...
thank you so much for your honest feedback. The "hot body" pic is sort of a play on of what people perceive a "hot mama" to be, but if you actually read my blog (as you did) you see I'm just a mom writing from the heart.

I live in LA, so the pics are sort of a play on to that as well, and the lifestyle here.

I guess I'm just trying to be a voice for moms/parents that I didn't really feel was out there.

You have wonderful, valid points, and I appreciate your comments and taking the time to read about me.

I think these kind of emails are just silly and pointless. If you don't like something, don't be so childish as to write someone to tell them. Just click the little x at the top of the screen. I'm following you now, I think the person is just jealous!
Thanks Kim. I am realizing I have really thin skin when it comes to myself, but will walk thru fire for my kids and not think twice!

I don't know why some people feel the need to spend so much time being negative. Thanks for the follow. I look forward to chatting.


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