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Looking for some input at Peanut's Page.

Oh my, but this makes me a little nervous!! Like standing on a street corner with my dress tucked into my undies or something...

Ready? Set. Go!

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Hi there! I think your blog is really cute. Just became a follower. It's simple and clean. Good job on design it yourself :)
if you want to check, here is mine: love&olive.
Did you design it yourself?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design. I also like giveaway blogs. I don't think you can ever have too many giveaways, freeboes, or deals.
I did... took forever to work up the nerve to mess with my template, lol! I really surprised myself...

Right away here's what pops out at me:

CUTE design.
I'd suggest you make your blog button to grab, 125x125 size.
And a new template. I think with all the great photos of giveaways in those posts that you would do well to add the photo widget at the bottom of each post showing off related posts. The design is good though. Maybe have your button resemble the header somehow so it all matches.

What's your stat count? How many hits a week do you have? You might want to consider a magazine style template for a more professional look.

My normal button is the correct size, isn't it? ...just the giveaway one is larger than normal, for the heck of it. It'll be gone tomorrow though, as I'll be drawing the winners. I do need/want to change my button design. Remnants of the old look of my blog. Thanks for the nudge :o)

Hits per week? around 700. That's not a whole lot, or am I just naive? lol!

...and finally, on the topic of being naive, can you show me an example of a magazine style template? Not sure I understand that one. I'm curious, though!

Thanks for your input!
I agree with others- I like the layout and design. It is very simple and not too busy, and I like that! You're doing a great job, keep it up!
- Samantha @ Mama Notes
Hi Christina,

I just checked out your blog and now I'm your newest follower. Funny I thought I was following everyone too. So if/when you get a chance I'd love to have you as a follower as well.

I also like your design and the fact that you did it solely on your own is an extra plus!!! I applaud you for the touchy job of messing with your template!!

I also think your blog looks very clean as well. My only suggestion would be that your 'blog header' is too bare, but that's just my opinion. Some might say mine is too 'busy'. Everyone is going to say something, ya know?

I thought everything was great about your site but (and I'm saying this honestly but very nicely) the biggest thing I didn't really 'like' (per say) was that when I clicked on any of the navigation tabs at the top, it opens up in a new window so I have 'Peanut's Page' showing opened several times on my computer status bar, a ton of opened 'windows' each time I click a tab. I had that problem once on my blog when I tried to do everything myself too, and didn't really 'notice' it until I was playing around with it and since I have music on my site the playlist would restart each time I opened a new tab, overlaping songs with every tab I opened (which is how I noticed this 'issue'.). That was before I asked someone to create a custom blog for me. Now that doesn't happen anymore. But if you don't want to pay or donate to someone an amount to fix that than it's not that big of a deal to worry about and I'd say just leave it as is. People can always simply either backspace or close some of the extra windows. Either way you did a fantastic job on designing your own site. That's just fabulous and something I'm in the process of learning how to do myself. I already learned how to make blog buttons but now I'm trying to figure out layout and designs. By the way, I share your passion. I love photography so, so much too and actually want to ask you a question about this later at some point if you don't mind. Please feel free to rate my blog as well, and I'm okay with honest feedback too as it only helps me to be a better blogger. I added my discussion to 'rate my blog' just yesterday.


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