I'm new to blogging. My friends are too nice to tell me what my blog really needs, so please, let me know what I need to get this blog going.
I take criticism well. I work in a newsroom for a living and have grown a tough skin.
I was really excited to edit the HTML and make the template three columns but now I don't think I like it.
Does it work?
Stop by http://www.bumbumpatch.blogspot.com/

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Hi Angeline...
I am a big fan of 3 columns... I just figured out the html and added one to mine too.
Perhaps you could use a little bit more colour though? Like you, I use the blogger minima template but I have made it more individualised by making a header in photoshop and making links to my favourite posts etc.
I also use a free background from shabbyblogs.com
They also have free adaptable headers which work really well with minima.

Have a look at mine and see what I mean: just some more colour, without making it too busy can make use of the 3rd column.

Luv Simone
Thank you!
I stopped by your blog. Love the header.
I'm from the newspaper field and total think in black and white - you are right a need more colour.
I've been looking for free backgrounds. I'll check out shabbyblogs.
Thank you for the input, I really appreciate it.
I like it! I also switched to 3 columns! I became a follower honey, your kids are so cute & your a great blogger! XOXO
Thank you!
How do you find the 3 columns? Or is it that I'm just trying to get used to the new look?
Sometimes I feel as if I'm writing and there's no one reading it.




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