Hey there, noticed a few people mention running and I think one that actually mentioned the C25K program. Its a great way to learn how to run 5K comfortably without burning out. It takes 9 weeks and I've just finished week 2 and looking forward to being able to run 5K by the beginning of next year.
Thought it would be good if anyone wants to discuss, share info etc, we could do it here. I'll start first:

The Couch to 5K plan explained

Must have music podcast with cues that will help you get through with the added bonus of the women Carli who made the podcast being very supportive

Their are loads of other iphone apps and podcasts, but so far I've most enjoyed Carli's.

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I am just starting it and I love it! I've been unable to run the past 2 weeks because of bad weather, but hoping to get back out tomorrow if the weather is as good as it's supposed to be.
great - I will check out your website, do you blog about it?
I just did excited, feels like I just started yesterday. Good luck getting back into it, its a bit tougher with the snow. Luckily for me I am "downunder" in New Zealand where it is summer. I think my latest blog about C25K is on the front of the site :)
Yes, I do...although the weather has kept me from running lately. :(
I'm new to this group and am actually just starting C25K! I've been wanting to start a lot sooner but I've got fibromyalgia and have been flaring (boo!) so I am excited to get started again! I will have to check out that podcast! I've got one downloaded and its ok but I'm not a huge fan so I will have to check it out!
Hey Jamee, How you going? Have you got started yet. Boo, indeed about your flare up...does running help at all?
I just finished week 5 this morning - pretty excited!
Jamee, I'm curious about fibro...I've been having some issues for a long time now, and I have my suspicions that I have it. Can you tell me some good websites where can I learn more? What kinds of symptoms did you have prior to being diagnosed? Did you get a diagnosis easily?
I'm using to log my runs if anyone wants to join up on my street team. Its a great iphone app. I am using the free version but am going to upgrade to the paid one this week. Its similar to having a Nike+ or a Garmin but at a teeny tiny fraction of the cost (only $10).

If you are using it, let's hook up as a Street Team, my profile is here
Runkeeper is awesome! I think I was motivated to run just to see the results in the app.
Hi everyone,
I ran a 5k back in August and then ultimately stopped running because it became too dark in the morning and too cold! We just got a treadmill so I'm working back from scratch. Training to run a 10 mile race in May, and hoping to lose at least 10 lbs along the way. I would LOVE some workout buddies. Cheers! Stephanie
Hi Steph,
Cool, I am in for motivating each other :) Finished C25K last week and have decided that I am working my way up to a half marathon in early May *gulp*

I've been writing about it on my blog, but have been falling behind a bit - will update probably today and post a link of my roundup and next steps later today. Would be great if we kept checking in on each other. Are you still on runkeeper as well ?
Not on Runkeeper right now, as I'm running in my basement and can't get a signal there. I'll check out your blog too!
I started C25K about 2 weeks ago.I am now entering training for week 3. I will go and run week threes workout this afternoon. I never thought I would like running but I really have fallen in love with it.






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