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No Excuses!
Joel and I have always been an active couple. We met on the college track team. Both pole vaulters (he was amazing, by the way). Have always loved the same things. Avid runners, wakeboarders, snowboarders, surfers, anything active and outdoors really. When we decided to have a baby we had a lot of negative forecasting. Many people were telling us our lifestyle would change. That frustrated us. Always thought it doesn't have to be like that! I hated the classic... "you will see response" or the "silly kids will learn" attitude. Still, that drives me nuts. We were on a mission to not only prove those people wrong, but to stay true to ourselves! We have had the mindset that we will bring our boy with us and hopefully he will love the same.

I have to admit for the first 6 months of having a new baby the nay sayer's were winning. It was HARD! I was a new mom. Exhausted beyond exhaustion. "Easy" was NOT an easy baby (weird that's his the opposite). He never slept, which forced me to constantly battle exhaustion, take on a slight case of depression, and for the first time of my life I had weight issues! I ALMOST accepted that this was the way it will be. I wasn't going to be back to my normal self. I kept thinking "Well, I'm a mom now."

Proud to say, our active lifestyles have stayed the same and I've found many new hobbies to enjoy as well. The only sport I haven't gotten back into is surfing. I think that might be the Mom in me now being afraid of sharks. Silly I know. The husband still surfs a lot, but I've developed a little fear. The one thing everyone has been right about is our dog. True, he is not our baby anymore.We love him; but man he can be annoying...hehe.

The trick was to bring "Easy" with us where ever we go. We make a point to expose him to as much as possible and still be safe. In his short life he's already been on an amazing houseboat adventure at Lake Shasta with wakeboarding all around him, multiple snowboarding trips up to Tahoe for long stays in a cabin, hours and hours of road-trips, plane ride to Seattle, tons of beach days, camping trips, and carted along on our many work out sessions. He's not only a trooper... he loves it! He's crazy and fun and so full of life!

I have to give credit and brag on my husband for a bit. He is my rock. My support. My coach. My number one fan! He's pretty much amazing. He is a work out freak! I love that about him, and man does he push it. At one time he even coached me in track. Wow, remembering it about fights! We both have strong personalities. I know many happy couples that have had some of their biggest arguments due to coaching from within their relationship. Whether it be running or learning to snowboard (ha that was a doozy! You stand on the edge of a cliff for the first time while he pushes you over, and then tell me I shouldn't get emotional). Anyways... He's always been there for me as a strong support. Getting me what ever it takes to persuade me to work out. Cute work out clothes, the NikePlus system (FYI, best EVER... check it out!), you name it. And beyond that he has motivated me! Made me run at times, runs with me, watches "Easy" so I can run.

My goal used to be to lose the baby weight. I've pretty much accomplished this. I've gotten back into running full force. "Easy" has been in that jogging stroller since the day he was born. He's such a good boy. He loves it! Don't get me wrong. I wasn't one of those woman who lost the weight without difficulty and frustration. Its been a battle! A hard one. I've never been a big diet Guru. For me, its a quick short term fix. I like to indulge too much. Obviously I'm conscious about eating healthy but not crazy about it at all. For me...I've run my butt off! Hours, days, months of hard work. Its taken running 10-20 miles a week at times. I hated it at first, and didn't see results for a good 4 months. I almost gave up, but I was determined. And now... I've gotten myself back!!!! I've gotten my drive to WANT to run back... I've gotten my LOVE to run back! And now I have a new goal. Not to just lose the baby weight and tone up. NO. Now its to get in the best shape of my life! Why not? I can do it. No excuses. JUST DO IT!

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what can I say? I don't like running. I know getting into shape is important and that is the reason I joined this group. You sure do motivate! but it's still a "far run" to start.
I will not despair. One of the important lessons I got in personal coaching is to start with small steps (Kai Zen).
I will not dispair.
BTW for me the 6 kids is MUCH easier!
Being a young single mom I heard A LOT of the same things that it seems people were telling you.
My son still to this day (he'll be 2 in 2 weeks) does not sleep through the night.
I am beyond exhausted every day and for a long time in the first few months it was difficult to motivate myself to get out and do anything.

The most awesome thing about running was that I discovered, after making myself get out and do it every morning, was that when I get home from my run and dropping the munchkin off at daycare I no longer feel a need to nap and I don't struggle with that urge all day any longer.
Running -- even if I'm exhausted to begin with -- gives me all of the energy that I need to get through my day!

The weightloss and promoting a healthy lifestyle to my son were definitely part of why I started doing it again, even when I felt like I couldn't, but the energy re-charge is what keeps me coming back 6 days a week!

"I've gotten my LOVE to run back! And now I have a new goal. Not to just lose the baby weight and tone up. NO. Now its to get in the best shape of my life! Why not? I can do it. No excuses. JUST DO IT!"

I couldn't have said it better myself!


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You are a inspiration to all the mom's out there, and I'm included! My hubby sounds just like yours "He is my rock. My support. My coach. My number one fan! He's pretty much amazing." Minus the work out freak part! I have decided to start eating healthier, and once I feel good enough to start running again, I am walking every night 3 miles. Hubby will walk with me whenever I want company, and will eat whatever I make him, healthier the better he says now!!!

We might be trying for another baby, so healthy is the way to be!!!

Thanks for your story!!


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