CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FIRST. After Following the listed blogs that you will be added to [we are currently on List 2] please add your blog in a comment. I will make an updated list with your blog added here! ***if you are an already listed blog and you notice a listed blog that has not followed you yet please notify me, thank you***
List #2
1. http://luvsjurn3.blogspot.com
2. http://turning-the-clock-back.blogspot.com/
3. http://imahodgepodge.blogspot.com/
4. http://caffeinatedmiscellany.blogspot.com/
5. http://fashionablydomestic.blogspot.com
6. http://golfersmom.blogspot.com

7. http://debshere.blogspot.com/

8. http://accidentalbabymaker.blogspot.com/

9. http://justanightowl.com

10. http://KatrinaBlogs.com

11. http://www.ecomodernmom.com/

12. http://chubbycheeksthinks.blogspot.com/

13. http://mayrassecretbookcase.blogspot.com

List #1
1. http://www.luvsjurn3.blogspot.com
2. http://www.oneincomedollar.com
3. http://www.thriftymommastips.blogspot.com
4. http://www.myownpartyof5.com
5. http://www.underthegoldenappletree.blogspot.com
6. http://momof3dolls.blogspot.com
7. http://www.canadianmama.com
8. http://misscollazo.blogspot.com/
9. www.mommytravels.blogspot.com
10. http://smusedesigns.blogspot.com
11. http://women-prenuergalore.blogspot.com
12. http://robyns-page.blogspot.com
13. http://mandablogsabout.com
14. http://farrah.tbfreviews.net
15. http://quirkymomma.com
16. http://www.tictacdough.blogspot.com
17. http://realtyinsights.blogspot.com
18. http://www.atlmomguide.com
19. http://joannanherblogs.blogspot.com
20. http://bargainsdealsanddiscountsoutlet.blogspot.com/
21. http://www.tothemotherhood.com/
22. http://joannanherblogs.blogspot.com
23. http://bloggin2noggin.blogspot.com
24. http://a-mom-life.blogspot.com
25. http://textbookmommy.blogspot.com/
26. http://www.glamkitchen.com
27. http://www.anutinanutshell.com
28. www.lajollamom.com
29. http://www.ratherbechangingdiapers.com/
30. http://www.stockpilingmom.com
31. www.thesavingsisters.com
32. http://shelleysswag.blogspot.com/
33. http://thepumpkinpiepatch.blogspot.com
34. http://evoluchuns.blogspot.com/
35. http://thanksmailcarrier.blogspot.com
36. http://www.monkeymaesays.blogspot.com/
37. http://www.homemaking-cottage-blog.com
38. http:/www.authorprovocateur.com
39. http://emiliaophotography.blogspot.com
40. http://moreketchupplease.blogspot.com/
41. http://howtosurvivelifeinthesuburbs.blogspot.com
42. http://oh-my-baby-gifts.blogspot.com
43. http://www.ratherbechangingdiapers.com
44. http://jamielz.blogspot.com
45. http://hyper-mom.blogspot.com
46. http://coloringoutsidetheline.blogspot.com/
47. http://mel07odetomotherhood.blogspot.com/
48. http://themetalmomma.blogspot.com
49. http://jdlhumes.blogspot.com
50. http://mommy2twogirls.blogspot.com/
51. www.faithfullyfrugal-and-free.com
52. Http://musingmainiac.blogspot.com
53. http://luvtosave.blogspot.com/


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Replies to This Discussion

Thanks for joining :-) Your blog has so many great things to read, I can definitely see myself spending lots of time there!
Thank you, Tricia! :) Hugs
Love your blog, Shiloah! I'm now following you.
I'm in! Please check out the sidebar of my blog: http:/www.authorprovocateur.com. I'm pretty sure you're all up there, under "50 Fun Mom Blogs". If not, email me at mail@josiebrown.com and I'll rectify it. Thanks for adding me as well! -- Josie
I'm following everyone. =)

followed everyone new
New here...and new to blogging! You all have VERY nice blogs...mine is a work in progress.

Hello there!
I just went through and followed all 40 blogs on the list. Phew!
(I did have some trouble with number 15...so hope a subscription counts)

Hope to see you all at my blog


New to the group and am now following everyone

This is a really cool idea, Tricia! I'm a single mom of four teenagers and a grandma of one :) I will start following now :)

My blog: hyper-mom.blogspot.com
Am up to number 25, BRB :)
I'm on number 33 and I just have to say that there are a lot of interesting blogs out there. I didn't know there were so many of us moms out there going through the same things :) This has been such a learning experience :)


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