CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FIRST. After Following the listed blogs that you will be added to [we are currently on List 2] please add your blog in a comment. I will make an updated list with your blog added here! ***if you are an already listed blog and you notice a listed blog that has not followed you yet please notify me, thank you***
List #2
1. http://luvsjurn3.blogspot.com
2. http://turning-the-clock-back.blogspot.com/
3. http://imahodgepodge.blogspot.com/
4. http://caffeinatedmiscellany.blogspot.com/
5. http://fashionablydomestic.blogspot.com
6. http://golfersmom.blogspot.com

7. http://debshere.blogspot.com/

8. http://accidentalbabymaker.blogspot.com/

9. http://justanightowl.com

10. http://KatrinaBlogs.com

11. http://www.ecomodernmom.com/

12. http://chubbycheeksthinks.blogspot.com/

13. http://mayrassecretbookcase.blogspot.com

List #1
1. http://www.luvsjurn3.blogspot.com
2. http://www.oneincomedollar.com
3. http://www.thriftymommastips.blogspot.com
4. http://www.myownpartyof5.com
5. http://www.underthegoldenappletree.blogspot.com
6. http://momof3dolls.blogspot.com
7. http://www.canadianmama.com
8. http://misscollazo.blogspot.com/
9. www.mommytravels.blogspot.com
10. http://smusedesigns.blogspot.com
11. http://women-prenuergalore.blogspot.com
12. http://robyns-page.blogspot.com
13. http://mandablogsabout.com
14. http://farrah.tbfreviews.net
15. http://quirkymomma.com
16. http://www.tictacdough.blogspot.com
17. http://realtyinsights.blogspot.com
18. http://www.atlmomguide.com
19. http://joannanherblogs.blogspot.com
20. http://bargainsdealsanddiscountsoutlet.blogspot.com/
21. http://www.tothemotherhood.com/
22. http://joannanherblogs.blogspot.com
23. http://bloggin2noggin.blogspot.com
24. http://a-mom-life.blogspot.com
25. http://textbookmommy.blogspot.com/
26. http://www.glamkitchen.com
27. http://www.anutinanutshell.com
28. www.lajollamom.com
29. http://www.ratherbechangingdiapers.com/
30. http://www.stockpilingmom.com
31. www.thesavingsisters.com
32. http://shelleysswag.blogspot.com/
33. http://thepumpkinpiepatch.blogspot.com
34. http://evoluchuns.blogspot.com/
35. http://thanksmailcarrier.blogspot.com
36. http://www.monkeymaesays.blogspot.com/
37. http://www.homemaking-cottage-blog.com
38. http:/www.authorprovocateur.com
39. http://emiliaophotography.blogspot.com
40. http://moreketchupplease.blogspot.com/
41. http://howtosurvivelifeinthesuburbs.blogspot.com
42. http://oh-my-baby-gifts.blogspot.com
43. http://www.ratherbechangingdiapers.com
44. http://jamielz.blogspot.com
45. http://hyper-mom.blogspot.com
46. http://coloringoutsidetheline.blogspot.com/
47. http://mel07odetomotherhood.blogspot.com/
48. http://themetalmomma.blogspot.com
49. http://jdlhumes.blogspot.com
50. http://mommy2twogirls.blogspot.com/
51. www.faithfullyfrugal-and-free.com
52. Http://musingmainiac.blogspot.com
53. http://luvtosave.blogspot.com/


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Replies to This Discussion

Welcome! :o)
followed everyone I believe on both lists...could I be added? I didn't see my name on there! Thanks so much!
Following everyone. My blog is KatrinaBlogs.com
Hello I am new here too. Following list 2 only. I am following blogs 1-11, EXCEPT #4 because it dont exist, and #5 cause theres no google friend connect button.

Thanks, welcome!
Okay now I'm following the one I wasn't before.
I'm following everyone on list #2 and I'm starting on list #1
Here is my blog! I hope you all follow me back!

Added you to the list! You have such a beautiful family!!
Thank you!
Oh and I love your family picture! Its so perfect! Hopefully one day we will get one! Im always the one taking the pictures! LOL
Hi. I'm following list 2 except for #4 I couldn't find a google widget. My site is new, it was on Ning so I'm slowly transferring all the data to wordpress. If you're flown with your kids lately, I'm looking for people to guest post. Thanks!



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