I consider myself from the south, but feeling a little left of the the "Southern Mom Bloggers" description!


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Hey Lisa, I'm in Raleigh. It would be fun to set up a some kind of blogger meet-up/party thing for all of us.
Hey Kerry, I live in Raleigh but the NC mountains are my most favorite vacation spot. I try to go three or four times a year. You're very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.
I'm in the Raleigh- Durham area!
Hey Lisa..I'm just outside Raleigh. A meet-up is a great idea!
I'm in Raleigh myself! :-)

Farrah from...
The Book Faery Reviews http://tbfreviews.net
Ask Kennedy http://askkennedy.net
Trasnforming Me http://farrah.tbfreviews.net
I'm from Mount Airy.
I always find online that I'm always alone way up in this corner.
I'm about 45 minutes North of Winston Salem

NO question, we are part of the south. I'm from Durham!
I'm Jen a.k.a Jael Custom Designs! I am a North Carolina Resident by way of New York. I live in the Southwest Durham area close to Southpoint Mall. I like to support my local blogging mamas and hope you will support me as well. I'm going to begin hosting a bunch of giveaways but, some will only be useful for NC residents and I honestly don't know how many of my followers are from NC. So, I'd appreciate it if you'd follow me & I'll definitely return the follow to make some of these local giveaways a success! Giveaways will include Gift Certificates to local restaurants, GC to local stores and various tickets to local concerts & Music Venues in the Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Cary & Durham areas. There may be additional cities added later on. I frequent all the cities listed on a regular basis. Thanks in advance for the support! I look forward to following you and reading your posts! My Link is: http://www.jaelcustomdesigns.com
NC is definitely a southern state! I live right outside of Raleigh in a little town called Garner!
I'm a momma blogger who lives in NC, as well. Just found this group on here. Took me some time. Still figuring it all out. Anyway, I'm in the Durham-Raleigh area. Kind of both, Durham County within Raleigh city limits, makes no sense, I know! I'm a relocated NYer who has lived here close to 4 years.

Happy to meet my fellow NC bloggers! Looking forward to checking out your blogs!

Here's mine, if you're interested: http://goodgirlgoneredneck.blogspot.com
I'm about an hour from Ft. Bragg.


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