ok So I was contacted by a company to do a review through my twitter account. This is a respectable company that I have seen other bloggers do reviews for.  I went to the form they directed me to, filled it out and waited to see what was next. I just got an email that said after reviewing my site they don't find me qualified to do a review of their product but I should use this coupon code and buy something. I'm confused!
They contacted me and then turned me down? AND then asked me to buy the product! Is that normal or am I offended for no reason. It just sounds like they wanted me information so they could get me to buy their product. Hmmm...what do you think?

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Yikes, haven't had that happened, but that seems wrong to me. Kind of like a bait n switch. I will be interested to see what others have to say and if they've come across this before.
I am fairly new to product reviews, so I haven't had that happen yet. But I did have one company contact me about doing a review/giveaway and they sounded ready to go---they asked for my mailing address to ship the product, and I didn't receive anything. So I emailed the fella back, and he advised that they will be in contact and ship it when they "start the promotion"....funny, because I've already seen several other mom bloggers review/giveaway this product...it's not like it was new. I know it's a legit business & product but I kinda feel weird that I gave my address, ph# etc to someone and so far--nothing. They did recently send me an email about another promo they're doing with bloggers---so I'm going to email this fellow again and ask about it and why I had to give my contact info in advance....makes me uncomfortable. Anyone else have this situation as well?
That is CRAZY. I'd drop them an email back and ask them to remove you from all contact lists and tell them that you found their practices completely unprofessional and you would not be sharing any of their information with your readers. There's a way to word that professionally - I'm just in a bad mood and can't think of how to do so right now. ;)

I've worked with some doozies when it comes to companies and PR reps, but that's pretty low. Can you drop me a message and let me know what company it is? I'd like to avoid them.

Good luck!
I agree with Angie. That is just crazy and I would have to call them on their business practices!
Thanks everyone for the advice. I don't think I will contact them back. I was just really surprised. I guess whoever does the contacting is different than the person who responded to the form I filled out. It was just weird though.
Wow...haven't run into this but sounds awfully shady! Do you mind sending me a quick note as to what company this is so I can avoid them. You can just put a name and nothing else. Thanks!


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