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I was wondering how everyone started doing reviews?

Were you contacted by companies? Did you initiate contact with companies you liked?

I'd love to know!


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Hi, I started reviewing things I bought. Then I started getting contacted by companies that saw my blog. I sometimes contact brands if there is something I want to try. Usually they are happy to work with me and send me the product. Hope that helps.

Thanks, Kelly.

I just wonder how brands find out about your blog.

I did a lot of curriculum reviews on my homeschool blog, and then I contacted a company that had a curriculum I wanted to try.  I sent them examples of the reviews I had done and asked if they would be willing to work with me.  They were more than happy to send me a partial curriculum (in this case it was art lessons on CD, so instead of the full on curriculum they sent me a single CD).  They were happy with the review and I hope to work with them again in the future.

I started small with companies that contacted me & also via third party agencies who would hook me up. Now if I see something I would like to review I contact the company myself. I do still do some 3rd party stuff and I also blog review directly now ongoing for a few companies. I love product review blogging it truly is so much fun. 


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