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The Motherhood is looking for bloggers to be Be Kind 2 Earth Day State Leaders.

Each state leader will have her blog featured on the campaign Facebook page and will also receive up to eight B Kind 2 Earth Day t-shirts to share with family and friends.  Sign up by 4/13 to be eligible for the t-shirt offer!

Here are the states that are most in need of participants:

New Mexico
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Please help spread the word if you know bloggers living in the above states!

Here's how it works:

1. State Leaders  Say yes to be the leaders for your State!! It’s super easy:  Just promise to do something kind for the earth on April 22nd and spread the word!  Sign up here.


2. Facebook  "Like" the B Kind 2 Earth Day page and, in so doing, let everyone know you are promising to do something kind for the earth on Earth Day. http://www.facebook.com/pages/B-Kind-2-Earth-Day/137316346340737?sk....


3.  The Goal  75 people in every State “like” B Kind 2 Earth Day on Facebook and all our actions to love, respect and B Kind 2 Earth will add up!  Here’s where people can put in their State info:



4.  Get the Word Out  Tweets, blog posts, Facebook sharing - whatever works for you! The hashtag is #kind2earth.


5.  B Kind 2 Earth Ideas  Take your kids for a walk, ditch the disposable grocery bags, do a park cleanup or install a bird feeder – big or small, do whatever works for you!  Post what you’re planning to the Facebook page to inspire others!


Thanks for your support for a great project!

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