What techniques/resources have you found to be the most successful in driving traffic to your blogs?

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Something as simple as reading other's blogs and commenting. The blog owner as well as other commentors can link to your site from that area.
Commenting and becoming a part of a community is always the best way to go. I have seen some moms advertise their blogs on small sites and other mom blogs. That usually will bring in a trickle or a steady streadm of readers -- depending on the duration and of the advertising.
I think commenting is the way to go. In order to really attract traffic I've found that you have to write at least once a day and you have to read other blogs and comment often.
Agreed with the other posters. Read and comment, and hopefully you'll attract others to your blog.
That's a great idea! =)
Super idea!! I've done this a few times with "Memes" that i've found, the girls were very happy to have more traffic!
I do this in 'link love' posts. I try to offer one post each week of various posts that I have read around the blogosphere. This hopefully brings in the owners of those blogs and anyone that might read the trackback, etc.
Great idea. I am going to try it!
Reading, commenting, and linking to other blogs are all important. Also doing a group writing project with other bloggers can drive a lot of traffic, especially if all the bloggers involved promote the project.

Developing relationships with other bloggers who have similar sized blogs to yours can help, too. You can network and grow together.

Participating in blog carnivals is another good way to drive traffic.

Being active on Stumbleupon, making stumbleupon friends and making it easy to submit your posts to Stumbleupon can also drive traffic.
I would love to join your stumble network. My email is coolwebmom@gmail.com. Let me know when you want to stumble. I've seen Stumble upon drive over 1000 page views to my site i a few hours.

There are StumbleUpon related exchange programs
available where you can create a free account and
exchange ‘stumbles’ with other members (you stumble
their site, they stumble yours).


Other free ways to get your site stumbled without
having it tied to your account (so people don’t see you
are stumbling your own site) is to exchange stumbles
with other people. You can find free-stumble offers at:

NamePros: http://www.NamePros.com
Digital Point Forum: http://www.digitalpoint.com
Site Point: http://www.SitePoint.com

my blog is www.coolwebmoms.com
I have posted a blog a week on some sites- Yahoo Shine, Blogher with a link back to my site. I belong to a few mom communities- one with your own profile page with a feed reader http://www.mommytalk.com/view_profile/mid/3389 this is from Novafeed- Has a short clip of your most recent blogs easy to do just enter your URL- Twitter not to mention Mom bloggers Club:)
I recommend signing up for Technorati.com and BlogCatalog.com. These are great places for bloggers to "meet" and read each other's blogs. MyBlogLog.com is another good one.

Look for blog communities (such as this one) that apply to your specific niche. Participate in those communities and visit those members' blogs. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. HTH.




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