What techniques/resources have you found to be the most successful in driving traffic to your blogs?

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I would love to join your stumble network. My email is coolwebmom@gmail.com. Let me know when you want to stumble. I've seen Stumble upon drive over 1000 page views to my site i a few hours.

There are StumbleUpon related exchange programs
available where you can create a free account and
exchange ‘stumbles’ with other members (you stumble
their site, they stumble yours).


Other free ways to get your site stumbled without
having it tied to your account (so people don’t see you
are stumbling your own site) is to exchange stumbles
with other people. You can find free-stumble offers at:

NamePros: http://www.NamePros.com
Digital Point Forum: http://www.digitalpoint.com
Site Point: http://www.SitePoint.com

my blog is www.coolwebmoms.com
Could someone explain to me exactly how Technorati, Blog Catalog, and Stumble Upon work?? I am on all 3 but I'm not sure if I am using them to the best of my ability.
Sure... Technorati and BlogCatalog are basically blog directories. You also have the ability to join subgroups (just like here) and read other people's blogs. You can also connect with other bloggers who blog on the same topic(s) you do. You need to verify that you own the blog by posting a widget or link on your blog that Technorati and BC can find. Once it's verified, it can pull stats, track how many people visit it, report how many people link to it that are also part of the Technorati and BC communities, etc. It also helps get you found by the search engines.

StumbleUpon is a bit different. This is more like a social bookmarking site (like de.licio.us) where users can save their favorite Web sites on the internet rather than on their laptop and PC. You can also share your links with other users in your "network." The differentiator for Stumble Upon is that users can "stumble" into sites. When you download the toolbar into your browser, you can click the Stumble button and you will get a random Web site that was saved by another user. SU chooses the site based on the preferences you set when setting up your account. Then you either click thumbs up or thumbs down to tell SU if you liked it or not.

If you want others to "stumble" on your blog, add it to the network of sites that you "discover." You can use the toolbar for that. Let me know if you have anymore questions!
Great advice-- thanks so much! I also like twitter...it's like a mini-blog sort of and you can
put it in the side nav of your regular blog. I've met some great bloggers with it...that's how I found mombloggers...
I agree, commenting is the name of the game!
The Mommybar helps drive traffic. I am the creator and am happy to add any fellow Mom bloggers club members onto it..just drop me a line ladies!

I've found Entrecard brings a lot of traffic and it's also a great way to find blogs to comment on. I've really become addicted to it!
Leaving sincere messages on other blogs. Really reaching out to the hearts of the women who blog by leaving comments that encourage.
I am so "lost". Does anyone have a book or some sort of guide they can tell me about that explains the blogging world to me? I have a blog, that I love, but I am sure I am not doing MANY of the things I need to do to get noticed. I don't know any of the blog lingo, so I feel confused and lost. I don't know what a widget is or why I would need one, I don't know how to put a button on my blog... ANYTHING...
help!!! I really love doing this but feel overwhelmed.
if you have any suggestions that you can help me with, I would REALLY appreciate it...
I agree with the ladies and say comment, comment, comment. And if you comment on sites that are relevant to your own, you'll also be building some backlink love for a lovely page rank.

Also, put your website in your siggy when you post in forums. And join forums (such as this one) and make relevant comments.

Also, when stumbling and using Entrecard, be very wary of your bounce rate (how long your visitor stays on your site). No one has proven it but there is some belief that google penalizes you for that as well.

~Ms. Katrina


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