I use wordpress for my blog, and I see so much about tags, but I'm not sure how to use them positively.

Also, I don't get how to use twitter to enhance my blog.

Can anyone share for me?


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I think tags are most useful when you see them in a "tag cloud." Meaning, the tags you use most often (baby's firsts, food, sleeping stories, whatever!) will be bigger and bolder than the others, so people can look at it at a glance and see that you really like to talk about your daughter's bedtime habits (or whatever the case may be).

Twitter is interesting. You can add your Twitter feed to your blog page (go under "Settings" in Twitter and it will show you how). One way it can enhance your blog is if you tweet about a new blog post, a funny thing that just happened to you, a product you might review soon, etc. It's just another way to let people know that there is a "real person" behind the words on a screen. One caveat though: You gotta update frequently (at least a few times a week) or not at all. Twitter doesn't really work on a "sometimes" basis.

Hope this helps!
I am interested in your replies! I have been wondering the same things!
How do you do the tag cloud?
Here's a great post all about tagging.

Twitter is a great tool to meet people, to discuss new ideas, to share new posts or things you've discovered. It can be as much or as little - really what you make of it.
Tags help the search engines to find you. They are basically keywords and are essential to getting indexed into the search engines which in turn builds more traffic for you!


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