How do you find time to do it all?  I'm constantly working, parenting and as a result my house and blog suffer.   I work part-time in a professional job where everyone else works full time, so I often check my email, sometimes get phone calls and sometimes even have to schedule meetings when I'm not scheduled to be working.   I have two in school, but one at home (daycare when I'm scheduled to work).  Then there's the house. It's always a mess and our blog is very important to us.  We write about green living and living an environmentally conscious life so we feel it's important to stay current with events and get posts out two or three times a week.


How does everyone else manage?




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I go through that and I work at home as a medical transcriptionist.  It is really tough.  I have 2 teens, I homeschool them and work full time.  As parents and wives priority is key and we do what we have to do to put food on the table as well.  My husband helps with cleaning if I'm working.  I'm at home, but my work has to be treated as if I'm not at home or it's a waste.  You learn with experience and your kids will be at different stages with it.  We find that the time we spend together is really quality-oriented more than quantity, and it's almost better than years ago when I wasn't working.  My daughters now help, and it really is nice.  They know that we're a team and when they help so that I can work it benefits all.  Every day is different, and each situation is dealt with accordingly.  Teamwork and priority and it all falls together.  Be flexible and take time just to breathe.......Hope that helps some.


I am new to blogging on a regular basis. Just started 6 months ago but it is quickly growing and taking up a lot of my time. I am in exactly the same position as you. I work part time in a job where everyone else is full-time. I just got a sit-down from my boss today because I haven't been keeping up with emails on my 'off-hours' as much as I used to. I also have two little girls. 

My husband is great and believes that the blog can someday earn us enough money that I'd be able to do it full-time. Until then, we are both busting our butts at jobs for a paycheck and he thinks whatever we can do to make life just a little easier is the reason we work so hard. I have a cleaning lady once a week. She is my savior. By the time she gets here on thursday the house is in chaos. I also have a neighborhood girl who cooks for us. Eating healthy is really important and cooking every day takes a lot of time. I pay her what I'd pay a babysitter and in 3-4 hours she cooks enough healthy, fresh food to last 3-4 days. I know spending money like that isn't always possible, but even if I did the cooking, clumping it into 3-4 day menus like that, it would be worth it. Not having to worry about what to eat every few hours alleviates a lot of stress and brain power. 

I also try to blog on my commute from my phone. sometimes that works. Sometimes not. 

I know it might not have been the input you were looking for, but maybe it gives you some ideas?





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