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After working, spending time w/ family, household duties - how do you find time to blog too?  When do you fit blogging into your day?

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I do it at night after everyone is in bed and other responsibilites are done, I also will use my lunch break to do some, I schedule out blogs on the weekends so that I have something posting up throughout the week. I find that if I stay orgainzed and detailed enough I can do ok with the scheduling.
I write my blogs at night after everyone is in bed so I can think straight.
mostly at night. but i always try to stay 1 or 2 posts ahead of the game. so if i have a post ready for tomorrow, then great. but then at 9am when my son naps and my daughter is playing, i try to at least start the post for the following day. weekends are big for me (at night). staying ahead is huge for me. if i really don't get a post done, sometimes i'll just put a cute picture up.

I'll be having a post up soon on about "busy woman's guide to blogging" and it has all my tips!! :)
I'm really falling behind on my reviews! And I have about 2k emails in my inbox... ugh. I do most of my blogging during kiddos nap time. At night I am often too tired.
Though I am doing NaBloPoMo right now, you post every day for a month without fail. I'm on day 5 and so far so good! visit me at
what's NaBloPoMo?????? (sorry if that's a dumb question)
National Blog Posting Month. Its another ning network I joined. The challenge is to post every day for a month straight. I decided to do it to get more into personal blogging.
It's a challenge, and I'm really behind right now...between Easter and some major tests and projects due at school, this week ahead looks to be my first "normal" week this month.
I do a lot on the weekends, scheduling most of my posts for the week. I also do some on my lunch break, especially on Fridays, when I only have an 8 a.m. lab and no classes the rest of the day. I have a good couple of hours at lunch to work on my blog then.
I'll also jot down ideas and work on them on my laptop when I have time, then post it once I have everything down on paper.
I do most of mine during downtime at work and after my daughter goes to bed. I'll wake up early on Sundays to do a couple things. I try to fit it in where I can!
I blog either late at night or early in the morning.
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I blog at night when hubby is with the kids or at work on lunch break or slow. (shhhh) It is hard to fit it all in and I'm always behind in my reviews and giveaways!
Hi Ladies!

I pick 2-3 nights a week to stay up and work on my blog. Aside from those nights I find ways to record my post ideas during my day. While I'm driving I may record a post idea and the main points, then transcribe it later. I sometimes use my lunch and I also keep a notebook to jot down ideas.

I will admit though, I find it difficult to work ahead. I tried, but it felt like pressure. However, you ladies have inspired me to try it again. I'll let you know how it goes.
hmmm. Sadly I have been hit with a bit of insomnia, so sometimes it's at 3am. Sad, but actually a great time to blog if you have to be up anyways. Otherwise I do it here and there. While drinking my coffee in the morning and my kids are eating breakfast, or on a short lunch break while I chow on my lunch trying not to get crumbs on my keyboard. On the weekends during nap time. I admit that sometimes I write when I should be doing laundry or exercising, but I figure we all have a right to a hobby and this is mine!







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