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(She cartwheels into the room throwing out chocolates to the crowd!)


Hellloooooo fabulous women!


How are you?? I hope you are well and writing!


I am a writer and artist who has been published in publications such as Family Circle and Latina magazine. In addition, I've been published online at MediaBistro and Dirty Footprints Studio.


Ok, those are my "credentials", the normal ways in which we share "who we are" but I'm much more interested in learning who we *really* are. On March 14th, I will be teaching an e-course (it's back by popoular demand which makes me want to bounce around the room) that breaks down the conventional ways we share ourselves and our stories. Using everything from writing and art journaling to collage and video/photography we will flex our storytelling muscle while sharing the tales that make up our lives ...AND we celebrate them.


If you'd like to learn more or sign up, please visit or


If not, I'd LOVE for you to leave a comment here about how you share stories and, if you feel so inclined, share a favorite story!


Looking forward to hearing from you!



*POOF* in a whirl of wonder she was gone!

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Cute introduction Natasha! I am fascinated by the art of storytelling and by the increasing ways we are compelled to share our stories. I am mostly about words, but photography is a nice dovetail to so many of the stories I tell. I'm off (not quite like a poof, but rather a misty vaporization) to check out your link.

Meagan Frank

Choosing to Grow

Meagan you have great spirit! I'm diggin the misty vaporization you've got going on a misty day in London kinda thing? There are SO many ways to tell stories and the ways are growing...especially through the mediums we are using. I love photography as a way to tell a story...that cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words is SO true! I spent time teaching photojournalism for awhile and have one exercise that illustrates that idea but in a unique way...each student was blown away.'s not only my favorite thing it's what our entire lives are built on. So many little the way I was just playing on your blog playground and it  rocks!

Natasha, your lively spirit shows through, mate. I am all about the written word (11 books for kids published), however I do love doing school visits and interacting with children.  They ask the most mind boggling questions. As for taking photos - I leave that to my husband.  I always manage to wobble the camera and get blurry pics.

I run a Manuscript Critique Service as well. I think storytelling (the verbal kind) is way different from story telling that is written.  Written stories must be tight and terrific.  Whereas you have more latitude to embroider, wander, and use actions that enlarge a story you "tell."

If anyone is interested, they can WIN a FREE copy of my latest adventure for boys.  Set in the Aussie outback of the early 1950s, "Taconi and Claude - Double Trouble"  was written with boys and reluctant readers in mind.  OR, read a sample page to get a feel for the story and characters.  Link is below.

Margot's Magic Carpet



ah Margot I love the term - mate! How are ya? 11 books is fantastic!!! You are a rockstar!! I am definitely going to check out your site and new book - congrats! I love that you kept reluctant readers in mind when you created it! Go you!

Thanks for the kind words Natasha.  It took a while to learn the craft of writing for kids, but I love doing it.

Do check out my short story "tease" and try to WIN a copy of   "Taconi and Claude."  Any of your friends with boys, or reluctant readers, are welcome to gave a go as well.


Margot's Magic Carpet


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