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You’re too old. As if! Growing old never looked so good! (Giveaway!)

I must admit, if you would have asked me my thoughts on ageing 10 years ago my reply would have been a negative one. And why not!?! Everything I had seen on television, in magazines, conversations…See More
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Before you upload that picture...

Let's start with privacy basics: The bathroom door. After several years of repeated discussions, my son has finally learned to knock on the closed bathroom door. About 60% of the time he also waits…See More
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Is there anything wrong in wanting a man with deep pockets?

(Love is above all, money cannot compare. Money comes and goes like the seasons and what love can guarantee money cannot – happiness!) When I speak to most of the women in my family, who I would…See More
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Don't wake that baby up

In our household I think about sleep a lot: Who is getting enough of it and how to get more quality sleep. I am obsessed…See More
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