• Give Thanks : Catch the Thankfulitis

    How 'bout that snow, eh , guys?!!It's that time of year again to eat till your pants cause a serious pain in your lower abdomen and when naps are a must. A time where people come together and bring odd dishes like jello molds and cheap wine. Tomorrow, my pals, is Thanksgiving!I could eat a…

    By Lauren Paradis

  • The Wort advice We've Heard About Women

    Women: fickle, emotional, feisty, bitchy, bubbly, pushy, sassy, headstrong, hormonal, high-strung, ditzy, catty. These are just some of the words that are only used to describe women. Good or bad they are out there, and quite honestly if we as women want them gone, we have to work at it, not just…

    By darla halyk


    ***BLACK FRIDAY DEAL*** Snag Younique’s exclusive Black Friday Beauty Bundle for 40% off retail! Play up the beauty of your skin, your eyes, and your lashes this season with this exclusive set! Offer begins Thursday, November 27, at 1:00am PT and ends Monday, December 1, at 11:59pm PT. Good for…

    By maria


    Posted on November 26, 2014November 26, 2014 by 4UsMamaHi All!!  If you are like…

    By Angela Alexander

  • My Mixed Blessing Pregnancy – a Guest Post by Sarah Novak

    I was one of those women who got pregnant on the first try.I know it was a gift that we had such an easy time conceiving, but in my head I’d envisioned that it would take about 6 months (you know, the average statistic of how long it takes to get pregnant).  So while I was ready to be “trying”, in…

    By Cortney Galster


    Hi! My name is Amina and I sometimes find it hard to believe that I  live in New Orleans, otherwise known as “NOLA”–home to never-ending Mardi Gras parades, extra powdery beignets, Po Boy shrimp sandwiches, and streets so riddled with potholes you would think you were in a third world country.As a…

    By amina qureshi

  • What I Learned While Running Errands with the Kids

    What I Learned While Running Errands with the KidsBY  · NOVEMBER 18, 2014I had dropped my older daughter for a play date and needed to run some errands.With my son and toddler in tow, I decided to take on the…

    By amina qureshi

  • Cozy Sweatshirt


    By Melissa

  • Mom Tag YouTube Mommy Tag Video Mom Tag Video MomCave

    By Jennifer Weedon Palazzo

  • To Boost Or Not To Boost

    I'm not a Facebook guru, by any stretch.My fan page confuses the heck out of me, specifically why some posts get minimal reach whereas others get tremendous engagement...we're talking mind-blowing numbers. From little old me. =)I still have yet to figure out how these posts are evaluated by the…

    By Kristen Luciani