• Project gone bad then turned good, three months later

    I have finally found the solution to my chalkboard project "gone bad".  It only took me three months to get it right, but I did.  Let me know what you think.Life at 523

    By Kimberly Cargile

  • 20 Unique and Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Adults w/ LINK UP!!

    1. Have a picnic. Is it too cold outside? Just lay a blanket out on the living room floor.2. Have a classic romance movie marathon on Netflix. Don't forget the theater style popcorn and candy!3.…

    By Hollie Ramsey

  • When the Morning Routine Leaves you in Tears

    I walked back from the bus stop dragging two scooters and a bicycle feeling them well up inside me. The frustration and angst that I struggled to hold down were pressuring the tears to release themselves. As I walked, fallen leaves scattering under my feet as if in fear, I listened to the roll of…

    By Lori Pace

  • 5 Ways to Increase Your Heartfelt Quality Time

    Increasing my quality time with my family can be tough sometimes as I tend to get wrapped up in my business life and then wonder what can I do to increase my heartfelt time with them.  I've come up with five things that I've done over this last month that has really made memorable moments.  To me…

    By Nicole Flothe

  • Stalking your children with technology

    We had a sound/video baby monitor in my son's bedroom for the first two-and-a-half years of his life. Through that little camera, I watched him sleep, kick out of his blankets, sit up in his bed, and even saw the time our cat ended up in his crib and meowed out for help when she realized she was…

    By Lauren Markman

  • The Way Forward

    Widen your nets to spread your messageThese past five days I was preoccupied about the way forward in my life and my business.  Are you thinking as I am thinking? That you need to widen your nets to spread your message to reach more people globally. My tools were sharpened these past five days as I…

    By Elizabeth Olagunju

  • I Believe: Girl Mom

    A love list to being a Girl Mom.  I Believe: There is no such thing as No Big Deal.  Everything is A BIG DEAL; see a spider, it's A BIG DEAL.  Watching your favorite show (cartoon, in this case), it's A BIG DEAL.  Having a playdate with a friend, A BIG DEAL.  Emotional development at its finest. In…

    By Whitney

  • প্রিয় ফুল (My favorite flower)

    [English version has given below]আগে, কেউ যখন আমার কাছে  জানতে  চাইতো , আমার প্রিয় ফুল কোনটি । আমি একটু চিনতায় পড়ে…

    By Shahana Shafiuddin

  • Why this mommy needs her daddy

    One of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me was a divorce. Don't get me wrong; I honor, respect and believe in the…

    By Denise LaRosa

  • Chocolate and Orange Scones

    You'll love these Chocolate and Orange Scones as a teatime treat, or as a snack. Studded with chocolate chips throughout, and the added orange juice and zest; these chocolate orange scones will become your new favourite afternoon treat.Hi friends! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.On January…

    By Lisa {Sweet 2 Eat Baking}