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Interview with Kim Sedgwick from Red Tent Sisters

I'm interviewing Kim from Red Tent Sisters to talk about women's sexual health on the blog today.Read more…See More
3 hours ago
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Raising a kind child

Whenever my son doesn't get his way, he declares that my husband and I are being mean to him. Of course he does. In his world "mean" is the best word he has to describe the situation. It is horribly…See More
16 hours ago
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"Happy Friday, everyone!"
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The truth about being your tween's role model - with Cam Newton's hel

Was it arrogance or confidence?She described it with words, such as "chest puffs", "pelvic thrusts" and "arrogant struts".I promise this is a G-rated post.These were words used in a letter written by…See More
Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Practice doesn't make new

There are a lot of things we practice in our household (like politeness and shoe tying), because - after all - practice makes perfect. That is not a phrase my son likes to hear. He (like most…See More
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Real Mom Confessions… Revealed! Don't watch in front of kids.

Our theme on MomCave LIVE this week was real mom confessions. We asked viewers to send in their own.. and we struck mom comedy gold! Read their confessions below. And if you missed the live show,…See More
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Lauren Markman posted a blog post

Keeping a digital tab on your teen

I know that I am going to stalk my son on his mobile device. It will not matter to me how responsible he is, or what agreement we will have around his device or how old he is. I will be stalking…See More
Feb 1
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