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Do You Have a Cookie-Cutter Mom Blog?

By Jennifer James

A quick jaunt around the blogosphere and you will read the same question asked in a variety of ways: How do I become a better blogger? In truth although this is a simple question to ask it is a little tougher to answer. One tactic that all serious mothers who blog must tackle is finding ways to become wholly unique in an ever- growing sea of mom blogs.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes your blog different? Have you pondered creative ways to make your blog stand out from the pack? Do you have a cookie-cutter mom blog and can be confused with any other mom bloggers on the Net? Would you read your own blog and come back day after day?

Just like any great song, in order to entice readers to keep coming back to your blog you must have a hook. It is essential that your blog have something extra that people not only remember but long to read time and time again. Creating a hook for your blog is no easy feat, to be sure. Just as it takes songwriters weeks or maybe months to create the perfect hook, it may take awhile for you to develop that special drawing point for your blog. Nevertheless, it is imperative to have.

Here are 10 hooks that can help set your blog apart in the world of mom blogs.

1) 1. Be dependable. Post every day.

2) 2. Be really dependable and post more than once per day.

3) 3. Write very thought-provoking posts and use social networking to elicit responses to your perspectives.

4) 4. Be an amazing writer. (A lot of this is innate, but concentrating on being a great writer will always draw a loyal and appreciative audience).

5) 5. Have a well-designed blog that is aesthetically stellar, eye-catching, and memorable. If needed, hire someone to design a blog theme for you.

6) 6. Add video to your blog. If you reveal more of yourself on your blogs via vlogs and podcasts, readers can match a face or a voice to your blog more easily and will be more apt to return.

7) 7. Match you blog with your talents. If you are a great photographer or talented artist then make sure to include those hobbies on your blog.

8) 8. Establish yourself as a go-to resource in your area of expertise; that is if you are writing a topic-based blog.

9) 9. Conduct interviews with other bloggers or experts that help establish the credibility and authority of your blog (depending upon what your blog is about.)

10) Be a thorough researcher. Moms like information and if you can be relied upon to always have a great morsel of advice, parental tidbit, or a must-visit Web site on your blog, you will soar in popularity.

The key is to work exceedingly hard at not mulling around in mediocrity and getting lost in the crowd. Instead set yourself apart by being a leader and thought-provoker in the mom blog community as opposed to idly watching other bloggers pass you by.

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