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Success Tips for Blogging Novices

Congratulations on your brand new blog! As veteran bloggers we know how exciting this time is for you. Jumping headlong into the blogosphere makes you one of the hippest people on the planet right now. Welcome to our world.

Undoubtedly you have decided to blog well and to some extent become quite successful at it. Although we know success can be measured in a variety of ways, there is an easy recipe for gaining readers and becoming an influential mom blogger. Here are a few tips that we know really work.

1. Be Enthusiastic
Stop blogging right now if you only started a blog to become a part of the “in crowd”. If you do not have a real desire to be a blogger then you will burn out and fade away real fast; we promise.

Blogging takes a lot of work, creativity and dedication. Be sure to consider these factors before you write another post. Over the years, we have found that with a great attitude and an open mind you can accomplish pretty much anything you want on your blog. If you want to blog for a big time media site, then set that goal and work towards it. If you want a throng of people reading your blog each day, then make sure you work towards that end. Remember to approach your blog with a great attitude and a willingness to be open to endless possibilities because there are a ton out there. Overall, have fun with your blog, but don’t let it rule your life.

2. Stat Counters Be Damned
Some new bloggers – and we’re speaking from experience here --- tend to get caught up in the never-ending nightmare of “blog stat purgatory”. Believe us when we say – It’s not a fun place to be!

We believe every blogger needs statistics-grabbers on their blogs, but we absolutely believe that you should not obsess over the numbers, otherwise you will go batty if you think your numbers are not high enough, or if you notice a sudden drop in your readership. We are not saying don’t keep up with your stats, we’re simply saying don’t obsess over them. And, do not allow your stats to dictate your mood. Again, have fun with blogging, don’t let it toy with your emotions.

That said, we do recommend that you put stat technology on your blog. StatCounter and SiteMeter are great because they are efficient and free.

3. Comment Like a Mad Woman
If there is a blog, or blogs, out there that you really enjoy reading, be sure to comment profusely. Blogs are not stand-alone entities. They do not properly function with writers and readers with little to no discourse. Bloggers love comments, so do not be afraid to jump in on conversations or offer your opinions, advice or suggestions about certain blog posts or topics. If you do not converse with other bloggers, they will have no idea you even exist. So, go read a few blogs and comment. Go on. Yeah, right now. We’ll be here when you get back.

4. Consistency Counts
Have you ever happened upon a blog where the most recent post is about six months old? Not cool! You don’t want to be that person. Make sure you set a schedule for your blogging and stick to it. People like to read bloggers who they know aren’t going to disappear without a trace or vanish like a puff a smoke. Even if you blog only a few days per week, make sure you keep it up and make sure your posts are excellent so casual readers or your regulars will continue to come back.

There are a lot of differing opinions out there about how often you should blog. We recommend you post a new blog entry at least three times per week, otherwise you probably will not retain your readers’ loyalty. If you can blog more than three times per week – great! By all means, do so.

5. Pick an Angle, Stick With It
The best blogs out there are dedicated to a certain niche and tightly stick to the script. Political blogs will never venture out to give a review about a gourmet restaurant. And education blogs won’t delve into blogging about new car models.

Mom blogs are unique because most moms throw in a hodgepodge of information such as daily happenings, personal thoughts and feelings about certain subjects, shopping, tech stuff, their children, politics and social awareness and the list could go on. By all means, you can definitely blog under the wide genre of "mommy blogging". Simply make sure that your voice and tactic are consistent and that your own personality shines through your writing.

6. Get Involved
It is important to get your name out in the blog community as much as possible. You can do this through commenting on others’ blogs, but you can also do this by getting involved on social networks, posting on message boards, and joining blog carnivals.

All of these tips will, over time, make you a better blogger. The more you blog, the better you will become at implementing these tips into your everyday routine. Be sure to let us know if these tips help you.

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