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Look Who's Back!

Cali here! So what's new? So much, I know it has been a long time. My once tiny peanut is now a walking, "talking" 16 month old baby girl, and my 5 year old starts kindergarten in a few short weeks (emphasis on short). As we prepare for this new adventure, I have really been forced to face my shortcomings, as a parent and as a wife. My entire life I have struggled with focus and I have recently come to realize that I can do something about it. So I have began getting professional help and have been diagnosed with Adult ADD, no surprise there, it will be a journey that I look forward to sharing with everyone.
I have some fun things planned, I want to share other parts of "what I do" with everyone. Some of my crafting projects and maybe when we get to 500 followers I will do a little give away of my own. Of course I will continue to share my adventures in parenting!
I know since I have been slacking I am behind on visuals... Miss Cordelia at her first birthday party in the tutu I made her. The shirt was made by the ever talented Andrea at dOoDiEs bOoTiEs.
I can't wait to share some of my current adventures and challenges with everyone. Soon to share my own blog about a little website called "youtube".

Chaos Ensues: Part I

Well it's been quite some time since I've posted anything. 2010 was a whirlwind year. It was filled with some of the highest highs and lowest lows. My son turned two in November and just before then, I realized I had resented him somewhat since he was born.

That's not something a mom likes to admit, especially to the entire world through a blog post. I got married at 22 and started a family at 24. I realized I went through a quarter-life crisis last year. There's so much pressure on people in our age group to be at a certain place in our lives at this age. I had to grow up so fast, and hold so much responsibility that I cracked under all the pressure. It damaged a few close friendships and countless other intangible consequences.

In times like this, I like to focus on what I gained and learned from my experiences. I learned more about life and myself in one summer, than I had in the last few years. I'll start from the beginning but this is going to take more than one post. I'll try to get the whole story up too...

It started about a year and a half ago. I suddenly had a renewed self-confidence that was bursting right out of me. At the time I had just graduated from college and landed my dream job.  I had a hard time in college. It was a lot of pressure to keep up with school, work, buying a house and being a wife - and that was before I was pregnant. I remember crying on my way home one day thinking, why can't I handle all of this? There are so many more people in this world who do it in worse circumstances than I am. Why can't I handle it as well as them? After graduation in June of 2009, I of course felt relieved. Relieved that I no longer had to be a wife, mother, full time student, and super star employee (among other things like sister, daughter, best friend, etc.). I could scratch one thing off the list of responsibilities.

My career was thriving. I was promoted to Senior Account Executive in late 2009. Though it seemed I had everything a girl could ask for, I had a feeling deep inside that I was missing something. An emptiness I couldn't understand.

That's a Cute Baby You are Wearing Today!

Cali here! Took a little break over the Holidays, I hope that all of you enjoyed time with your families. I know we did!
Along with the holidays comes a lot of shopping! That meant crowded stores, the last thing I wanted to do was maneuver a giant suv stroller around. So, I didn't! I have a great baby carrier, a Moby Wrap to be specific. It was perfect for the holiday crowds. I love wearing my baby, as in my intro post stated, she really is the cutest accessories I have. Left me with free hands to wrangle my four year old, without having to leave my baby in a stroller.
Here is where I could relay different facts about baby wearing... Like babies that are worn are less fussy. BUT it's all perspective there. I can only say what I know to be 100% true to me. I know that wearing my baby gives me two free hands when she wants to be held and other things need to be done around the house. I know that I love to have her near me, that I love to feel her warmth, and I would imagine that she feels the same way. It has sure had other advantages, like, a safe semi-private way to breastfeed.
So really quick... Just to answer the two most asked questions I get in public:
1. Is that hard to us? Not at all, they have great directions with them and really helpful videos on youtube
2. Is that safe? Absolutely! Follow all the directions and as always, pay attention to your baby!

I really love wearing my baby, and they're are a lot of ways to do it, a lot of resources out there as well.

I will leave you all with my baby wearing picture from the holidays:
Sleepy Santa at her big brother's Christmas Concert.

For those of you that practice baby wearing on a regular basis, what do you love about it? What kind of carrier do you use? For those of you that don't, what's stopping you?

The Tiny One Gets a Little Less Tiny

Bunny had her weight check and the good news is she is gaining weight again! Hooray! She is back up to 13lbs 13oz. So that is great! I have been spending all my time, nursing, pumping and feeding her. I have some things planned as soon as I do several things, including survive the holidays! Some baby (and kid) food related things, a post about my choice to use cloth diapers, and a holiday induced post about my adventures in babywearing. Possibly a giveaway or two in there as well. Stay tuned!

My Tiny Baby Girl by Cali

I have debated a few weeks now just how I was going to address this. It's a touchy subject, and I still feel guilt in someways, and I can identify why part of the time.
All of it started on Oct. 25th. My oldest had a pretty nasty cold, and his school insisted we go to the dr. for a note. So to the office we went. As the dr. wrapped up his appointment (which was, "it's just a virus, probably a cold"), I told him I was worried about the baby, that she had felt lighter. He said what I had been hoping, that I am probably getting used to her weight. He sent a nurse in and we had her weighed, she was 12lbs 14oz. I felt my stomach crawl into my throat. The nurse reset the scale and began telling me it was a good weight, she stopped when she saw the look of panic on my face. I told her that 2 months prior on Sept. 9th she weighed in at 15lbs. The dr. came in to talk to us briefly, he didn't push us to use formula, but told me we would stay vigilant for the time being, and we would weigh her at her six month appointment on Nov 5th. After a SNAFU at the dr. office when we were six minutes late, I took her to the Lactation Consultant that runs the group I had attended in the past. She weighed in at 12lbs 10oz. It was a long long weekend as I waited to see her dr. at our rescheduled appointment on Monday. I spent much of the weekend on google looking desperately for parents in the same boat as me, I came up empty handed.
Last week she saw her regular ped. and a ped specializing in breastfeeding. My mind has been put at east a bit. On Monday her regular ped (who also happens to specialize in Failure to Thrive cases) recommended that we add formula to her intake. What does that mean? I pump between feedings and at night, when she gets that pumped milk, formula is mixed into it as if it was water, it increases the calories. I was reluctant and very surprised when the Breastfeeding dr. agreed on Wed. I had to get over my mental formula block. I had to really get it through my own head that formula is NOT evil, and that I am not in anyway failing my baby, but I would be failing her if I didn't do everything I could to change what was going on.
It's been difficult, I can't lie. I spend a good part of my day nursing or pumping. But I am doing my best, and that is why I am okay with it. Right now I am looking to buy or rent a scale to measure her intake, and make sure she is gaining. I will keep posting, because I am sure that there are other parents out there that are going through this, or have been through this.

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