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A Woman'$ Worth

Click Worthy: Career Coach, Career Counselor or Career Services?

Ever wondered what the difference is between a career coach and a career counselor, and is it worth the time and money, and it is, which was one is best for helping you manage your career? Maybe you've asked yourself how do you get the most out of your campus career services center--a question I've often asked myself in undergrad.

We've rounded up some Click Worthy links for the weekend to help you get the answers to all of these questions!

7 Best Ways to Use Your Campus Career Services Office, Black Enterprise
5 Times You Should Hire a Career Coach, The Muse
7 Questions to Ask Your Career CounselorThe Muse 
5 Invaluable Lessons from Working with a Career Coach, Levo
What a Day in the Life of a Career Coach Looks Like, Brit+Co

7 Books to Take to the Beach this Summer

Beach season is in! And so is the time to be lazy, lay out, soak up some summer, and get lost in a good book. Check out our list of current favorite reads written by smart women, featuring smart women navigating the challenges that come with work, love and life in general. We'll let the authors explain. 

Jenna Jones, former it-girl fashion editor, is broke and desperate for a second chance. When she's dumped by her longtime fiancé and fired by Darling magazine, she begs for a job from her arch nemesis, Darcy Vale. The beyond-*itchy publisher of, Darcy agrees to hire her rival --only because her fashion site needs a jolt from Jenna's old school cred. But Jenna soon realizes she in over her head. 

She's working with digital savvy millennials half her age, has never even "Twittered," and pretends to still be a Fashion Somebody while living a style lie (she sold her designer wardrobe to afford her sketched out studio, and now wears Walmart's finest). Worse? The twenty-two-year-old videographer assigned to shoot her web series is driving her crazy. Wildly sexy with a smile Jenna feels in her thighs, Eric Combs is way off-limits -- but also too delicious to resist.

It's 2006 in Manhattan of the young and glamorous. Money and class are colliding in a city that is about to go over a financial precipice and take much of the country with it. At 26, bright, funny and socially anxious Evelyn Beegan is determined to carve her own path in life and free herself from the influence of her social-climbing mother, who propelled her through prep school and onto the Upper East Side. 

Evelyn has long felt like an outsider to her privileged peer, but when she gets a job at a social network aimed at the elite, she's forced to embrace them. Recruiting new members for the site, Evelyn steps into a promised land of Adirondack camps, Newport cottages and Southhampton clubs thick with socialites and Wall Streeters. Despite herself, Evelyn finds the lure of belonging intoxicating, and starts trying to pass as old money herself. 

When her father, a crusading class-action lawyer, is indicted for bribery, Evelyn must contend with her own family's downfall as she keeps up appearances in her new life, grasping with increasing desperation as the ground underneath her begins to give way. 

Nyela Barnes is a respected entertainment journalist who seemingly has it all, but the luster of her once fulfilling career has started to fade. With pseudo writers and social media stars continuing to water down the art of real reporting and her boss at Spark magazine micromanaging her every move, Nyela is desperately in need of a change. 

The idea of chasing a new dream of becoming a screenwriter reignites Nyela's fire, but her world gets turned upside down when she starts a romance with Olu Major, the hottest actor-turned-rapper in the game. 

Overnight, she goes from being the one telling the story to being the story, as her name becomes the source of gossip blog fodder. Supported by her talented, zany friends and quirky family, Nyela is determined to figure out the identity of anonymous blogger Chatty Abernathy, who seems hell-bent on destroying her reputation and budding relationship. 

Tina Fontana is a thirty-year-old executive assistant to Robert Barlow, the CEO of Titan Corp., a multinational media conglomerate. She's excellent at her job and beloved by her famous boss--but after six years of making reservations and pouring drinks from bottles that cost more than her rent, the glamour of working for a media company in New York has completely faded, but her student loan debt has not. 

When a technical error with Robert's expense report presents Tina with the opportunity to pay off the entire balance of her loans with what would essentially be pocket change for her boss, she hesitates. She always played by the rules, but this would be a life-changer. 

As Tina begins to fall down the rabbit hole of her morally questionable plan, other assistants with crushing debt and fewer scruples approach her to say that they want in. Before she knows it, she's at the forefront of a movement that has implications far beyond what anyone anticipated. 

But don't you like the UK book cover of The Assistants better?!

As editor in chief of Glossy magazine, Imogene Tate is queen of the fashion world... until Eve, her conniving twenty-something former assistant, returns from business school with plans to knock Imogen off her pedestal, take over her job, and re-launch Glossy as an app. 

Suddenly, the Louboutin is on the other foot; Imogen may have Alexandr Wang and Diane von Furstenberg on speed dial, but she doesn't know Facebook from Foursquare and once got her phone stuck in Japanese for three days. But Imogen will do anything to reclaim her kingdom--even if it means channeling her inner millennial and going head to head with a social media monster.

Mackenzie Corbett has always dreamed of living in New York City. Now, almost two years into her job as an associate at a premier Manhattan law firm, she's living her fantasy--big salary, high profile deals, cute boyfriend, designer bag on her arm. 

The giant bags under her eyes from lack of sleep don't fit into the fantasy, though. To make matters worse, she's being tormented by a bitter, bitchy senior associate, her boyfriend is annoyed she never has time for him, and now she's stuck on the deal from hell with a partner whose biggest claim to fame is throwing a stapler at a cleaning lady because she touched his ficus plant. 

With the opportunity to secure a prestigious secondment on line, the overachiever in her is determined to endure whatever it takes to close the biggest deal in the firm's history. But when Mackenzie finds herself the focus of a devastating investigation her dream job begins spiraling into a nightmare. 

So. You want to work in advertising. The glitz, the glamour, the cocktail-fueled brainstorming sessions and Xbox breaks. Sounds like a dream job, right?

Wrong. The reality can be a nightmare. There are five simple rules for succeeding in the ad world--and I think I've already broken every single one...

1. Never let them see you cry. Even if your best friend breaks your heart. And posts it all over social media. 

2. Be one of the boys. And, if you were born with the wrong equipment, flaunt what you've got to distract them while you get ahead. 

3. Come up with the perfect pitch in an instant--or have your resumé ready to go at all times. 

4. Trust o one. Seriously. If you don't watch your back, they'll steal your ideas, your pride, even your stapler. 

5. Most importantly, don't ever, under any circumstance, be a CopyGirl.

What books are you diving into this summer?

Image Source: Getty

Millennial Career Coach Jacqueline Twillie Helps Make Negotiating a Success

I truly, truly love a woman who has a passion for other women, and works tirelessly to help them become the success they want to be in work and in life. One such woman is Jacqueline Twillie, Atlanta-based author and career coach who has worked closely with hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies, assisted numerous professionals in helping them to land new jobs, and showing up to speak at places from Georgia Tech to the General Assembly. Jacqueline has taken up an important mission: to help eliminate the gender wage gap.

I've had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline in helping to bring awareness of the importance of getting all of your coins and earning your worth, and I knew that I had to have a chat with her here on A Woman'$ Worth. Especially when she unveiled a new tool to help women better prepare for one of the most nerve-wrecking must-dos of their careers: negotiating. It's something Jacqueline, like a lot of us, once didn't even know she should be doing at all. 

A Woman'$ Worth: Can you give us the gist of the gender wage gap for those hearing about it for the first time or needing a bit more insight on the issue?

Jacqueline Twillie: Sure. In 2016, women earn on average 79 cents on the dollar compared to a non-Hispanic white male. However, when you dig into the data, the numbers are even more alarming while Asian Americans earn 90 cents, White Americans earn 79 cents, Black women earn 60 cents and Latina women earn 54 cents. Eliminating the gender wage gap is important because segregation has no place in society, especially in the workplace.

AWW: Are there any personal experiences that led to you becoming such a strong advocate for equal pay for women?

Jacqueline: Yes, I was introduced to the Gender Wage Gap through a campaign called #Ask4More which is led by Levo League. The pay disparity grabbed my attention because I didn't know to negotiate when I began to work. I started researching the gender wage gap, and honestly, it ticked me off that women don't earn what they are worth. I was curious about what I could do to close the gap, and that's why I decided to focus on empowering women to negotiate. Quite simply, it's just the right thing to do to pay men and women equally for equal work. The gender wage gap is a very complex issue, and the way I can make a difference is through the negotiation services I offer.

AWW: New college graduates are looking for work preferably in their fields, but many aren't aware of the impact that not negotiating that first salary can have on their lifetime earnings. Can you offer more insight about that?

Jacqueline: Research by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever shows by not negotiating a first salary, a woman stands to lose more than $500,000 by age 60. That statistic says why it's crucial to negotiate.

AWW: So you've taken your message on the road speaking at quite a few events, universities, conferences and conducting workshops. What are you finding to be the top reasons women in your audiences aren't negotiating?

Jacqueline: After speaking to dozens of women across the country, I found two reasons why women don't negotiate: They are afraid that if they do try to negotiate they'll lose the offer, and secondly they want to be liked.

"Quite simply, it's just the right thing to pay men and women equally for equal work."

AWW: So you've created a tool called the Negotiation Toolkit. Give us an example of how it can set one up for successful negotiations whether they're trying to score their first job or their fifth? 

Jacqueline: The Negotiation Toolkit is the graduation gift I wish someone would have given me when I completed college and the tool I wish I had going into my performance review as a mid-career professional. I designed it to help millennial women approach negotiations with a positive attitude. Among my favorite comments from millennial women who have just entered the workforce and those who have been in the workforce for 5+ years is that The Negotiation Toolkit gives them examples of how to phrase your ask. How you ask matters.

AWW: That's awesome Jacqueline! What else will we find inside the Toolkit?

Jacqueline: inside the box you'll find the earn your worth negotiation workbook with sample negotiation scripts, preparation checklists, negotiations strategy exercises, wallet-sized confidence cards with negotiation power thoughts, and affirmations to keep your mind focusing on win-win solutions.

AWW: Are hiring managers sharing with you what candidates are doing, or not doing, when the opportunity to ask for more presents itself? And, are hiring managers expecting negotiations at the entry-level?

Jacqueline: I hear from hiring managers of both sexes that women just don't ask as much as men before they accept a job offer. Keep in mind that most companies expect the person they are hiring to negotiate so the first offer is rarely the best offer. When an entry-level employee negotiates based on the value they bring to the organization and understand the market rate the hiring manager will appreciate that the potential new employee has done their homework. The key here is asking the proper way, which is one of the things the users of the Negotiation Toolkit love. 

AWW: For those who will be building businesses of their own right out of college alongside a  job, how does the Negotiation Toolkit assist the entrepreneur when it comes to earning their worth for whatever product or service they offer in their business?

Jacqueline: In section 7 of the Negotiation workbook, I walk millennial women through the steps of what they should be negotiating for and how to find information to set competitive rates. I emphasize that the market rate is not more than what your competitors charge. There are a number of factors that go into determining freelance rates as well as total compensation job offers.

Visit Jacqueline at, and follow her on Instagram @jacquelinetwillie and on Twitter @JVTwillie to get to know more about Jacqueline, her mission, and the Negotiation Toolkit and how you can begin earning more now and for a lifetime! 

11 Podcasts by Smart Women for Your College to Career Transition

Podcasts have increasingly become a go-to source of information and inspiration for me whether I'm at home or on the go. I wish women were podcasting their experiences, advice and how-tos when I first entered the working world, but I'm glad it's happening for women everywhere now! If you're graduating this spring, you need sources that can help you navigate the transition from college to career, whether you'll be taking on an internship or two to help boost your work experience, seeking an entry-level position in your field of study, aiming for self-employment, or even taking some well-deserved time off.

The 13 women featured here are the voices behind some of our favorite podcasts, and we highlight a few of their recordings we think you should download right now...

Courtney Sanders, Washington, D.C. based life & business coach and founder of Think & Grow Chick, a hub where you'll find support for your personal and professional goals, also leads a podcast by the same name. Courtney covers a number of smart topics from getting your money mindset right to the importance appearance plays in your overall success. 

3 podcasts to get into right now...

How to Balance Chasing Your Dreams With Your 9-5 Job
The Truth About Finding Your Passion 
Why You Should Start Now (Even If You Don't Know How)

Going from college to career entrepreneurship? Whether that's something you plan to do now or later, the Package Your Genius podcast by personal branding expert Amanda Miller Littlejohn can help you thrive now in your career, and in your future business. 

In Littlejohn's own words, Package Your Genius is "a weekly conversation designed to give you clarity around your calling and serve as a catalyst for your career, your business and your big dream. This unique business podcast offers a mix of inspiration, insight, and tactics to help you become more productive so you can make the unique contribution you were born to make." 

Any questions? If not, Get into the podcasts we recommend you start with. We've already learned so much from them! 

3 podcasts to get into right now...

You've gotta love Myleik Teele, founder and CEO of CURLbox. She has a generous spirit which she often shares with family, friends and fans whether it's with quick tips and insight through SnapChat from entrepreneurship to friendship, or more in depth advice through her podcast MyTaughtYou. She's good for gifting her team members her favorite books, and relaxing getaways to recharge and for the experience of being abroad. Yeah, the perks of working with Myleik are pretty poppin', but so are the benefits of following her. Her words are the realest, and you will learn!

Currently, Myleik has a "5 Podcast Series for Entrepreneurs & the Entrepreneurial" happening, so you'll definitely want to make sure you're tuning into her podcast if you aren't already.

3 podcasts to get into right now...

Two money gals, Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, money coach and bestselling author of The One Week Budget, and her comrade and co-host  Mandy Woodruff of Yahoo Finance's weekly web series Money Minute come together in the Brown Ambition podcast to have conversations surrounding career, business, building wealth and living in brown skin, according to the site.

3 podcasts to get into right now....

Negotiate Like a Boss 
What to Do When You Feel Like an Imposter in Your Own Career
When to Quit a Low-paying Job

Global girlbosses and childhood BFFs Joymarie Parker and Courtney Cleveland bring us career commentary through Joblogues for young professionals every Monday. Rated "New and Noteworthy" by both the U.S. and U.K iTunes stores, Joblogues features professionals from all over the world in varying industries from art to tech. 

3 Podcasts to get into right now...

If you're not hip to influencer, style and beauty blogger Mattie James, and the study of Mattiologie, you've been living under a rock! I'm going to need you to come out and see the light as James has a LOT of podcasts to share on building a digital brand. What I love most about Mattie is not only her generosity in the information she shares, but the fact that she has no problem at all sharing exactly how she got to where she is today, and the mishaps she's made along the way. Sadly, Mattie's type of transparency is rare; I'm a witness!

Not everyone who's thriving in the digital space is sharing what they've learned in making it to the top in this new frontier for business. Get into Mattie, new podcasts are coming in June! *Hip thrusts*

3 podcasts to get into right now...

Thursdays, hang out with the multitalented Lisa Nicole Bell, media and tech professional and entrepreneur, on Behind the Brilliance. Bell makes us laugh while chatting with inspiring innovators for four seasons and counting. Among those she's chatted up is author and creator of the popular web series Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae; cofounder and CEO of Blavity, Morgan DeBaun, and top business expert Melinda Emerson, who is also known as "The Small Biz" lady.

3 podcasts to get into right now...

Managing Overwhelm
Comfort Zones 

Jess Lively, creator of the podcast The Lively Show, covers an array of topics from career and money to relationships and wellness. According to the site, The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra intention to your everyday. 

Lively has interviewed a few of our favorite people including Myleik Teele, founder and CEO of CURLbox and creator of the popular My Taught You podcasts,  Farnoosh Torabi, personal finance expert and author of some of my favorite personal finance books like You're So Money, and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic. Get into all three; links below.

3 podcasts to get into right now...

Jacqueline Twillie, career coach, author of Navigating the Career Jungle, and strong advocate for #EqualPay, is on a mission to see women get all every last one of their coins by learning how to negotiate their pay effectively. Twillie is behind a podcast also called Navigating the Career Jungle, where she interviews professionals from various industries, and covers topics from negotiating to side hustles and other topics for your career success. 

3 podcasts to get into right now...

Location independent girlboss Rosetta Thurman, who's often running her business from anywhere in the world, is founder of HappyBlackWoman and creator of the podcast by the same name. Thurman  features successful women speaking on various topics which includes sharing their journeys in entrepreneurship and fulfilling their purpose, while offering insight on how others can begin doing the same.    

3 podcasts to get into right now...

Coming soon is The Corporate Creatives podcast by Natalie, founder of Sophi, work wear for the young professional, is launching in June of 2016. Can't wait for this one!

What podcasts did we miss that WE should get into right now?

4 Jobs You Should Apply For Now!

Just in, fresh gigs! 

The Marketing Assistant will handle all marketing for the company. That includes the company's social media presence, working with influencers and contributors. This person will also assist members in their effort to make themselves look good online with their Levo profile, and choosing which profiles get featured on the site. 

Some additional exciting work you'll perform is helping to make the work world a better place for women assisting in special marketing campaigns like #Ask4More.

The Director of Community & Events reports to the CEO, and some of the duties this person is tasked with is growing Levo's offline network: Local Levo communities (currently in 30 cities globally) while ensuring the quality within those communities, creating new partnerships to support local goals, integrating local Levo chapters into national Levo campaigns such as #Ask4More. 

This person will also manage Local Levo Leaders as well as plan and launch new Local Levo communities both in the U.S. and abroad. 

I'm loving these opportunities simply because they sound like a potential catalyst to help launch you into entrepreneurship and upgrade your #girlboss status!

Responsible for some pretty bad arse websites on the web today, the team at Go Live HQ are in desperate need of adding developers to their team, like yesterday. This one is for our technistas! 

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