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911 on all the 411!

Ever feel like your head will explode if you're exposed to one...more...piece...of data? Lately, the chaos inside my melon feels like the last 35 seconds of The Beatles tune, "A Day in the Life". You know, the part with the searing violin crescendo just before the famous final piano chord. 

Every single day it's all about send this, answer that, call him, and email her. Oh, and remember to return those text messages, update all social media, check out a YouTube chuckle, and compose original cover letters for every single job application. The cursor blinks, the text chirps, the email pings, and the phone rings. It's everywhere you go. Nearly impossible to escape. And that, my fellow 21st Century adventurer, is information overload. It's exhausting.

The late actor Larry Hagman was known for his 'silent Sundays'. He just didn't speak. He turned down the noise. It seems a bit self-indulgent and not very much fun. But, I tried it a couple of times and it felt well, semi-marvelous! No phone, media, or email for a day. A total disconnect. That, along with hugs for my dogs, a run in the fresh air on a clear day, homemade cookies, a long, hot lavender-infused bath and a glass of fine red wine did the trick. It felt so good to just breathe.

That's my prescription for data overload and stress management. What's yours? Keep it clean....!

2012-The Year of Yin and Yang

" Don't let the bastards get you down, Lisë!" I can still hear my father's words earlier this year.  He's right, of course, as he is so very often.

Those words fell upon my newly-numb ears. I, along with dozens of my colleagues, had just been told that we were out of work. Jobs that most of us had begun just the year before. Jobs we'd had every reason to believe would be given much more than a twelve month run. Ah, yin. The year had begun so very, well...yang! Too bad it wasn't the only 'yin' moment of the year. But as the (old) song goes, "Accentuate the Positive". So, that's what we do. Because we have to. Or, just watching the news may drag us down into a very deep mental well.

Here's the great part, 'yang' wins this annual story! Goodness and the milk of human kindness always does. Thanks to all of the dear friends and relatives who sent me fun, flavorful gifts and cards to cheer me up; 'mystery' money to help with gas costs; drinks bought, meals cooked, leftovers packed up and sent home with me. All done to help defray the high cost of being unemployed. And then there are strangers; people who sent words of encouragement through social media; shared with me their unexpired parking slips; granted me interviews and made me feel like my career thus far, actually mattered!  Thank you. Thank you to all of you! I can't wait to do something wonderful for each and every one of you in turn. And seriously, as another (old) song goes, "How lucky can one guy be, like a fella' once said, ain't that a kick in the head?"Ain't it , indeed?

 Time now to turn the page. Look forward, not back. And never, ever let the bastards get us down again. Now, doesn't that feel good? Happy New Yang Year to you!

A Double Deeeeeelight!

Who says 'pay it forward' is dead? Nobody I know. And it certainly hasn't been my experience. It is most certainly ALIVE!! (cue Frankenstein music).

There are the random acts of kindness, the 'blind' pay it forwards if you will. It just happened for me again. On my way to a job interview in downtown Chicago, I ask a man who's walking toward his parking space whether he's leaving and he nods, yes. Then instead of pulling out of the space, he walks toward me as I sit in my car, hands me his paid ticket stub and says, "Would you like this, it's paid up till midnight?" I thank him profusely. He has no idea that the sixteen bucks he's just saved me will really, really help. He didn't have to do that. Which is exactly the point. He didn't have to do that. But he did.

Today, out of the blue, I got three, count 'em, 3 (!) bottles of the promotional Heinz Tomato Ketchup with Jalapeno delivered to my door. I'd lusted after them openly on Facebook but shied away from buying any because of the shipping cost. Somebody, maybe Heinz Ketchup,  or one of my crazy sweet friends who call me "The Condiment Queen", made this happen. No ID on the sender. So, how FUN is that?

Lately I've been on the receiving end of all kinds of kindness and goodness. What's going on here? Wait, take that back. No need to question why, just the need to say, Thank You! Yes, I say thank you to the thoughtful and generous family members, AND friends, AND acquaintances. All of whom have gone out of their way to feed me, amuse me, encourage me, and just generally make the past several lean months a lot easier to handle. You all know who you are. And to the strangers, may you blessed in multiple ways as someone else 'pays it forward' to you. Bless you. Peace.


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Lise Dominique
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Well, I am a mommy to be sure. However, I am mother to my 2 year old yellow Labrador retriever, Harvey the Wonder Dog, the star of the book I have written , "Harvey the Hungry Dog".
While I was never blessed with children, I have found my muse in my lovable ball of fur and love him as much as I could ever adore anybody else. He got me through an extremely difficult year and I intend to get him trained as a therapy dog to help others.
What is your blogging philosophy?
I write about what I know and observe. Blogging is brand new for me as I have been caught up with marketing my children's book, Harvey the Hungry Dog, as well as looking for broadcast work so bear with me while I find my way on the blog scene, ladies. Thanks!
I have been blogging since...
February 2010

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At 9:39am on June 24, 2013, Lea said…

Work At Home Mom, WAHM, Mom Blogger

I am stopping by to say "hello" :)
I haven't been here in a while.
I welcome your friendship :)

Lea @ Mother Baby Child & Weight Loss Help

At 7:11am on December 13, 2010, Mayra Calvani gave Lise Dominique a gift
Thanks for your gift! I look forward to reading your blog too. :-) Happy Holidays!
At 4:13pm on November 6, 2010, Paradise said…
Lisa, when My mom left, my dad said, that he was looking to join her when his number was up. On his last day two years later, as he lay in the hospital bed he looked toward the door as did we when we saw his head turn. He said and it sounded like he was taking to our dear departed mother, "What are you doing here, I am not leaving until tomorrow." He died the next day with a smile on his face and his hand outstretched. Dr M
I guess it is not so bad after all.
At 12:05pm on November 6, 2010, Cynthia Helwig-Putorti said…
At 11:04am on September 9, 2010, Kerin Lee said…
Hi there. I'm new to MBC and just looking to make some new bloggy friends!
Hope your day is going well!

(I always follow and comment back!)
At 10:44am on September 8, 2010, Tracey Laezzo said…

I wanted to let you know that I am following you from Moms Blogger Club, "The Simply Follow" group. I am hoping when you get a chance you can follow me back at and Also, I would love to place a link to your site on my blog if you want to do the same with my blog on yours. Please let me know by sending me an email regarding this and it has been nice meeting you via the web.

Thanks, Tracey
(a.k.a Britney/ author)
At 10:41am on August 20, 2010, Cynthia Helwig-Putorti said…
Lise I hear you. Can you please tell me where the heck the summer went? I can't believe we only have 3 more official weekends left not that I don't enjoy the captivating colors of the fall season, however. If only summer could last until October. Have an awesome weekend.

At 12:35am on August 20, 2010, Cynthia Helwig-Putorti said…
At 10:55am on July 7, 2010, Cynthia Helwig-Putorti said…

Thank You Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook Glad to have you as a friend.

At 4:36pm on July 6, 2010, Cynthia Helwig-Putorti said…
Hi There from The Girlz Korner in upstate New York. My blog offers light, witty and rather entertaining articles on every topic imaginable from The Little Black Dress to Making Whoopie. So if you get a chance to kick back, if only for a brief moment ... come on over and see me some time.

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