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NEW! Sally Hansen Color Therapy Collection- Color That Cares While You Wear

Sally Hansen- COLOR THERAPY!

The innovators in nail color and treatment have now launched the amazing Color Therapy collection, marrying nail color and treatment into one amazing product.

Finally, gorgeous “Color That Cares While You Wear.” The first Sally Hansen nail polish that uniquely blends saturated color and nourishing argan oil in 38 stunning shades created in partnership with Global Color Ambassador, Madeline Poole.

Sally Hansen continues to lead in innovation by introducing its new Color Therapy products:  a nail polish, top coat, and nail & cuticle oil, inspired by women’s desire to wear beautiful color while simultaneously caring for their nails. Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy nail polish contains a patented micro-delivery system that delivers an argan oil-enriched formula, resulting in intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthier-looking nails.

The Color Therapy nail polish needs no base coat so the oil complex can directly contact the bare nail. 9 out of 10 women experienced a noticeable improvement in their natural nails after wearing the Color Therapy nail polish. Vibrant tones, available in three magnificent palettes, glide on for a radiant, shiny finish with up to 10 days of fade-proof, chip-resistant wear. The Color Therapy nail polish provides the ultimate color that cares while you wear, with everything needed to restore nails without sacrificing luminous color. 

Complete your manicure with the Color Therapy top coat and nail & cuticle oil, both formulated with the same argan oil contained in the nail polish. The top coat provides an ultra-glossy finish for extended wear, and the nail & cuticle oil, the ultimate in nail therapy, instantly makes nails and cuticles look healthier, restored, and rejuvenated. 

The Ingredient Story
Color Therapy blends a complex of natural argan, acai, and evening primrose oil to condition weak, dry nails. Argan oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, an antioxidant vital for healthy skin and nails. Acai berry oil is rich in omega-3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that are valued for nutrition and conditioning in skin and hair care. Evening primrose oil features essential fatty acids that are known to help reinforce hair strength.

The Nail Polish Colors
From the colorful world of Madeline Poole comes a spectrum of 38 pigment rich shades inspired by luxurious tones.

Rich Tones: Bold deep tones with a brilliant impact
●      Ohm My Magenta Say “namaste” to this magnificent reddish-purple  
●      Unwine’d Escape with a beautiful robust bordeaux 
●      Slicks And Stones  A lustrous crystalized purple
●      Shea Dream Enrich and nourish in a metallic buttercream hue
●      Red-iance Energize with this cherry red
●      Haute Springs Clear your head with a restorative red
●      Red-y To Glow Harness a zen attitude with a medium cerise tint
●      Exotic Acai Cleanse your color palette with this plum tone
●      Indiglow Shimmer with an electric metallic violet  
●      Good As Blue Refresh with this daring navy
●      Soothing Sapphire Reflect and restore in a saturated blue jewel tone
●      Ja-Cozy Melt away in the aquatic tones of cobalt blue
●      Reflection Pool Go with the flow in a metallic aquamarine
●      Teal Good A vibrant cerulean lifts the spirits
●      Cool Cucumber A deep refreshing garden green
●      Bamboost An uplifting yet tranquil muted green

Pinks/Corals: Deep and understated pink tones for the perfect pop of color
Pampered in Pink Revitalize with this punchy pink
●      Aura’nt You Relaxed? Invigorate your senses with vibrant coral
●      Soak At Sunset A rose gold tinged with tangerine
●      Rosy Quartz A crystallized classic pale pink
●      Sheer Nirvana A marvelous marshmallow with hint of muted lilac
●      Primrose And Proper A delicate medium pink hue
●      Rosy Glow This beautiful begonia pink replenishes and restores
●      Berry Smooth A bright electric pink berry
●      Mauve Mantra Conjure calm with this carnation tint
●      Robes and Rosé A metallic and bubbly fuchsia
●      Couple’s Massage Unwind with this shimmery pastel peach

Nudes: Elegant and daring neutrals for the perfect polished finish
●      Steely Serene Get centered in a gorgeous greige
●      Powder Room A ladylike pearlescent blushed nude
●      Chai On Life A warm calming taupe
●      Well, Well, Well Keep it clean in this milky hue
●      Make My Clay Submit to serenity in this earthy putty shade
●      Therapewter Meditate in a deep charcoal metallic
●      Haute Stone Relax and revive the senses with this deep clay
●      Mud Mask  Melt away stress with this earthy mocha brown
●      Glow With The Flow A luminous and naturally radiant pale bronze shimmer
●      Blushed Petal Breathe it out in a botanical blush tone
●      Re-Nude Take some me time with this peach-tinged taupe
The Treatment 
●      Top Coat
The Color Therapy top coat provides a shiny finish and helps extend wear by sealing nail color and helping to prevent fading.
●      Nail & Cuticle Oil

The Color Therapy nail & cuticle oil nourishes the nails and surrounding area, resulting in instantly healthier looking nails and cuticles while restoring and rejuvenating.

Price & Availability: The New Sally Hansen Color Therapy range is expected to hit shelves in December 2016. Suggested retail price for each product is $8.99

Stay Connected:
Sally Hansen Facebook, Twitter , Instagram,

XO ☆Jess

I See Me Personalized Lunch Box

Stylish Southern Mama received these products for review. All opinions are our own. 100% ;)

Adisyn received the all too adorable All-A-Flutter-Butterflies Personalized Lunch Box.

"She'll be all-a-flutter with excitement when she sees her name personalized on this darling little lunch box!"

This personalized lunchbox from I See Me is incredibly cute and super durable. It is the absolute perfect size for me to pack Adisyn's lunch for school and field trips.

I love the metal design and the fact that it's super durable and reliable. I don't have to worry that she is gonna smash her lunch before it's been eaten or her accidentally breaking the lunchbox.

As a busy mom I also love it's convenience and easy to clean design. I can just wipe it clean when something has been spilled or leaked. No sticky icky leftover mess. It can be wiped out or stuck in the dish water with your other dishes.

The inside of the lunchbox is super neat and incredibly thoughtful. It has the unique feature of including a chalkboard within the lid of the lunchbox. I really liked this! ! I love to write Adisyn notes or drawings each day as I pack her lunch. She loves writing me a note back, it's become a daily ritual for us. ☺

Adisyn adores this lunchbox, she loves the fact that it has her very unique name written on both the sides and front of the lunchbox. Her name is unique and has to be custom ordered, so when she seen her name she went bonkers. .lol.  She's infatuated, love at first sight.. lol. Pink is her favorite color and she loves the butterflies.

There are many designs to choose from on the website, so I'm sure you'll find something they'll like!

XO ☆Jess

Thanks to I See Me & Stylish Southern Mama readers.

Stylish Southern Mama 》》 Twitter Instagram Facebook

Winter Lunch Finds for Kids

Winter is coming, warmers up with these amazing lunch products and ideas!!

Perfect for toting school lunches, ISeeMe offers fun personalized lunch boxes that come in a variety of designs for kids. Plus, the adorable name stickers are perfect to keep track of belongings. I See Me also offers personalized books, great for getting kids in the reading spirit as they gear up for school.

No more wasteful Ziploc baggies in daily lunches, Bumkins reusable snack bags come in fun prints kids will love. Choose from DC Comics, Dr. Seuss, Disney and much more.  The bags are a great alternative to plastic bags and are made of an easy wipe, waterproof fabric.

Chooze reversible lunch boxes allow children to express themselves and use their creativity to select a design they love. The “Choozepack” lunchbox comes in comes over a dozen colorful designs with two distinct patterns, letting kids pick daily!

Thanks for reading!!
XO Jess☆

7 Hacks For the Perfect Road Trip

Going on a road trip has its pros and cons. Pros, you’re going on an awesome adventure; cons, it can be costly. Here are some hacks you can try to balance those pros and cons to reach vacation nirvana.

1. Download a gas app: 
One of the most costly aspects of any road trip, especially in this economy, is gas. When you’re travelling in an unfamiliar area, it’s hard to know where to stop for the most frugal fill-up. To aid in your decision, you can download GasBuddy or Gas Guru, only two of the several gas pricing apps. These apps display the location and gas prices of gas stations near you. Most apps like these are free and update pretty regularly, so you won’t be deceived when you pull up at the pump.

2. Take side stops: 
Have you ever gone on a trip and passed signs for museums or monuments that you think would be awesome to see in person? Allot time in your travel to make a few stops on the way to your destination. It will not only keep you entertained throughout your trip, but it will also give you a chance to stretch your legs and learn something new.

3. Gassing up a rented or borrowed car: 
Chances are, if you’ve never driven a car, you probably don’t remember which side the gas tank is on. If you do forget, look at the gas gauge. There is an arrow that will point to whichever side of the car the gas tank is on. This will save you a tiny bit of time and hassle when you have to stop

4. Stay awake while night driving:
 If you’re feeling sleepy, it’s probably best to switch drivers or check in to a hotel. But if you’re feeling only a little drowsy, try listening to comedians on your road trip. Odds are, the comedian will keep you laughing and their jokes will keep you engaged, chuckling and most importantly, awake, all the way home.

5. Know North from South:
 If you’re old school and like following paper directions instead of having a little square computer yell at you to turn, you know that your passenger might end up telling you a wrong direction by mistake. Remember that interstates and highways with odd numbers run North to South, and interstates with even numbers run East to West. If you get mixed up, this will help you get back on track, or at least in the right direction, in a jiffy.

6. Cool down hot cars quickly: 
In the dead of summer, stopping for only five minutes for a quick bathroom break can leave your car unbearably hot. To cool down a hot car in seconds, roll down one window all the way and open and close the car door directly across from that window a few times. This will force hot air out of the car.

7. Know where to get directions: 
When asking for directions, some people gravitate towards gas stations. However, the best place to ask for directions is a restaurant with a delivery service. Stop in at Pizza Hut or Dominos to ask for directions. Odds are, they have a driver waiting for a delivery who can give you quick and easy directions to a destination in the area.

With these seven road trip travel hacks, you’ll be ready to hit the road for the vacay of a lifetime.

For more tips on all things car related, visit, check out our blog, and download the Blitzify app that is revolutionizing the way motorists search and shop for automotive services.

About Blitzify
Blitzify is a new mobile application that connects customers and automotive service providers through a comprehensive and innovative mobile platform that is changing the way people buy and sell automotive services. The app merges data from local market research, information from service providers, special offers, testimonials and ratings and reviews from customers into a user-friendly interface giving the user out-the-door, real time price comparisons.  For more information, visit

Fall Fashion Essential; Yatra Music Muff Headphones

Yatra’s Music Muffs are providing the most stylish way to keep your favorite tunes in your ears wherever you go.

Music Muffs are the first headphones to incorporate on trend fashions with high-quality components at an affordable price point. Each pair of the stylish Muffs are equipped with cutting edge audio technology. At the touch of a button answer calls, adjust the volume, and shuffle through playlists. 

Soft, premium faux fur, a relaxed, adjustable fit, and a durable nylon braided cable make braving the cool crisp fall air easier and more comfortable than ever. Music Muffs are offered in a variety of equally fashionable styles to ensure that everyone can find one that they love. Each pair retails for $39.99.

Yatra products can be found online at,, as well as at Follett Bookstores, Touch of Modern, ACE Hardware, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and many more.

**Review Coming shortly**

What do you think of these stylish, comfy new way to listen to your favorite jams?

💋xoxo Jess

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