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Shiloh's Birth Story

Whenever the question of how many pregnancies I have had comes up, it catches me off guard. Giving them the answer is like pushing on an old bruise. One that never goes away. Four five pregnancies. How many living children? Two. For anyone who hasn’t caught on yet, I am currently pregnant with Pirate M.

People handle these sorts of stories differently so I will say upfront that I may get too detailed for some people.


Homemade Daddy and I had decided that we wanted…


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Won't you be my neighbor?

When I was little, we spent a lot of time with our neighbors. The teenage daughter was our babysitter, the older son cast us in the adventure movies he liked to direct and we would go over to their house for parties often.…


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The Daily Face: Quick Mommy Skin Care for Anti-Aging

I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Tiffani about how we used to think – pre-kids – that we were soooo busy. And then we had children. And we can’t remember what we actually spent our time doing back in the “busy” days.

This isn’t a dig at people who don’t have kids. It’s just the truth about reality – it’s impossible to understand how constantly busy you can actually be until you have kids. You parents know what I’m talking about. Having kids magnifies everything…


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Naming Baby

Why is naming a baby so stressful? Simple. We want them to love their name, we don't want their name to be super common, a middle name that flows well with the first name, and we want it to have meaning. Not to mention finding a name is super hard when you have a big family and just about every name is taken!

One of my closest friends is having her third daughter soon and it's about that time to start thinking of baby names. All of this made me think about the process my…


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The Traveling Working Mom

This week I became the traveling, working mom. This was my first overnight trip away from Teagan and leading up to the trip I had mixed feelings, as well as during the trip.

I can honestly say I'm in the best job of my career up to this point. I love my company and my job gives me pride, energy, and excitement. I knew after Teagan was born I would need to travel at certain points in the year, but I was conflicted with how this would impact me and my family. At the…


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Your Painting Decisions

If you are starting to paint then you are certain to have questions. There are a few decisions you will have to make; it is worth getting  few pointers before you make those decisions. You may have been drawing initially to see if you can get shapes and images right before even thinking about colour. Once you are happy that you have mastered the technique then it is time for the next stage.

You need to decide which type of paint you want to use. If you have been inspired by the ‘Great…


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Life After Child Loss: Heidi’s Story

My daughter Avery would have turned six this past July. In just a few days she’d be starting first grade. I would no doubt be frantically running around, completely occupied with last minute school shopping for frilly dresses and Queen Elsa lunchboxes and pretty pink bows to clip in her long brown hair.

But Avery was stillborn three weeks before her due date. My daughter’s ashes sit in an urn in my bedroom, a little silver container from Hobby Lobby that gets a kiss every morning and…


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Looking for Opinions from Parents Everywhere....

I am VERY close to finishing my long-awaited Ebook, “50 Amazing Ways To Steal Time With Your Kids – A Parent’s Journal”.

I have spent much of this past year thinking about and creating this collection of 50 unique and diverse ideas to share with you, but I am finally about to wrap it up.  I will be releasing this book in late September.

This book was designed to cover a vast spectrum of ideas.  Most of them can be fit into an ordinary day with just a bit of planning, while a…


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Traveling companions are better than apps

We recently took a 10-hour drive to New Jersey for a family reunion. (Not in one day. That's craziness.) This trip went significantly better than the last really long car trip we took because of several things:…


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Carpet Spot Cleaner

Sounds a little intimidating and somewhat bad, right? Erupting carpet spot cleaner just sounds messy and like it would make the problem worse but for us it has been one of the best solutions that we have found outside of buying jugs of chemicals. By the way. We do have said jugs of chemicals for the few instances that this doesn’t work.

carpet cleaner WM

See it isn’t so bad! I called this erupting…


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Evaluations and an IEP

Well, we are finally done with all the evaluations and paper work getting ready for Kit's transition out of Early Steps and into the services of the school district.

She will not be going to school, but when a child turns three, the school district takes over responsibility for further intervention. With a catch, of sorts.

Early Intervention's aim is to provide assistance in any area that the child has an assessed need, and in any part of…


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Adventure Landing & Shipwreck Island Water Park Review

I could not WAIT to visit Adventure Landing. Water + Park = Lots of fun! Especially since this Summer really sucked because of rain. Locally, our weather men and women would predict sunshine and we'd end up with a day full of lightening and thunder. I stopped listening to them years ago and knew when I checked the weather for Jacksonville and saw that it said 80% chance of rain, it would be perfect weather for…


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Meet with Donna Galanti, author of ‘A Hidden Element,’ book 2 in The Element Trilogy

Donna Galanti writes murder and mystery with a dash of steam as well as middle grade adventure fiction. She is the author of books 1 and 2 in the paranormal suspense Element Trilogy, A Human Element andA Hidden Element, the short story collection The Dark Inside, and Joshua and The Lightning…


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Luma Painting

Last week has been so full of crazy busy-ness that I wasn’t able to do much with the blog or the family. I did grab a spare hour and was able to paint some decorations for Little M’s room. So now I present to you, the LUMA’s!! Fair warning though. I suck at painting. Bad. I think my three year old paints better than I can.

Luma paintingWM

These are simple wooden stars that could probably be found at…


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Autism Service Dog

Every since Mathew received his diagnosis of Autism I have been researching constantly. There are so many ways to help out a kid on the spectrum but a lot of them are considered alternative methods and therefore not covered by insurance or recognized by health professionals as being extremely helpful. Thus far we have been blessed with doctors who were ok with trying some of the alternative ways of dealing with the problems. One way is to get a specially trained service dog. Typically people…


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What I do to enjoy my 1 1/2 hour commute to work (part 1)

Hi everyone! I have put together a 3 part series to show how to make your commute a little better.  I do actually drive 1 1/2 hrs to work and 1 1/2 hrs home so I have picked up a few ideas to make the drive not only bearable but actually kind of fun.  Let me know what you think

Life at 523

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Things I've Learned This Week


** The first day of school is a blessing like no other.

** Homework's about to unleash its evil wrath upon us very, very soon.



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My BEST TIPS for Back to School Shopping

I just had the BEST, BEST day with my 6 year old.  She’s about to head into Grade 1, and we hit the mall for some back to school shopping together.

Do you look forward to back to school shopping or is it something you dread as the school year approaches?

I love shopping for anything or anyone, but I’ve learned that shopping with 3 kids can be a challenge… each waiting for the other to try on different items.  Eventually the boredom sets in and it’s hairy-scary…


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Where to Find Discount School Supplies?

While buying school supplies, the quantity purchased do matter a lot. In case if you are buying school supplies in smaller amount, you would not probably notice the price. However, the situation may change if you are trying to purchase the entire list of school supplies for your child's school. Moreover, when school starts and you have no low-priced school supplies available and just expensive substitutes are available, then you would definitely have to pay a lot for school supplies. Let us…


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subscription boxes

There are so many subscription boxes out there these days. You can get a box of surprise goodies for just about anything. I decided that it might be fun to try some out and write about my impressions of them. After compiling a list of the ones that I had heard of I decided that the list was too small and limited. If this was going to be done right I needed some variety in there.

What better way to find huge lists of something than on GOOGLE?! Boy did I dive in head first without…


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