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The Timeline of a Typical California Divorce

Unfortunately, you cannot decide you want a divorce one day and finalize the filing on the next. The process takes time and will likely involve several meetings and considerations to resolve asset division, custody considerations, and alimony. In the state of California, it will always take at least six months after you file a divorce petition to receive a…


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Edible Learning...a 7th Grader's Cell Project

"Hey Mom, can you take me to the store? I have to gather stuff for my Cell project." Thus began a fun adventure gathering edible ingredients to recreate an animal cell.

Click here to read more...…


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How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

Now that Thanksgiving has passed it’s time to setup the Christmas tree.  Of course a freshly cut fir tree is the only way to go — artificial trees are simply no comparison in my book.  The smell of a fresh Christmas tree in your living room is one of the most pleasant things about the Christmas season.  However, Christmas trees do require proper care.  I have a friend who owns a Christmas tree farm and several lots, and…


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Happy December! Some of our Favorite Christmas Movies!


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I want more comments... Do you?

Originally posted:

Comments are what you want huh?…


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Paying it forward

As some of you know I have my own craft business. I have been thinking about something lately that I want to do to honor my dad's memory. When I lost my dad, he didn't have life insurance and we were told we had to have $3800 before they would set the arrangements. Luckily my father-in-law's church donated money to help us but not everyone has that help. So, since I have seen that most of the direct sales companies have foundations set up to help people in need, I decided my business was no…


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An Update on My Reading Goal: Her

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The most recent book I finished from …


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Best Organic Skin Care Products

Bеѕt оrgаniс skin саrе gооdѕ соntаin nо сhеmiсаlѕ оr сliniсаllу fоrmеd nutriеntѕ. Thеѕе itеmѕ are mаdе at beautyspin frоmmеdiсinаlрlаntѕ аnd buѕhеѕ. Thе itеmѕ соntаin ѕееd оilѕ,…


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How To Budget Your Spending For New Mums!

Having a new baby on board is an extreme joy, but it might also give you some headache when you try to figure it out how are you going to deal with it financially.

Being a new mum means being inexperienced not only I parenting, but also in managing your budget for baby stuff. So, that is why we…


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Advice from your parents

When I left the family nest to get settled into my first job, my Mom gave me some advice. She told me some things about my paycheck and finances, she gave me a few words of wisdom when dealing with my coworkers and when I got frustrated with that job, she told me to stick with it until I found something new.…


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Treating fever in babies

If you suspect your child has a fever, you should not get panicked. Check this post to learn about what steps you should take if you suspect that your child has a fever.

Read here more

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5 Grown-Ups That I Looked Up To as a Child and Teenager

It takes a village to raise a child, they say. But today, in the midst of our busy life, do we still have villages to surround, teach and protect our children?…


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The Busy Mom Life: What’s Really Important to Our Kids?

Why are we all so damn busy?

My Wednesdays a month ago used to go like this:

Wake up, feed baby, take dog out, argue with daughter about breakfast selection, feed daughter. Put baby down for nap, take dog out, entertain dog, tell daughter to get dressed and go potty x100, make snack for preschool, make lunch for daughter. Put baby and daughter in car drive 15 minutes to drop off at preschool and 15 minutes home with fussy and tired baby. Take dog out, feed baby and put down for…


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'Me Time' VS 'Time w/Me': How Blogging Has Affected My Parenting

I blog about motherhood. But sometimes, my blog makes me a bad mother.

These observations came to me slowly over the course of several weeks. I've only been blogging for six months now, but my competitive drive to inflict my writing on the eyes of others, to showcase every funny story or present informative product review videos, sometimes clouds my ability to 'mom' appropriately.…



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Guest Post: Purity Rings and Good Intentions

I had the honor of guest posting for Anne Cohen today. You can view it here : Purity Rings and Good Intentions

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The steps I'm taking

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