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Things I've Learned This Week


** I might be a bit biased, but I'm pretty sure if I was in sixth grade, I'd wanna be friends with my kids.

** Apparently the floor is the best place to hang coats and towels.…


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Learning perspective in a blended family

“You’re bossy!” My stepdaughter said, rolling her eyes.
We’d been having a talk about some recent antics, and it was not going well.
My husband stepped in and chided her for being disrespectful, but again, the message was not getting through.
After a few days of stress…

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There is No Magic Pill

I was sitting there scanning through blogs and articles when I came across this article by a phenomenal woman who in my opinion has her “stuff” together. She was trying to find…


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Do You Fail Well?

Happy Friday everyone!

Here's a question to all you self-proclaimed entrepreneurs out there - How long does it take you to get back on the proverbial horse once you've been bucked??

Check out this great little clip from Barbara Corcoran on the secret to handling rejection.

It's not about how many times you fall, it's about how quickly you get back up that counts. And by "get up quickly," I mean, how enthusiastic are you to potentially fall again? Are you excited to move…


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Brazil off the Beaten Path: Lencois Maranhenses National Park

Read about my visit to northeast Brazil (my home country), plus tips for visiting and photos of this mostly undiscovered natural beauty!

Brazil off the Beaten Path - part 1…


Added by Lo Canuto on March 6, 2015 at 1:52pm — 2 Comments

Warm Up with this low-carb lovers Chicken Vegetable Stew

Mike and I don’t like to put restrictions on our diet, we feel they lead to negativity and feelings of punishment. Phrases like “I can’t eat carbs” or “I don’t eat dessert” don’t appear in our house. We have many friends who apply restrictions such as no sugar, or no meat into their lives and we support them 100%. I am all about doing what works for you, but for me and Mike, we try to lead a well-balanced life.

We eat low-carb meals occasionally, vegetarian meals occasionally, and…


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Giveaway: 1 of 10 copies of HEATHER by AJ Sendall

This giveaway has no entries right now. Even if this is not something you might be interested in reading, you can certainly gift it. I would really like to get some participation for the author.

Win 1 of 10 copies of HEATHER by AJ Sendall. This is a fiction/crime novel set in Australia. The story is…


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While Everyone Else Sleeps

This is what I'm doing

Click here :)…


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While Everyone Else Sleeps

Check out my agenda while everyone else sleeps!

Click here!

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Cloud 9 is Real. Warning: It Rains Poop.

You're absolutely elated - it's the baby honeymoon period and cloud nine feels pretty incredible. The next few days are all about falling in love all over again; fluttering butterflies take off in your stomach with no way out, you're intoxicated…


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Guinea Pig Lice Attack

OMG, we have lice in the house. Thankfully it’s not the children this time, or even worse…me!  It’s our guinea pig Caramel.  I had no idea that guinea pigs could get head lice, or rather fur lice. I took Caramel to the vet for her yearly check-up and she is infested. The official name of the offender…


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Chapter Reveal: Cooler Than Blood, by Robert Lane


Genre: Mystery

Author: Robert Lane

Publisher: Mason Alley

Purchase on …


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Money talks

At about this time last year, I wanted to introduce my son to money. But it was too early for him, as evidenced by the fact he would still mix the play money in his cash register with the real thing. So, we took a step back and waited.…


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Moms Down

Well what a week! For those of you who know me, I'm an animal person. So I decide to do my good deed and I volunteer to walk dogs at the spca. Which I happen to enjoy, getting exercise while giving back. Good karma.


Wrong. So instead of finishing off my walk as per normal, I decide (in all my wisdom) that I should rather run with the pooch. Excellent idea, burn off that caramel ice-cream I had the day before! As I'm getting into the motion, I feel my foot connect…


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Snow Day Cabin Fever

It’s snowing again.  How pretty.  (I hope you read that with a lot of sarcasm).

The Northeast has gotten more than it’s fair share of snow this winter.  The falling snow is beautiful in December, but by this point in the winter, everyone is ready for the snow to stop.  We’ve had at least…


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Five Ways To End Video Game Fights With Your Child or Spouse

stop arguing about video games

I’ve read this question a thousand times on parenting discussions, marriage help sites, homeschooling forums: “How do I get my kid / husband / spouse to put down the video game?” As a long time female gamer, partner of a gamer, and mother, let me offer some personal insight:

1. Learn about their game. Is it the type of game where they will lose all…


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A Water Company Converts Couches into Running Shoes!

Moms, I think you'll appreciate this! Pretty clever idea:…


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Why I Still Celebrate my Angel's Birthday

Over the years, people have questioned me on why I still celebrate my son's birthday even after he passed away. Not only is it rude, but it's incredibly insulting. Although I shouldn't have to explain myself, I feel that by doing so, I can really relate and help other parents that might feel upset and scared to celebrate their child's birthday and need encouragement.…


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‘April Snow’ (Dana McGarry Novel Book 2) Now Available for Pre-order!

April Snow Business Card final

April Snow, book 2 in the smashingly successful Dana McGarry series by talented author Lynn Steward, is now available for pre-order!

Pre-order the Kindle edition from …


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Vision Issues in Children

Although it is not easy to diagnose a problem with the eyes, it is even harder to do so with children, as they tend to pretend as there is nothing wrong with their eyes, or they are too afraid to say anything as they feel ashamed. However, if you notice that they are squinting too much or if they rubbing their eyes frequently, it could be an early sign of something more serious going on, and you should immediately go see a doctor to diagnose what the problem might be.

What is…


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