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Fashion Industry In UK

Recently the marketing domain is experiencing huge rush in men’s accessories. The market is need of introducing adorable men’s accessories collection. All this happens mainly because of thrash from fashion world. In past, the fashion remains limited only to women, but at present the trend is changing towards men. And this induces the market to invest more in fashion and luxurious accessories. In near future, the revenue from men’s section seems to overcome the women’s fashion section. All…


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A Chore Chart System that Actually Works!

I finally found a…


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Getting Back to Me

I have been a lost blog puppy since the first of the year.
I thought I had found my groove just writing about my life and whatever I wanted but then I came across all of these resolution posts and moms with goals and I started feeling the heat.
I started this blog to keep our families updated on our lives…

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Holding My Breath as a Parent

To my girls:

I first held my breath about you when I had my first prenatal appointment. As the midwife approached my belly with the Doppler, I couldn’t breathe. How would I react if I didn’t hear your heartbeat? As soon as I heard that beautiful sound, like horses galloping in my body, I let the air, and tears, out.

I then held my breath as I went in for the anomaly scan, first at 20 weeks, then at 18. As I watched your minute features twitch and move, I let out a sigh of… Continue

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27 Weeks Pregnant: Further Than We Made it Last Time

The last few days have been crazy around our house. This month has really kicked my behind.

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re running yourself ragged, but you’re not actually getting stuff done? That’s kind of how my last few weeks have gone. I was way ahead going into the holiday season. And then a bunch of stuff happened, mostly good stuff, but some not so good stuff, that just completely threw me off track.

Not having Ricky on our regular schedule kind of exasperated…


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Cured Beef & Avocado Toast Lunch

There's definitely nothing better than a refreshing lunch after a busy morning. This week, I bought some air-dried wafer thin beef. I first tried this when I lived in Italy. Typically served with plenty of lemon juice, tt was the simplicity of the dish that was stunning! I thought I'd treat myself…


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The Toxic Truth™ Campaign: Kick Toxins to the Curb!

There are toxic chemicals hiding in the products you use every day on yourself and your children.


  • It only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals from the products you use in your home to enter the bloodstream through your skin.
  • There…

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What happens if you drive under a suspended license

As you are probably already well aware, driving is a privilege and not a right. If your license has been suspended, this means that you cannot legally drive until the suspension is lifted. If you continue to drive under a suspended license, you are breaking the law. The suspension will remain in effect until you get a court order to lift the suspension and/or pay any relevant fees. But what exactly are the causes of suspension? Read on to learn more. 

Reasons for a License…


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To change or not to change your last name when kids come before marriage?

For the first few weeks of our marriage, my husband and I had a running joke—every time he’d do something gross or guy-like (earning a much-deserved eye roll from me), he’d say, “It’s probably not too late, you know. The papers might not have been filed yet!”…


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Mom Bloggers Get Together!

Blogging doesn’t have to be a single-player game. There is a whole army of mom bloggers out there that can be the perfect resource to tap into to help you launch, build or inspire your blog. Today, we’re sharing some tips to help you make the most of collaborating with other mom bloggers—how to find…


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Activate Today!

I have a new debit card sitting on my desk with a…


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Activate Today!

I have a new debit card sitting on my desk with a large sticker across the…


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You're Invited! Conscious Parenting Webinar

Are you feeling frustrated as a parent? Do you wish you understood your child better? Do you long for a deeper relationship with your child? Find a comfortable place, put your feet up and join me for an informative online discussion on Conscious Parenting, inspired by the…


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In today’s world, we have very high expectations of ourselves. We’re always shooting for the stars, obsessing about this, that or the other in that everything-has-to-be-just-so kinda way. Yet how many of us have uttered the words “there’s no such thing as…


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The Dreaded Women's Retreat

I spent a weekend…


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Window shades is an essential gadget for every building

Window curtains have certain disadvantages:

Perhaps soon people would switch over to window shades as against curtains to cover and decorate the windows. The reasons for this change is obvious, window curtains have certain drawbacks. For example, cleaning of window curtain is cumbersome and time consuming. The color of the curtain would fade sooner or later, which would cast a negative environment on the interior of the building. If any portion of the curtain is damaged, then…


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Life has much more to show

At a point we all think, it’s the END. Actually not… life has much more to show…We think like this especially when we are young. Whenever we fall we think, this is it, this is the end. I have no mean to live any more. But you know... later you will see, life has many more things to show. I can't assure all of them will be very lovable, but they will be interesting, that much I can say. Let’s face it. 

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Why talking death with my daughter made me feel alive!

How talking death with my daughter made me feel alive | Raising Princess(es)

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How Do You Keep The Music Playing? How Do You Make It Last??

So you're sitting in front of your laptop a couple of months post-launch scratching your head, thinking "What the heck should I do NOW?"

Courtesy of
Courtesy of…

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Using Thrift Store Finds for a Valentine's Day Mantle


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