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In My House: Cooking Shows

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One of my guilty pleasures is cooking shows.

Although cooking is not my favorite thing to do, it turns out I’m a little bit of a foodie. I love trying new cuisine, pairing interesting food and wine, and fantasizing about going to dinner at Ina Garten’s house (see…


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Ways For Dad To Help A Breastfeeding Mama

Breast Feeding is not an easy feat and is definitely hard to get use to. There were so many times in the first month of Oliver's life that I wanted to quit breastfeeding. If it wasn't for my husband constantly helping me to not feel alone in the feeding process, I might have…


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Sweet Tea

We all know about those high priced bottles and cans of sweet tea you can buy in the store, but it's really not the same as drinking a nice fresh brewed glass at home. Not to mention that…


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The Reason I Write

A few weeks ago, I was perusing the Twitter world and stumbled upon an adoptive mother's profile. It read this:

“Hate my adopted kids. Please Help. Need hope.”

     That was it. That was her profile. Out of all the things she could've said about herself, this was what she chose. Not that she's a coffee-drinker, that she loves yoga, that she has 3 kids and a collie. Not that she is an adoptive mom looking for other adoptive moms to connect with. Not…


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Kitchen and Bathroom 'Facelift' Ideas

Kitchens and bathrooms do help sell houses, although they may not be the main deciding factor, they are strong contenders when buyers consider what property they will now call home.

Buyers consider these rooms when they are house hunting because of the difficulty of renovating them and the expense that would be required. If you have been diligent in the upkeep and upgrades of your home then this…


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10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

I walked into a store today to pick up a picture frame and other nicknacks. After gathering my items and getting in line, an older lady looked down at my children (who were bouncing around like a couple of sugar-high human jumping jacks) and said, “I have two just like that. Well, my son has two just like that. I really think they should just have school all year round. Being out for the summer…


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Paying for your future philosophy major

In college I had a roommate that was a history major. I have nothing against history. History is important; we learn from our past; it's good to remember where you've come from. However, her goal in life was to get a job working within airport administration. If you are wondering how a degree in history relates to that goal, then you are not alone.…


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Product Review & Giveaway: The Mighty Mug

Read my review on The Mighty Mug, "the mug that won't fall over". I know, it's hard to believe but see for yourself! AND enter to win a $30.00 gift card towards the purchase of your own Mighty Mug valued at $19.99. …


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Meatballs in Mashed Potato Cups

Meatballs in Mashed Potato Cups is one of my favorite comfort foods to make. It's a little piece of heaven in one cute little package. It also helps that it's a big hit with kids and husbands :) I hope you enjoy it…


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What a Slacker I am.

Well golly gee look who's been slacking again. Caught up with the kids, housework, my own school, and a million other things. Well I am getting back on the blogging band wagon and will hopefully be staying strong. Here's to more followers :)


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Want to know my secret?

At a playdate with friends the other day one of the moms turned to me and asked what my secret was? For a moment I stood perplexed. Why whatever did she mean!? Did she want to know if I had found the fountain of youth? Did I really look that good? I just started using a new shampoo; maybe I was rocking a sweet do? I couldn’t help but smile as I inquired,” what secret?”.

“Your mood, what’s your secret? You always seem so happy, peppy, in such a great mood and…


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Strawberry and banana Popsicles!


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10 minutes to calm

I've published a new post, '10 minutes to calm' - ways to find some 'me time' and relaxation even on my busiest days.


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Answers and Solutions for Depressed Housewives

Depressed housewives. Bored housewife. Lonely housewife.

These are some of the top search matches for women who find my page and the things I am asked about most often. They are also the reason so many women feel helpless and hopeless when faced with the back-to-work or stay-at-home decision. For most, neither option presents as palatable, but it need not be this way. There are answers and solutions for depressed housewives, and for most of us, the solutions are closer than we think.…


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Full on Panic Attack

I was on my way to pick up my husbands grandma and it hit.image-23[1]  A full on panic attack. The panic was brought on by the realization that I almost lost my mother. My stomach churning, my heart racing, my throat feeling as if I swallowed a rock, and in my head  visions of unspeakable…


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Like A Boss – 40 Songs To Get You Through Your Monday – Punky Mom Mixtapes

Oh hello Monday, you bitch.

You can fight it all you want but it is here again and if you are not one of the chipper ones (where is my effin’ coffee) then we hope this new Punky Mom mixtape will help you battle through what comes your way today. 

Songs about working, about making that money, and about well, it being Monday. As always though, a great mix of punk, classic rock and a few new tracks in there.

Own it Punkies. Like a boss. Full Spotify playlist below…


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Dear Facebook friends: Is blue poop normal?

There is a moment in most modern parents' lives, when you will find that your parenting instincts fail you. It's not a happy moment and you certainly aren't ready for it, but there it is.…


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Where the hell is my date night?

Where's my date night? I have seriously seen 4 couples who have stated they are going on date night or are in route to date night TONIGHT!!!!!!

Where the hell is mine?!?!?!! And where in the hell do people find the time for date night.

Aren't you spent by 5:30pm like me? Why haven't you misplaced your makeup and date night clothes as I have? What the heck is going on.

No, no I won't have this. This is crazy.  How are you all going out of the house willingly after 5:30pm?…


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[English version has given below]
আমার ব্যাক্তিগত ক্যামেরা নেই, কোন অনুষ্ঠানে গেলে অন্যের তোলা ছবির উপর নির্ভর করতে হয় । আমার আবার এ ব্যাপারে আগ্রহ অসাধারন, তাই আগে (এখন অবশ্য মোবাইলে তুলি) যে কয়জন ছবি তোলে, এক এক করে সবার কাছ থেকে নেগেটিভ নিয়ে ফটো ওয়াশ করতাম। যে ছবিতে আমার ছায়াও আছে সেটাও আমি ওয়াশ…

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Going Out of Town and Not Spending A Dime

It is possible! Vacations with your children don't necessarily have to be about amusement parks and cartoon characters! Going Out of Town and Not Spending A Dime

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