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Applebee's After Dark and other musings of a tween

Booze, chicks at the bar, lewd behavior, all on a Saturday evening and...

at the local Applebee's.

Ok, so, maybe there wasn't booze, chicks at the bar, or lewd behavior. This was the behavior my 9 year old daughter, Flower, "saw", what she cooked up in her head and swore off ever eating at an Applebee's again.

Let me explain.

Saturday is our day to eat out for dinner. The Hubs recommended Applebee's because he wanted to use a gift…


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Why I created a Lady Lair and you should too

Nobody backs baby into a…closet? For all you youngins, go watch Dirty Dancing to partially get that reference.

See, I’ve always wanted my own space. Seems that everybody in our house has a space to call their own. When we moved last summer, my…


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How to Start a Food Blog

Are you a food lover, have great ideas about meal planning, or create fabulous recipes you cannot imagine keeping to yourself? Then you might consider creating a food blog. Here are a few easy tips to getting started as a Web foodie.

Blog Themes

This may sound rather rudimentary, but a…


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Forgot fairy wings

Ever forget to put your fairy wings on and be your kids tooth fairy? Well I did.

Okay so here's my side of…


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Preparing for Back to School

I hope you all have had a fun and memorable summer vacation!  It is that time of year again for back to school.  Here are some tips to help you prepare and plan for back to school, I hope you find them helpful.  Feel free to share any other things that your family does to prepare for back to school in the comment section.
Start bedtime and wake up routine 2 weeks before school starts.  I know with summer break it is fun to let the kids stay up a little later than normal…

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10 Useful Tips for New moms!!


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Are parents pushing their kids for good?

Life is a series of challenges filled with surprises.. And that's what makes life interesting. One of the biggest challenges could also be bringing up our children who are closest to our hearts and means the world to us... It can be an out of the world experience for many whereas many would have their world upside down with lack of patience n perseverance ....

Parenting is not a piece of cake, it's definitely a challenge that one has to accept once you are blessed with a child. Once… Continue

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Raising awarness-CMV-What I wish I knew

I’m writing this as a 24 year old woman, your typical mum, fiance and girly girl at heart but also a grieving mum mourning the death of her daughter. Five years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 20 weeks gestation, my sleeping princess Frankie. When her post-Morton results came back, they told me it was due to something called CMV (Cytomegalovirus). It wasn’t until this evening while I was debating raising awareness about this that I realised I didn’t even know what on earth CMV…


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What Would You Do To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card???

Maybe you'd sign up for my super-awesome exclusive reader list???

If you're reading this and have already signed up, FANTASTIC! Thank you!!! But for all of you who are still not convinced, give me a chance to make you a fan!!! I think I'm a lot of fun! And you may find we have a lot in common!!

You'd get a monthly email with great giveaways, the inside scoop on book updates, new releases, my favorite beauty and fashion finds, contests, and cool posts from my entrepreneur blog,…


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In My House: Repurposing a High Chair

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

When I say I "repurposed" something, 90 percent of the time that just means I sanded and spray-painted something. This 1980s high chair was given to us by a nice lady in town.…



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সমস্যার সামনে দাড়ানো (Face your problem)

[English version has given below]
আমি দেখেছি, কষ্ট আর সমস্যা এদুটোকে আপনি যত দুরে ঠেলতে চাবেন তত কাছে আসবে। উপেক্ষা করলে একসময় আরো বড় আকারে ঘাড়ে চেপে বসবে।
তাই যতই মন খারাপ হোক, কষ্ট হোক, যত তাড়াতাড়ি এর সামনা সামনি দাড়ানো যায় ততই ভাল। তারপর যা হবার হবে। হয় আপনি জিতবেন না হয় হারবেন। তবে যন্ত্রণা আর থাকবে না। আমার মতে…

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My Birth Story - Baby #4

My due date was set for July 1st, 2015 with my fourth boy. My husband had just started a new job and was scheduled to go out of town June 15th through June 19th. At first I was not concerned I felt confident that God has always been faithful in having our babies come on the right day and right time, but as the day approached closer for him to be out of town, my nerves started to kick in. People would often comment “well at least it’s your fourth baby and not your first” as if that would make…


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On the Spotlight: The Aqua Lie, by L.L. Hunter

Title: The Aqua Lie
Series: The Aqua Saga book 2
Author: L.L. Hunter
Genre: YA Dystopian
Cover Designer:…

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Faking Facebook | MommyDrinksWineandSwears|MomCave LIVE| Ep 47


Social Media Image Crafting... aka Faking Facebook. There's a lot of pressure for moms to post the most Pinterest-perfect pics on our Facebook and Instagram. But what does motherhood REALLY look like?

Special guest Cheryl from Tweet us your "real"…


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5 Easy tips for summer nails + nail polish of the week:



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Think Before You Act!

Got up on a Tuesday morning to take my 18 month old daughter to an orthopedic appointment. She was born with clubfoot and has to wear special shoes at night and we had to get fitted for a new pair. Her daddy, my husband, was also along for the trip. well on the way home,…


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Does Anyone Really Have Sex 5 Days a Week?

Check out my HuffPost blog!

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Mom Confession

One of my favorite parts of having a baby is having a reason to buy new baby clothes. :X Or just anything in general. HA

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Diaper Bag Must Haves

What do you pack in your diaper bag? Check out my must have essentials on my blog. (link below)

Diaper Bag Must Haves…


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My Top 10 List: My Favorite 1980s Toys

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

Happy Thursday, everyone. Let's hop in our time machines and go back to when big hair and bright colors reigned supreme. Yes, I'm talking about the 1980s. Since I was only a wee child in that stellar decade, here are some of my favorite toys. Some of these…


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