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RSV and My Family

Probably the worst thing you can hear over the phone as a parent is, “Im taking her to the hospital.” Especially when you’re about an hour away in school.

The words, “She stopped breathing for a minute,” and, “She now has labored breathing,” kept repeating in my mind.  Like a broken record singing the same old tune over and over while I tried to fill out an early release form for school.  Putting up all of my belongings was like a train wreck.  Medication no longer fixed the jittery…


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What do you need to know about Zika Virus as an expectant mother?

WHO has declared Zika as a global emergency. Its worst effect on seen on unborn baby. As an expectant mother all you need to know is prevention, causes and symptoms of Zika Virus. Most important of all stay away from Zika Infected area. Continue Reading.

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Minecraft Valentines w/free printables

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Be you.

We are human beings with strengths and weaknesses. We are designed to endure: how is the question. Our life is a map of our choices, our experiences, our perspectives, and interpretations. We are the designers of what we are given the moment we are able to make our own decisions about our reactions and responses to the world. The question becomes not what do you want out of your life, but what do you want with your life? You…


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Let me explain.

To live is to be a part of life….actively being mindful of the moment.
To live is to be invested in a “someone or something”.
To live is to be vulnerable and open to experiences.
To live is to endure your own path, owning it and defining it by your own terms.

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Caring better for yourself.

Everything happens so fast and in 20/20 hindsight, there are moments caught in reflection where the question is asked, “Why didn’t I?” Even though many of us can answer that question due to external circumstances, there are those of us out there who hesitated, doubted, backed out, and/or simply procrastinated to a point of not doing anything at all based upon our own personal lack of selfishness regarding our own self-care. In small steps, I am learning through life lessons that it is okay…


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Gotta ask?

  1. What ways do you nourish yourself and achieve a type of self-care?

*Note*Self-care is a productive and positive nourishment of your mind, body, and soul. It is for healing, edifying, and inspiration.

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Dear Winter, I am breaking up with you...

Dear Winter, I am breaking up with you.

This is so hard for me to say, we had some good times, in fact right up to December 27th, you had the ability to make me feel happy and excited about the prospect of you being here, you gave me butterflies in my tummy waiting for your arrival.…


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Mother Knows Needs Best

Do you have a child with special needs?  Does your family think it's a good idea to tell you what you're doing wrong?  

My son is four years old and has been fighting a rare allergic inflammatory disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  Yeah, I still can't say it.  Although he has had this from birth, we didn't recieve a diagnosis until Hugh was 16 months old when they found a penny sized ulcer inside his tiny tummy.  One of the largest ulcers ever seen in a child that small.  That…


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When Babies Grow Up

Yesterday was my daughter’s first birthday. It was definitely bittersweet. I love seeing her grow into such a capable and adventurous little lady. But at the same time, she is no longer the small baby that I brought home from the hospital a year ago. The baby who depended on me for EVERYTHING. Of course she still needs me for many things, but she can get everywhere by herself, feed herself, hold her own cups and entertain herself. I feel so blessed that God gave me this wonderful…


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Join our FREE 21-Day Parenting Video Challenge

21 Day Parenting Video Challenge to Reconnect With Your Kids!  Join us now.

Has the hustle and bustle of daily life left you feeling disconnected from your kids?

Do you hate that you’re…


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 To all my fellow bloggers, I have not blog for a few weeks. working on one of my home base business. Dedication and work create results. With the economic state we are in we have to place value on our dollar bills. 

A great way to invest is precious metals especially GOLD. Check out my link and I would appreciate feedback.

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Four (4) Ways to Begin a Great Day - "E" is for Eat and Exercise

To eat and exercise right will benefit the rest of your day. Mornings begin by turning a light on. And what I do for the rest of the day can keep the light on or burn it out. Giving my morning a generous head start keeps my energy and attitude more positive for the rest of the day. I’m a morning person, but a LATE-morning person. I don’t do wondrous things first thing.

After I wake up, I make a sleepy, quiet trek across the house to the kitchen to start breakfast. I stay in my sleepy…


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Artsy Mom Giveaway!

I remember being a new mom and just wishing I could get my hands on some art supplies to use during naps.

This month I have a set of Faber-Castell Shades of Grey art pens.

Sign up HERE--good luck!…


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To All The Things You'll Never Be

You’ll never be a rich brat. Mainly because we’ll probably never be rich enough to make you a rich brat, but you’ll be rich in laughter, adventures, and great memories of your parents loving each other. That alone will probably make you richer than all your friends.

You’ll never be the cool kid who throws epic parties. In fact, you’ll probably never be the cool kid, period. You’ll be the weirdo whose mom must know every single person in attendance and their parents. The kid who has to…


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Photo Summary of Catholic Schools Week 2016

The boys' school, led by their Student Council, had many things planned this past week--Catholic Schools Week 2016!

Please click here for the FULL post.…


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VIDEO: Will I Poop During Delivery?


Dear Diary,

Today’s #TMITuesday topic is a load of crap. That’s right. We’re talking ‘ish and shooting the sh*t! And no, we’re not discussing dirty diapers. We’re sharing way too much information about pooping during delivery. I didn’t even know this was possible until my cousin told me it happened to her. Ever since that conversation, I was so scared the same thing would occur during my…


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My Un-Supermom Self

I started the week feeling like I would accomplish a lot. I said I would pack, clean, spend a day at the aquarium and run errands. Pretty typical, minus the packing. On Monday I was feeling frazzled and out of sorts. My house was a disaster, I was panicking about the …


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FebYOUary: Get Healthier, It’s Time to Really Start

Hey Ladies, If you find yourself with a bit of time on  Sunday February 7th at 7:30 pm. Join us on a Blab for a great discussion about the real steps to take for a healthier you. Click here for a reminder and if you can't join us we can send you the replay. :)

Here's some suggestions and advice from my friend Dr. Fonda and this is what we will be discussing Sunday night.

Preparing For Success

Are you looking to get healthier? Lose…


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