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Easy Ways to Improve Your Child’s Mental Health

When it comes to healthy living, mental health is the most important thing to consider. Our whole body is connected with our brain, and if the brain suffers from any problem, it’s mean it inevitably will produce the effect on the entire body.

As compare to adults, children require more attention to keeping them mentally sound and healthy. Without any doubt, mental health is the most important aspect for all of the children for their physical and…


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Favorite Low-Carb / High Protein Snacks to Curb My Appetite at Work


Sitting behind a desk all day can not only be a strain on you health mentally (bad lighting, lack of Vitamin D, closed in by four walls with phones ringing while typing away...) but it can be a strain on your physical health as well. With eight hours or more in a stationary position your back and core muscles suffer as well as your metabolism. Irregular lunch breaks coupled…


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Strength Quote

"Being strong doesn't mean you don't have moments of weakness, Its the ability to admit that you are human, and that those moments are always met with Gods reassurance, that he is strong for you"-Wanda Jefferson

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UPPAbaby G-LUXE - my favorite lightweight stroller for toddlers

When the baby gets older and can sit up straight, it's the right time to switch the infant car seat frame and pram for lightweight stroller. In my opinion, UPPAbaby G-LUXE is the best one in this category. It's light, easy to use and very compact. 

If you are looking for lightweight stroller for everyday use, read my full review of UPPAbaby G-LUXE!…


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Thursday Grandparent Thoughts

Sometimes it weighs a little heavy on my heart knowing Ronald's grandparents on both sides are in heaven before he got to meet them.(my other 3 children's are too but they got time with them way before their passing and I adored my grandparents as a child) I pray over him everyday to do the will of the Lord in his life as I know they would have as well. I pray for him to be a Reverend or Dr. or someone in any line of work ...who will perform the duties of the Lord and be a…


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What are The Best Exercises For Flat Tummy?


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Oprah Winfrey who has been struggling many years with her weight once said about goal-setting: “What I know for sure is this: The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal for this year is, you can get there — as long as you're willing to be honest with yourself about the preparation and work involved. There are no…


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How to cure your child's fear of the dentist

Everyone agrees to the fact that going to the dentist is an important thing to do and it is strongly recommended to go to a dental clinic from an early age. Parents are advised to take their children to the dentist the moment the little ones turn three years old in order for them to get used to the idea. If children go to the dentist for the first time after they reach the age of ten for instance, chances for them to be afraid of the dentist and of everything else they do not know anything…


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Changes that new moms should make into their beauty routines

Becoming a mother is a wonderful gift that women receive, but it can also be a huge responsibility that changes their entire life. There are many women who say that having a child for the first time is something that makes them feel confused and overwhelmed by all the things that they have to put in order. Thus, there is no wonder that the child becomes the center of their Universe and they dedicate their time to completely fulfill all the tasks from the list of “being the perfect…


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Celebrating Local Black History

Celebrating Local Black History

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Working Out on A Budget

When my husband started working out at our local CrossFit box I was happy because he was happy to be working out. After looking at the cost for his membership though I was not as happy as I once was. Haha! It was expensive, and when I quit working to…


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15 Best Acne Scar Treatments of 2017

It has been noted that the best chemists, doctors and acne treatment experts some time end up with undesirable results when trying to manage the condition. This means that it is critical that you research and find the best treatment for you so that you reduce the risk of any disappointments. Unfortunately, what one considers the best may not be appropriate for all. Which is why this article focuses on the best Acne Treatments you can ever get in 2017.



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Don't Wonder Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Moms#DontWonderItsJesus…


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Staying in tune with Mommy

I do not sing very well.

I am OK with this state of being, and have no need to torture friends and family members at karaoke or spontaneously start singing during conversations as though life were a musical. (Full disclosure: I love musicals.)…


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Pre Baby Checklist - What you Need to Do Before your Baby Comes

You have just found out that you are pregnant or perhaps nine months are almost up, and your baby is almost due. Question is what are some of the important things that you should do before your baby comes?

It isn’t quite rocket science, but likewise if you don’t have a comprehensive list at hand you will likely find yourself ill-prepared when the baby comes. We have you sorted out with a pre baby checklist.…


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Tuesday Night Poetry Link

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Enter to win the DVD - "The Student Body"


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Top 5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Appliances

Home Appliances are counted as the basic necessities of every home. Refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, air conditioner, water heater and much more are considered as the essential home appliances you need to have in your home. If you have missing one or two of these basic home appliances, then you must search for the store or market from where you get your desired products at discounted rates. To get a high-quality product at a competitive rate, you need a little bit research. We…


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Here you can get 7 Surprising Causes of Dry Skin

Women often struggle to achieve beauty, including beautiful skin, because they tend to judge themselves based on the harsh and stringent standards set by the society. What they fail to understand…


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Dear Tuesday Morning

When God moves in....Stress has to move out! …


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