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5 Best Shirts for Every Stylish Man

Men never think about the every style because they know what they wear has become the style of that time. With an endless amount of shirts overfilling the market, let’s return to basics and focus on the five best pieces of shirts you need have in your wardrobe. When it comes to making a shirt collection, it is best to have a few distinctive styles at your disposal to make sure you have got one for every…


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Monday Winning Message

Those of us who love the Lord we must understand....regardless of our situations or circumstances...right wrong or indifferent...the enemy tries to convince us that we are losers,failures and that if not perfect God has abandoned us..he is a liar...and has already lost....we are winning....we are on the winning team.WINNING..#TeamJesusforlife

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It's Monday Winner



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Best 5 Personalised Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Birthday is a special occasion in a kid’s life. We gather kids to celebrate it and they never come with empty hands, so it is necessary to appreciate them by giving a return gift. However, choosing an appropriate gift is a tiresome task.

If you are also struggling with the return gift ideas and don't want to go for DIY gifts, then check out the best 05 personalised…


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A lifetime of superheroes

When my son was four, he told me about Batman. He had learned about the superhero from his friends at school and was brimming with the type of facts that get garbled up when children try to teach each other information.…


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How to Tell if Your Local Shopping Mall is Truly Family Friendly

When families are looking for a great place to spend quality time together, the local shopping mall is a great option. Not only can they find stores where they can purchase virtually anything they want, but they can also find plenty of great places to eat, movie theaters, and much more. For families who are looking for malls in Orange County, Main Place Mall offers all this and much more. One of the best family friendly…


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Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

There are several skin cancers which usually develop where they can be seen & so provide a good chance of diagnosing them early. However, it is still critical to regularly examine skin for unusual growths & changes in existing moles. Moreover, it would be sensible to approach a dermatologist if there is anything suspicious. Skin doctors can recognize signs of skin cancer & diagnose the disease in early stages.…


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You might be a Christian If

Enjoy Moms and Happy Sunday!

You might be a Christian If link

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Five Ways for Busy Moms to Reduce Their Daily Chore List

Working mothers seem to have an endless chore list that grows rather than shrinks, regardless of how hard they try to accomplish everything. This can lead to stress and frustration. It is important to take some time out of the day to rejuvenate yourself to be at your best at home and at work. Consider five…


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Sunday Miracle

Value those in your life who stand with you no matter what...They are rare.#realfriends…


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Give This Lady A Medal

Now I may let my “crunchy mama” side show for just a second here…

I work in little baby boutique and it comes with some great perks. I get to see adorable babies all day long. Sometimes I get to squeeze their cute little selves but.. And here’s the kicker… I get to give them back! I mean, I totally get the baby fevers going on sure but I also get to hear some pretty cool labor and delivery stories too.…


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A Wise Saturday Cup!

Hallelujah!!!Enjoy your Saturday Moms!!!…


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5 Easy Steps To Make Your Mom’s Birthday Special

It isn’t easy being a mom. Amidst of all the things she does for us, we tend to forget how special she is to our life. The woman who looks after us, cares for us in all situations deserve something. So why not be it on her special day-her birthday. Make her birthday special by organizing a just for mom party. Customize the whole party according to the likings of your mom. Call in professional party planners and make the special day of the most important lady of your life…


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Spotlight: 'Nashville: Music and Murder' by Tom Carter

:  NASHVILLE:  Music and Murder
Genre: Mystery
Author: Tom Carter
Find out more on …

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New Netflix Show Alert: The Kindness Diary

With the shaky political climate and culture of divisiveness, it's hard to stop and smell the roses nowadays. So, when I stumbled upon this show that's based on the premise of a man whose mission is to travel the world relying only on the kindness of strangers for food and shelter, it immediately intrigued me. Acts of kindness is not a new concept but, it gives us a fresh perspective and makes us think that there is in fact goodness left in this world.…


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wandasncredible fanpage link

Check out my page on it....friend me personally as well "Wanda Jefferson" lets stay connected Moms!

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It's Friday Honey!

Help Our Honey Bees...We need them!!!!

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Friday Blessings!

Your value is immeasurable!!! You are Blessed!!! Happy Friday Moms!!!…


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Taking a closer look at my firstborn

My son and I are in the bookstore. (We love the bookstore.) He is happily wandering the aisles when he comes across an entire shelf of Goosebumps books. "Mom, I am going to need a few minutes to check these out," he says.…


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