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SHHM Guide To Pregnancy


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The Level Headed One

My third installment of Sibling

is about my oldest step-daughter. She’s 9 and her birthday

is only 3 weeks shy of my daughter’s,

but you would think she’s as old as her brother.

She’s 5 feet tall and can wear my shoes – my womens size 8 shoes.… Continue

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Natural Dieting - Stomp Out Cravings in 3 Days

It doesn't matter if you are natural

dieting to lose weight or to obtain a more healthy eating structure, the side

effects of not having what you want when you want it seems to always rear it's

ugly head. However, ask yourself this: Are you physically missing your

treats or is it more of an emotional issue where you want something…


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Movers & Shakers

Therefore shake off your great sadness and lay aside your many

sorrows, so that the Mighty One may be merciful to you again, and the

Most High may give you rest, a respite from your troubles.,
2 Esdras 10:24 Apocryphal

you double...pull you from under all the rubble...of your life. He'll

show you how to eliminate the stress and strife...change your

plight...make what is wrong...right. Gain from what… Continue

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Avoid #1 Pet Killer - Embrace Home Pet Remedies

Cancer is not only rearing its ugly

head amongst the human population around the world but it is also plaguing or

pets, with more that 50% of dogs and cats over the age of ten developing cancer, resulting in death. Cancer is the most common cause of death in pets. Cancer in pets is usually non responsive to the traditional medical…


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The Path of the Phoenix - Rising From the Ashes of Teen Suicide

“In spite of everything I shall rise again; I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

While I was catching up with e-mail last night, I overheard a story my husband was following on TV – a man served a long sentence for a crime he didn’t commit; when he was finally cleared of the charges, he could have chosen to be bitter toward the system that had forced him captive all those years, but he… Continue

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***3 lucky winners will receive a ***

7-Day Luxury 5 Star Resort Stay In Mexico…


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I don't think they know

My husband and I will be celebrating three years of marriage on May 26, 2010. Although there are days when I miss the isolation that I knew before I got married, when it was just my dog, Dexter, and me, I love being married. I love being his best friend, and I love knowing that he is mine.

I love being his wife.

Every once in a while, I think about what we were like before we were married. I remember all those long conversations that we used to share on the telephone when… Continue

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New Giveaways

Go check out this weeks new giveaways on
Review and giveaway blog that focuses on families,homeschooling and special needs

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The loneliness of moving

One of the hardest things about moving is the emminant loneliness that is sure to plague you for the first few months. Really, that is why more people don’t do it: the fear of loneliness. I’m convinced of


Let’s face it, being alone stinks. There isn’t any fun in it. And even if you have kids and a husband, you still don’t have your own friends who you can meet up with for coffee every once and awhile and

chat. Or possibly leave your kids with while you get a mani-pedi.…


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Our Kinder, Vegetarian Diet: Week 11

After my first post about this, and many inquiries about how things are going, I wanted to finally give you an update on our kinder, more vegetarian diet. We started changing things in our kitchen mostly because Don got sick with some kind of inflammatory illness five months ago, and since he got no diagnosis or pain relief from conventional medicine, he needed to try something…


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Big Birthday Year for 2010

This is NOT my year, the only thing missing from my “NOT” year is a high school reunion – that would just take the cake.

My “not’s” for this year (that I’m already freaking out about, but haven’t actually happened yet = the story of my life):

1. my husband is turning 30

2. my son is turning 3

3. my daughter is turning 10

Why is this my not year you ask? Let me explain.

Read entire post here:…


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Best Places to promote your giveaways?

Hi Ladies,

I am going to be doing a couple giveaways soon and would like some input on the best ways/places to promote it.

deanna at moneysavingmomcanada dot com

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It's A Wrap!

Don't be fooled by the pretty packing...heartache and destruction may lie under the wrapping.

Society makes everything look attractive...but in reality they are

momentary distractions. Stumbling blocks, we call cultural attractions.

Cheers...What's wrong with a couple of beers? Join in

everyone...getting inebriated is fun! And when you're done...tying on

one...and your faculties are none.

You get… Continue

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Spices Every Kitchen Should Keep on Hand

The great debate will always rage on for the essential spice spot in the kitchen. What spices should I keep on hand? Every starter chef has asked this question at some point or another, only to find the standard black and white, boring list that everyone else has.

Salt and Pepper have reigned long enough and are slowly being picked off by other, more tasteful spices. Basil and Oregano moved in for a stay at the top while Rosemary and… Continue

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spin (for) the bottle

Husband and I have a pretty good system going in terms of who does what with Baby S. For middle of the night feedings, we switch off. If one of us is particularly tired or working late, the other picks up the slack. Daytime feedings are a breeze. It's a fair and balanced agreement so successful I think we could teach a seminar.

This is going to shock all of no one, but yes, changing poopie diapers are another story. I know, you're…

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love, grace and understanding

“...I just want to be myself and go to the prom that I was supposed to have since I've known what prom was.” Constance McMillen

I have wanted to write about Constance McMillen, since her story began to

filter into mainstream media. If you aren’t familiar with her story,

click here

to read about how her school canceled prom instead of allowing her to

attend with her…


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Bread Crumbs are how much??

Lean ground beef is on sale @ Metro for $1.99/lb. So away I went and purchased a couple of the large family sized packs of meat totaling about 10lbs. On the menu-

2 meatloaves (3lb). My kids and DH love meatloaf! We will get 2 dinners and 2 days worth of lunches for 4 people (meatloaf sandwiches) from this.

4lb of meatballs. A kid fave around here! I will make 2 lbs of Italian style meatballs… Continue

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