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How We Roll

Although spring officially sprung a while ago, we still get flurries that accumulate on top of our mud and melting snow.  Overall, it's still a fairly wintery world out there in Vermont, although the temperatures are rising.  It's been warm enough to bring our kids outside, but there's nowhere to bring them!  Anywhere that is plowed is a parking lot or other potential hazard.  Anywhere that isn't knee-deep in snow is ankle-deep in mud.  But the sun is smiling its yellowy…


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Shining A Light On Testicular Cancer

 This week is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week.  I realize Testicular Cancer is not on your favorite topic list to learn about.  However, if you are a boy or a man.... or a mother/sister/grandmother/wife to a boy or a man... and you love them....then,  I encourage you to both learn about this topic and teach them about it as well.   Let's shine a little light on this topic!…


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Should You Be Eating Gluten Free?

"Gluten Free" is the current health buzz word.   It is a craze.  You find gluten free products on every shelf, gluten free menus, gluten free websites etc, etc, etc.   Given the amount of attention Gluten Free everything is getting it does make sense that we ask ourselves "Can this help me?"  "Is this a healthier way to live?" "Should I be on a…


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Help Save Eman's Life

As I was tweeting away today a headliine caught my eye I couldn’t ignore “Free Eman.” It was a call for help from a women half way around the world and I wanted to see what I could do to give back in some way.

Faster than a speeding bullet news is travelling around the social media lines that may give us all a chance to help…


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What's 3 more, right?

New on Hip to be Mom blog> http://hip2bmom.com/2011/04/04/whats-3-more-right/

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Check Out the New and Improved Groupit + $20 Amazon GC Giveaway!

A few months ago I introduced you to Groupit.com for the first time. Since then, the company has made huge strides including a website facelift and new secure features to make Groupit a customizable, safe and readily available option for us. Allow me to explain again what it is all about... Think Groupit when shopping for a baby shower group gift, graduation gift…


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Feeling constrained by the Mom Blog Niche

Here's Where My Mind's At

I'm a good mom. I know that. I'm an experienced mom. Boy, do I know that shyt too. I'm also a bloody tech savvy genius. That, my friends, is worth A LOT.  I've been trying to "fit" into this "niche" of mom bloggers because I'm a MoM and a Blogger, but the fact is, dude, I'm tired of second guessing every bloody thing I…


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Screw You Clothes Designers - a silly read.....

Screw YOU clothes designers :(

I am not skinny. In fact, I cherish my squishy arms that my children use for pillows and my squishy belly that they rest their heads on when we're…

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Twosome, Foursome And....Sixsome!





When Eugene sms-ed me to say that we were supposed to meet in Oriental Karaoke at 4pm, I was feeling excited and ecstatic! As "we" all know, I love to sing (never mind the voice!),…


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Our Chicks are Here!

Chickens were a fleeting dream I had a few years ago.

We were living in Berkeley, California, a full-blown suburban city, when we first began our new phase of life with kids. We lived in a little flat there near the highway. My husband rode his skate board to work and I walked E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. (Oh do I miss those parks. There were green, grassy parks and playgrounds literally every 6 blocks there.) And my natural-outdoorsy minded self simply dreamed of a little bit of land to care… Continue

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30 Old Wives Tales in Your Kitchen that Might Actually Work

Any help in my kitchen is accepted with open arms. I like to cook, but I don't think I will be featured on the Food Network anytime soon. Or, ever in my life really. But I like to experiment with recipes, and you can see from recipes I have posted on my blog, they are not, by any means, professional looking. Hence, the reason why I did not start a food blog. 
I found a bunch of Old wives tales that I put together. Through my research it seems as though a lot of these tips…

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Make Over Mom

My Life As A Stay-At-Home Mom!: New Hair Color!

Let's bring it back home to the Stay at Home Mom, this is where I fit in. Generally we are well put together, but not perfect. However, there are the days when styles don't quite get finished, well…


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Breastmilk Baby

Breast Milk Baby Controversy

I had to write about this after hearing the radio hosts slam it.

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Dinner Anyone?

Try it! Its yummy!



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Hi NW Bloggers

Come check out my contest to win a family pass to Kidfest NW

Dazzling Daily Deals

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2nd fondant cake even better than the first!


Saturday, April 2, 2011


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Come see and be seen at The Blog Entourage this weekend!

Please come and join The Crazed Fan Weekend Blog Hop! http://theblogentourage.blogspot.com/2011/04/crazed-fan-weekend-hop.html

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