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Secrets of Readability: Tips for Writing Your Best Content

Writing good content is not an option to remain relevant in the market. You have to write appealing stuff that will help you increase web presence and visibility online. This is the main focus of a…

For 2018, Make Finding the Right Activities for Your Kids Your New Year’s Resolution

New year, new you, new activities for your kids.  Is this is the year that Sam wants to learn to play the violin? Or Suzie wants to take up dancing? Or you need to find John a new lacrosse camp? It can be tough navigating all the options for classes, programs and camps.  In 2018, let other moms…


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My road to recovery

Hi, my name is Claire from ; My blog is open to all topics especially on traveling.  My most memorable experience is in 2015 when I traveled to Europe on wheelchair.  Two days prior to my trip to Europe, I fell and fractured a crack at my foot.... I did not want to disappoint my kid and I ended up flying 14 hours to the destination. I traveled a few countries on wheelchair... Though a bit inconvenient but that did not dampen…


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Mom.Bloggers Club doest pay Bloggers for Santa Campaign and delete our comments now

Mom Blogger Club...just pay us Bloggers for work completed in Nov, and if you  dont like the comments maybe they should pay us or better yet act like adults and message us.... Handle this for your Bloggers you hired , and Santa Owner states he paid you upfront. So can't use that excuse! These Mom Bloggers depend on that money to feed kids!!! And I'm one of them ... 

Using my Voice as an Influencer effected by this and due the $200 Payment - my botications screen shot - so you…


Added by Tia Marie on January 23, 2018 at 8:00pm — 3 Comments

Mom Blogger Club Not Paying their Hired Bloggers for Santa.Com Campaign and ghosting us all !!

Jennifer James ( Owner of both) Mom Bloggers Club and Mom Bloggers for Social Good are you really going to keep IGNORING all the UNPAID Bloggers you hired for the Santa Campaign you had us do . You delete messages, ghost emails. Promise to pay us and all we get is excuse message. And you don't have the decentsy to email us all . Your excuse and ( will pay next week) message today is horrible - you said that 20 days ago as well - so horrible and…


Added by Tia Marie on January 23, 2018 at 2:38pm — 1 Comment

Are you the right candidate for a liposuction?

Are you the right candidate for a liposuction?

Liposuction is a great way to achieve the body contours you always desired and this is…


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7 Proven Ways to Remove Age Spots Naturally

Age spots is common on ageing skin, particularly those crossing over to their 50s and beyond. These appear like moles on skin surfaces often exposed to the sun and are generally harmless.

Age spots can affect people in their younger years too, most especially when the skin is exposed to the sun more than the recommended sun time and without protection. Just like prescribing acne treatment for teens…


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Is 90% Enough? Maybe

What do you think? Is 90% Good enough, it just might be! I read an article about course design. It was very interesting and informative. One day I will share some of the amazing insights I learned about course design, but today I want to share with you a quote that gave me an Ah Ha! Moment. While the quote was applicable to the topic, it also, in my opinion, has some great life applications.



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Interesting Information about Inflatable Bouncy Castles

Many parents are opting to rent bouncy castles for their children due to their amazing features such as climbing walls, slides as well as the rise in quality and affordable prices. With an extensive range of prices for high quality units, there is something for everyone.

Bouncy castles are fun and safe alternatives to play sets, garden slides and trampolines. They can be categorized as residential or commercial bouncy castles. Residential bouncy castles are smaller and constructed…


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7 Amazing Things that You Should Need To Know About Eye Cream

The eyes always make a huge impact on how you look.  When people complement your sultry looks, that’s because you got your winged eyeliner and your curly eyelashes right.  When you’re told you look tired, it’s usually because your under eyes are bulging and you have droopy eyes.

How does Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream or any other eye cream work to benefit your eyes?

Below are at least…


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Why people prefer Porcelain veneers

Why people prefer Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneer is a thin shell made of medical grade ceramic and it is attached at the…


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What Makes A Shop the Go-to Baby wear destination?

How does a new mum enjoy peaceful all-night slumber? It can happen. Yes. Your precious little angel can have a peaceful night's sleep, which means…so can you! Not only that; you can have the perfect little pyjamaparty that you have always longed to have!

How now brown cow?

By stocking up on the perfect bedding and nightclothes for your little one, nothing disrupts sleep more than rough nightclothes thatscour the delicate skin of babies. It makes them quite…


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The singing Mommy

I am not a very good singer.

I am the person who tells others that my gift to them is not singing happy birthday to them. I don't participate in karaoke and I will pretend not to know the words to songs to not join in a public sing along.…


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What Are the Benefits of Hiring the Wedding Buffet Catering Services?

Are you planning for your wedding event and you have not hired a caterer yet? In this case you can opt for wedding buffet catering services because they can easily manage the crowd, and they can also engage your guests within the party premises. You can create various menus for guests of different age groups and also…


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What You Should Consider While Buying Gold

Gold is purity. The metal's history traces back again to the time of kings and emperors who valued and promoted its use through various mediums. Gold Coins, vessels and ornaments were an important part of several kingdoms. Although times have changed manifold, the worth of gold has only increased. It is not a just a surprise that buying gold…


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Vital Card - World's First Social Credit Card - Get paid cash forever for each person you sign up. Plus earn 1% cash back on all transactions.

What is VITAL?

VITAL is the credit card that pays you to share. Get paid cash forever for each person you sign up. Plus earn 1% cash back on all transactions.

What is the difference between cash rewards and cash back on…


Added by Karen Cole on January 21, 2018 at 11:00pm — No Comments

DIY Game Day Snack Stadium

Are you getting ready for the big game?  Here is a DIY Snack Stadium idea that I have used before and love the way it turned out.

I am not a big football fan, I am really not a sports fan of any kind.  Growing up my dad was a HUGE football fan, a Raider fan to be exact.  We went to games, practice games and autograph signings, we drove hours to these…


Added by Jessica Briggs on January 20, 2018 at 10:26pm — No Comments

Goal Setting Tips

We are halfway through January 2018, how are your goals going?  Maybe you have not even written any goals down yet.  I want to encourage you to take some time and write down your goals, don’t think it’s too late or you will do it next year.  I know personally when I write down goals, I have something to look forward to and I have…


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Time To Use Your Talent

One of the greatest challenges for new entrepreneurs is determining what their gifts are. What are their strengths? For me, this is also determining your talent. If that is you, you may want to check one of my recent posts, 6 Ways To Find Your Strength. Finding your strength, I believe, is nothing more than having conscious awareness of the gift that God has given you. Once you recognize your gift, you invest…


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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Doggy Park Clean at Mom-Home

If you’ve got a dog park in your neighborhood, you and your best furry friend are really lucky. Not everyone has that privilege and convenience. Many have to fight for it, start initiatives and make a lot of effort to have one built in their neighborhood. What’s more, chances are someone of your neighbors (maybe even you yourself) had to do the same thing and fight for this space.

And now that you have it, it would really be unfair to let it decay and become covered with filth. So it…


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Welcome to a world where stories come alive: The Anne Stairmand’s World

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world to words”

~ William H. Gass

There is a kind of passion that stick its claws into you and will never let  you go.

It drives you, lures you, pushes you until you accept it and use it. This kind of passion usually leads to magic.

This passion is the passion that hooked its claws into Anne Stairmand. The passion to turn the world she sees through her eyes into words- and what a world it…


Added by Julia Gomes on January 20, 2018 at 2:19pm — No Comments

When the Dress Doesn't Fit

I am honored that the essay “When the Dress Doesn’t Fit” (from has been featured today on Women on the Fence. It explores what it means to be a stay-at-home mom, and what happens when the dress one plans to wear—to a wedding, or in life in general—does not fit. I hope you enjoy it!

Added by Kerry Anne Harris on January 19, 2018 at 3:10pm — No Comments

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