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Five Summer Events for Familes in Charlotte

Summer in the Charlotte area is a fantastic time for families to get together and spend quality time with one another. Here are some of the up and coming family-friendly events in the Charlotte area. If you're looking for a way to experience…

How To Ensure Your Child’s Next Party is an Instant Hit

When special occasions turn up for young children we want to make their day as meaningful and memorable as possible. Birthdays, graduating from pre and elementary schools, and even ordinary spring and summer days worth celebrating can live long in your child’s memory. That’s some of…

Who Can Donate Their Eggs? Egg Donation and You

Who can donate their eggs? Are there risks or side effects? Does it hurt? Who is going to use my eggs? These are some examples of valid questions a young woman asks herself when deciding to become an egg donor.…

May 2009 Blog Posts (311)

Sleep Product Review: Traveller by phil & teds

Lullaby Luna Sleep Product Review: Traveller by phil & teds
I have been a mother for five years. During those five years, I have lugged around a heavy pack-n-play everywhere- onto airplanes, to grandma's house, to playgroups, to friends houses, to the beach- wherever sleep needed to happen I took that heavy piece of baby equipment. Many times I have been seen with a pregnant belly, toddler on hip... Read More

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Still not sure about the 'Group Gift' thing?

This should help, take a look at my recent post to see who's said what about from: Everyone.

Group Gifts Made Simple.

Thanks for reading,


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My Virtual World

So, I had a minor bonding moment with one of the more conservative Mother's (think chino's, khaki shirt and sensible shoes) from my son's school this morning.

The conversation quickly rolled around to what we do in our spare time; and to make myself seem half-intelligent and a Mum who strives for personal fulfillment I dropped the line that I write (on my blog) for self development and also dabble with Twitter and Facebook. Well, the sheer excitement and enthusiasm for more knowledge… Continue

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Real Friends!

Definition from Websters on line Dictionary:

Main Entry: Friend

Pronunciation : \’frend\

Function : noun

Etymology: Middle English frend from Old English freond - akin to old High Germanfriunt friend, Old English Freon to love, , freo free

Date: before 12th Century

one attached to another by affection or esteem

Enough with Social Media for the time being. I want to talk about friends, yes real friends,… Continue

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My first blog Post on his great web site!

Well today my son and I had a great day together.We played with his toys and slept in the big bed together.And we played with an empty water bottle for awhile.And I also fed him his breakfast and his lunch.Which he really loved and he ate the whole jars for both lol.I can't believe his five months old already and it feels like I just had him yesterday.I still feel bad about when the time comes when he asks me where's my daddy.And I'll have to explain to him about how he,I met,then he lost his… Continue

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June Blog Business bonanza at Ruthietalk

Come share your blog at http://Ruthietalk.ning.com and ask for followers!

During June our social network is having a buisiness bonanza!

Please share about this network and invite my member to join. We network with all the social networks.

Check out my blog

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Embarrassing Moments

I've had my share. Moments in time that I would love to rewind and erase....

Tripping, face first (the only way isn't it?) ripping my sweater, as I made my way into the subway car in NYC , doors closing, only to discover I was indeed on the wrong train, heading in the wrong direction.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. Peeing in my pants in art class when I was 6 and totally denying it "Must have been someone in the class before me" I said. No one bought it but no one… Continue

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Tomatoes, Fish and Blogs

No, it's not a list of ingredients for a weird recipe, just a list of things I have to remember to maintain, and all of which start out with the best of intentions, ending up in a few straggly brown plants, an algae-covered tank, and a bad case of writer's block.

To explain how these odd ingredients actually do connect, I'm borrowing a line from Alan Jay Lerner, the lyricist & playwright (for My Fair Lady, Camelot, etc.). In his memoir, he wrote that he became a theatre writer… Continue

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I'm A Real Housewife - Where's My TV Show?

The latest entry in the ‘Real Housewives of . . . ‘ series is going to be set in New Jersey, where for a change of pace (not) we’ll get to watch rich, tacky, shallow women shop for size 0 designer clothes and fret about important priorities like redecorating their powder rooms and getting a last-minute Botox appointment. This time I guess the difference will be even tackier accents and the vague suggestion of mafia connections, but overall it’s the same excuse for us ‘real’ real housewives to… Continue

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Mother's Day Reality Check

I've always hated holidays that smack of forced gaiety and commercialism - New Year's Eve, for example - and Mother's Day, after all, was created by the greeting card industry. But I couldn't help being touched by those grade school projects, the macaroni necklaces and coupons for services the kids never really meant to render ("one foot massage" "24 hours of no arguing"). And of course I always send my mother flowers and a sappy, totally heart-felt note that is as different as possible from… Continue

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Kids Growing Up in the Digital Age

Share your thoughts on my latest Post: Kids Growing Up in the Digital Age.
There are some great comments so far.

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Eating Healthy

For many of us, finding something to eat that is good and healthy can be a challenge. One of the things that I love most about summer is using my grill and finding different spices or herbs to use on the meats and vegetables that I cook. Check out these steak and chicken kabobs that we had on Memorial Day.

My simple herb garden has all of the things that I use frequently! Chives and cilantro. I love those two more than any… Continue

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Drama - My Thoughts and Yours

from my post on Mom Spark, see here...

I have been undecided for a while about whether or not to discuss the whole drama with Jon & Kate Plus 8. Part of this hesitation was due to feeling a little silly for caring so much, but after seeing hundreds of tweets on Twitter regarding this issue, I no longer felt silly. If you do not care about this subject, please skip on by to another… Continue

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mommy blogging!

Motherhood has been one big pinata full of all sorts of surprises with every hit. There is the instant love and connection I have developed with my son since I first psuhed him out. The never ending smiles of amazement I get from just staring at his face. The constant wonder of what he is going to do next and how special his every move is. AND thats just the good stuff. Lets talk about that so-so stuff. You know the not so glamerous part of motherhood. The throw up (not spit up) on the clothes… Continue

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Are you, or have you ever been, a smug pregnant woman?

Making the rounds lately on the web was the catchy song "Pregnant Women Are Smug", by singing duo Garfunkel and Oates. In case their name doesn't give it away, the song is satirical; yet, like most satire, isn't there even a smidge of a particle of truth to it? Hmm. (Decide for yourself: see the video and accompanying article at The Globe & Mail online.)

I think that… Continue

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day was fun (pics coming soon!) I laughed almost all day at my sisters Beagle/Spaniel mix barking at his reflection in my patio door. My son told me he's finally learned how to be quiet ( about 15 years sooner than expected) and I as proud as I was of my veggie and chicken kabbobs, I learned, after seeing an appropriate example that my mom pointed out, that I had really only made "bobs." Better luck next time.

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New Design

Every Monday I will post a new design for stationery that is NOT going to be in the web site.

If you like the design, please contact me to customize your order at blanca@brdesignsva.com

This week's design is couple's stationery. Many colors available.

Blog Everybody is unique, why can't your stationery be too?…


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Memorial Day is Remembering My Grandparents.

Remembering my grandparents on this Memorial Day. My Grandpa served our country. He was very brave. But today brings another day to reconize. On this day 2004 my Grandma Stout Was put in the ground to make a home for my Grandpa to join her in the skies above. He joined her on this day 2006. Now Grandpa's DAY was a tribute, he received a 21 gun shot salute, he was surrounded by Military doing their duties to preserve his time he spent on this Earth. Although this day was of both times, I am… Continue

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May Musings

May Newsletter May 17, 2009

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Tags: babies, camp.kindermusik, classes, family, information, local, preschool, programs, schedule, sign language, summer, Teaneck

Dear Families,

May is a time for families and fun! Spring has begun and with it the promise of a new beginning! Visit our website for current schedules, pricing and class… Continue

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